October 31, 2014

Lay your hands on me.

Hello friends,
great news! Hermony just released his new Symon skin.
Kyu, the skin before this one I wore so much, and this will be my main skin also, love it.
Hand and feet appliers are available and facial hairs, even cut eyebrows.
 Go check the main store to try the demo and see all the options..
Lay Your Hands On Me
Jeans shirt by Ronsem, jeans are to find at Redgrave.
Wingback chair and Attic skybox by Trompe Loeil currently at Collabor.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

October 27, 2014

Catch me and never let me go.

Hello friends,
Kuro released the ''I tried not to'' couple pose that we are showing here.
I would also like to point out how incredible athletic i am doing this..
Catch Me And Never Let Me Go
Izzie's credits:
Aviator jacket Foxes by Birdy currently at the N21 event.
Hair: Shine Magika.
Mesh mouth: Nyam Nyam by Cathode Rays.
Skin & shape: Patty Izzie's.
Jeans: Tucked up Villena.
Boots: Flite currently at The Seasons story.
Sam's credits:
Hair: Better Days Exile.
Skin i will highlight in the next blog, it's a new male skin from Hermony.
Flying jacket: Deadwool.
Jeans: Redgrave.
Shoes: Dippold Deadwool.
Pose: Kuro ''I tried not to'' currently at TLC.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin Season

Credits Furniture:
pumpkins & lanterns, candle holders, watering can, pumpkins on books, apples & pears:
Ispachi - Emerson Set (@ TLC)
pumpkins, pie and lanterns: What Next - Decorative Pumpkins, Pumpkin Pie Decor and Fall Hanging Lanterns
book: Vespertine - Leaf Herbarium Book
rug: Zigana - Cajun Rug
chairs and tables: Sari Sari - Twig Furniture Set
cat: Fashionably Dead - Cat - 09 Ready to Pounce (former Arcade item)
owls: Izzie's - Sowlmates

Credits Izzie:
sweater: Pixicat - Sweet Sweater (@ Kustom9)
pants: Mutresse - Nikita Leggings (@ Fameshed)
hair: Wasabi Pills - Roberta (@ Fameshed)

location: Izzie's

October 19, 2014


Hello guys,
Meet Jack the pumpkin head from Shai, it is created for the Tag Gacha.
There are three of them Jack, Jill and Jay, and their clothes are interchangeable.
And they are fully mesh avis, Shai did an awesome job on them really.
Wavie from Consignment is also in this event, and he made The Zombie head Aquarium,
inspired by the Governor that is in The Walking Dead show.

All other credits:
Attic skybox and fireplace: Tromp Loeil currently at Collabor.
Spiderweb light, Boo Sign, Hocus pocus frame all by Tarte for the TLC event.
Tiddles the great cat is from Ispachi.
Pose: By the scruff Del May.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

October 18, 2014

Sacred Love.

Hello friends,
for this romantic picture we went to the sim of my good friend Sophia Harlow.
it's a beautiful done sim..
Sacred Love
Credits Izzie:
Hair: Nightingale Little Bones Currently at Fameshed.
Shape & Skin: Patty Izzie's.
Dress: Femke Pixicat.
Shoes: Prudence pumps Noodles currently at Collabor.
Credits Sam:
Hair: Better Days Exile.
Skin: Javier Aeros.
3 pieces stripe suit: Gabriel currently at TMD.
Location: Sacred.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

October 15, 2014

Kiss Me

Dear Sam,
I'm standing here at the porch of the pretty garden shed 
from Tarte waiting for you to do something - what it is you will get to know 
when you read, what I wrote on the board I am holding... xD Kthxbai

Kiss Me
dress: Zenith - Phase Dolly Dress
tights:  Izzie's - Sheer Tights plum
necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Mabon Night Flower (@ Collabor88)
shoes: Boom - Norma Heels (@ Collabor88)
hair: Suicide Gurls - Dahlia (@ Boho Culture Fair)
hair bow: Magika - Headband Group Gift
skin:  Izzie's - Patty Skin
lipstick:  Izzie's - Patty Dark Lipstick eggplant (@ The Dressing Room Fusion)
pose & board: Label Motion - Blackboard Poses (@ The Dressing Room Fusion)

house: Tarte - Garden Shed
location: Izzie's

October 14, 2014

Look What I Found!

Hello guys,
I don't know if I should explain what happened here, because Izzie reads this.
So we just move to the picture, and forget about this event fast.
Look What I Found!
Credits Sam:
Sweater: High neck Gabriel Gacha item for The Seasons Story 
Jeans: Manoa JP:Dsg.
Dress shoes basic Gabriel currently at TMD.
Hair: Better Days Exile.
Skin: Javier Aeros.

Credits Izzie:
sweater: Milk Motion - Loose Knit Sweater (@ Collabor88)
jeans: Bueno - BF Jeans
necklace: Yummy - Room Key 237 Necklace (@ Collabor88)
hair: Tableau Vivant - Hallie Hair (@ Collabor88)
skin: Izzie's - Patty Skin
pose: An Lar - Reflection Series Contemplation (modified with Animare)
Credits Furniture:
house: Scarlet Creative - Cabin in the Forest (@ Collabor88)
sofa, table, books, canvas & bulb lamp: ARIA - Diedra Mini Living Set (@ Fameshed
chair: Trompe Loeil - Wingback chair  (@ Collabor88)
rug: Apple Fall - Natural Weave Circular Rug
cats: Fashionably Dead - Cat - 19 Cuddling Pair RARE (former Arcade item)
candle: Mish Mish -  Candlelish Holder
apples: Floorplan - Bowl of Apples
bra: Sway's - Neal Bra (@ Uber)
lamp: Tarte -  Pulley Light
frames: Half Deer - Ocellus Butterfleye (@ Collabor88)

Enjoy and till next time ♥

October 12, 2014

Born To Be Wild

Hello Everyone!
The Secret Store released an amazing Granny Avatar at the Havenhollow date auction. 
It comes with AO, glasses and a wardrobe Hud to customize the outfit. 
The Laszlo sisters, formerly known as Sam and Izzie, are having a blast doing mischief with them, 
as you can see on the picture:
Born To Be Wild
granny: The Secret Store - Little Granny (@ Havenhollow)
cat: Fashionably Dead - Cat 03 Sitting Lazy (former Arcade item)
bike: Sau - Haya II

location: Malalife

♥ Enjoy ♥

October 11, 2014

Don't look back.

Hello guys, hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far.
Kitt Ragu, the owner of K, made the wrap coat I am wearing for The Seasons Story.
There is a male and female version of it..

Don't look back.Other credits are:
Hair: Dura boy 53.
Necklace: On the road stop sign Earthstones.
Skin: Javier Aeros.
Jeans: Black Redgrave.
Sneakers: Low Cuttlerz 2Real.
Duffle bag: Janus Deadwool.
Pose: Drogo Diesel Works.
Location: Izzie's.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

October 9, 2014

When The Curtains Close

Hello Everyone!
I posted the ladie's suit from Coco some time ago - now they released 
a male version of the Shawl Collar Coat & Tailored Pants at TMD
It is so clever done, with one hand in the pocket, which makes it so original and cool looking. 
The sexy outfit I am wearing is the Chantel set from Shai, available at the 
current Uber round. 
It's definitely an eye catcher and I love that it's sexy but classy at the same time. 
I'm wearing it for a week now and never took it off since then, 
which is rare. Please check below for all credits:
When The Curtains Close
Credits Sam:
suit: Coco - Homme Shawl Collar Coat + Tailored Pants (@ TMD)
shoes: L&B - Dress Shoe Wingtip
hair: Exile - Better Days
skin: Aeros - Javier
Credits Izzie:
corset, boots & mask: Shai - Chantel Lace Corset, High Boots & Catmask (@ Uber)
hat: Coco - Felt Fedora Hat (@ Fameshed)
hair: Truth - Tulip
skin: Izzie's - Patty Skin porcelain

pose: Purple Poses - Couple 299
location: The Sable Club

October 4, 2014

Serious Business.

Hello friends,
Izzie and me are all suited up today, Coco made the suit Izzie is wearing.
And it's so cool made, you can even do a hand in the pants pocket, can find this outfit at Fameshed.
My suit is imo one of the best suits for guys created by Kauna..

Serious Business
Credits Izzie:
Hair: Tied Up Epoque.
Skin: Patty Izzie's.
Coat: Mesh shawl collar & tailored pants Coco currently at Fameshed.
Shoes: Deadwool.
Credit's Sam:
Hair: Better Days Exile.
Skin: Javier Aeros.
Suit: XIV by Kauna.
Shoes: Wingtips Lapoint & Bastchild.
Couple pose 338: Purple Poses.
Location: Mayfair.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

October 2, 2014

Meet Our New Friends From Oopsie

Hello Everyone!
There's a new store in SL called Oopsie and we have the pleasure to show you their first release,
 the cute Noctis pets, which are available as Gacha items in their store (there are 6 colors available). 
You can wear them and when you touch them they make sounds and give you a chat message. 
Please find all credits below:
Meet Our New Friends From Oopsie
Credits Sam:
shirt: Shai - Pique Polo
jeans: Redgrave - Navy Jeans LQM Classic Cut
shoes: Shai - Loafers
hair: Exile - Better Days
skin: Aeros - Javier

Credits Izzie:
dress: Pixicat - Maiden Dress (@ The Gathering)
shoes: Pixicat - Maiden Shoes (@ The Gathering)
necklace: Izzie's - Heartkey Necklace
hair: Exile - Letters and Lipstick
skin: Izzie's - Patty Skin
mouth: Cathode Rays - Nyam Nyam
applier mouth: Izzie's - Nyam Nyam Applier for Patty (coming soon)

pets: Oopsie - Noctis
pose: Purple Poses - Couple 339
location: Small Town Green