January 29, 2013

New Ispachi 'Renwick' jeans for Fameshed.

Hello Guys.
The new Ispachi jeans will be released at the new round of Fameshed, on the 1st of February.
They are just perfect. The jeans include an attached belt, which is colour changeable ( 5 colours)
The fatpack contains all 4 colours, with a hud to switch Colours.
And a TP to the main store on the 28th the jeans will be available - Ispachi main store.
Skin Dylan sk1 -Belleza.
Poses by D.Luxx

More Legal Insanity releases.

Hello Friends.
Legal Insanity released a skinny version of the Viktor jeans, and the new 'Max' jacket with changeable tee's
And a new collection of belts, I love them so much, I made some close ups of the buckles..

Dean hair - Wasabi pills.
Quinton sunglasses - Ison.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Max biker jacket earth - Legal Isanity.
Slash belt - Legal Insanity.
Viktor dirty jeans - Legal Insanity.
Ventura sneakers - JP:dsg.
Hybrid pose by D.luxx.
Oh and greetings to my nr1 fan in Singapore, so nice helping him styling ♥

January 26, 2013

New 'Rogue' jacket by Razorblade.

 The new Rogue jacket from Razorblade has a neoprene mask included, which gives it a biker kind of look. The pockets, zippers and stripes are colour change via a HUD. Oh! let me wave to my sweet spell checker commenter, who nicely commented on the obviousness of a HUD changing colours (maybe in 2006 it was)  The pants are from Legal Insanity, the length is changeable via (another) hud, which makes them great to wear with the Leopold boots from Ispachi..
Revolver hair in Pecan - Exile.
Dylan sk2 skin - Belleza.
Rogue jacket with neoprene mask - Razorblade.
Viktor grunge jeans - Legal Insanity.
Leopold boots - Ispachi
Poses by Diesel Works.

January 25, 2013

New Retro shirt By Kal Rau.

Great new Release from Kal Rau, The Retro shirt, every part can be changed with a Colour hud,
And several badges for on the chest, so the options are numerous,
Quick ride to Kal Rau Mainstore.
And the Marketplace link - Kal Rau retro shirt on the Market.

Retro shirt - Kal Rau.
Hair Dean - Wasabi pills.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Skinny jeans - Kal Rau.
Sneakers - Notsobad.
Poses by Diesel Works.

January 24, 2013

Apple May Designs launches Male line.

Apple May Design AMD is opening a male division.
The opening will be this Weekend, and everything is priced off 50% to celebrate this.
I am going to show a couple of the New releases, and Tomorrow I will show some more
Go have a peek like I did Taxi - Apple May Design for Men.

Duo black Hoodie & The Preppy Blue hoodie - Apple May Designs.
Jeans low rise skinny Classic & Low rise skinny street - Apple May Designs.
Hair- Dura 33, Skin Ethan Sk1 - Belleza, Sneakers low Cuttlerz - 2Real.
Gabriel Poses by Diesel Works.

January 23, 2013

What the water gave me.

Seen to much snow in SL and RL, time for some spring looks.
Hair Dura Boy 33 - Dura.
Skin Ethan sk 1 - Belleza
Necklace dog tags - Maxi Gossamer.
Casual shirt - Kal Rau.
Viktor dirty jeans - Legal Isanity.
Sneakers CP - Ordinary Design.
Pose by oOo poses.

January 21, 2013

Legal Insanity new 'Viktor' jeans.

Hello Guys,
First of all I want to thank you guys for the great feedback I am getting love reading them.
Legal Isanity released new jeans, they have a casual feel and with well detailed accents.
And come with a hud that can change the length of the jeans, so they fit great on boots or high shoes.

Hair Revolver - Exile.
Simple ears - Mandala.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Wakizashi tattoo - Soh.
Fleece ensemble - Sey.
Viktor dirty jeans - Legal insanity.
Sneakers Ventura - JP:Dsg.
Casual male pose by Picture this.

January 20, 2013

New 'Showcase' scenes from Garden of dreams.

Dream scene is the scene rez system from Garden of Dreams.
I am a big fan of this system, it is one of the coolest stuff in SL imho.
The latest release are the showcase scenes, there will be 4 released, I took the picture in the Basalt scene.
Another cool release yesterday. the Mandala simple mesh ears, the tinting of them went really easy,
I could just use a preset Colour for my Belleza skin.

All Credits:
The Showcase 1 dream scene Basalt - Garden of Dreams.
Revolver hair in Pecan - Exile.
Dylan skin sk2 - Belleza.
Simple ears - Mandala.
Sport leaf cardigan - FE style.
Jeans - Lenox @ Fameshed.
Leather smokey sneakers - Notsobad.

January 17, 2013

Fields of Gold.

Today a jacket from Ronsem in the spotlights, I check this shop for years now.
And I love the quality of it, they have a great collection in Mesh now and very affordable.
The polo shirt underneath was a lucky shot, because its made for Hoorenbeek jackets.
But it fits very well, using layers with Mesh is still a pain sometimes.
The Sim the shot is taken, is called Just visiting and is stunning really.

Revolver hair - Exile.
Dylan skin sk1 - Belleza.
Camel leather jacket - Ronsem.
Brown polo for jackets - Hoorenbeek.
Beige pants - Hoorenbeek.
Brown walker boots - Redgrave.

January 15, 2013

Paris is always a good idea.

Hello guys,
Today we bring you the new Fishermen's sweater, from Sleepy Eddy.
This sweater is to get at the Men's Dept, and there are 8 Colours to choose from.

Turtleneck fisherman's sweater - Sleepy Eddy @ Mens dept.
Skin Dylan SK1 - Belleza.
Jackson hair - Exile.
Quinton sunglasses - Ison.
Executive chino's - Ispachi.
Venture sneakers - JP:Dsg.

January 14, 2013

New Epicosity sweaters.

Hello Guys good start of the Week to you all.
Epicosity just released their new sweater line, and it's a fancy system, that will reduce inventory space.
It all starts with the base white sweater, and then their several options to continue with.
To add Colours you need to buy a hud, the first hud has 1 single colour and 3 patterns.
Next is the mini pudge pack with 18 textures, and the full pudge pack with all 36 colours.
I advise you to go check the shop, it's all to see on a vendor and to try out.

All hairs shown - Exile.
Quinton glasses - Ison.
Skin Ethan medium 1 - Belleza.
Skinny jeans - Kal rau.
Low Cuttlerz sneakers - 2Real.
Poses Gabriel by Diesel Works.

January 13, 2013

New from BA, The Sodermalm loft skybox.

One of the fun things to do on Second Life is rezzing houses.
I love to press the rez button on the box, and see what comes out.
The Solderman loft skybox, is mesh and low prims, and has a 3D scene build around it.
And only to create a great view from inside, really smart idea it gives the feeling living in a small village now,
The cabinet hutch showing on the picture, is from Tromp Loeil and also released at Collabor.
All other credits I will put orderly under the picture :P 
Soldermalm loft skybox - BA @ Collabor88.
White Cabinet - Tromp Loeil @ Collabor.
The bicycles - What Next.
Marshal jacket & Jack pants - FATEwear.
Ventura sneakers - JP:Dsg.
Revolver hair - Exile.
Skin Ethan sk1 - Belleza.

January 12, 2013

Meanwhile at the docks..

Hair Revolver - Exile.
Copeck necklace - Kosh.
Skin Dylan sk3 - Belleza.
Loose knit shirt - Redgrave.
Skinny jeans - Kalrau.
Highpad shoes - JP.
Liberation clock - JP.
Enjoy your Weekend all >:)

January 10, 2013

Gizza new Tweed blazers.

Gizza released a whole line of new blazers, this is only the blazer, their also outfits with pants.
The scarf and sweater are also included, and a Fedora hat,
The picture is taken at the Goatswood rp sim, if you haven't been here GO, it is one of the most pretty sim's in Second Life, only thing you have to do is to wear a free 3 days pass, to look around.

Blazer scarf sweater - Gizza. New
Hair boy 33 - Dura.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Jack jeans - Fatewear.
Yorkshire shoes - Hoorenbeek.
Pose Gabriel by Diesel Works.

January 9, 2013

New from Exposeur & The loft for Collabor88.

Room of balloons is a photo prop of a mesh room, filled with balloons.
It gives a great effect with shadows turned on, 
Contains 12 single poses and 5 couple poses.
This all is to get at Collabor88.

Ralph shirt & Cory pants by FATEwear
Skin Cooper sk1 - Belleza.
Cairo shoes - Jeepers.
Hair heartbreaker - Epoque.

January 8, 2013

New Tromp Loeil beach cottage for Collabor88.

I really want spring and summer to come soon, so it's nice to blog this great new release from Tromp Loeil,
The Newport beach cottage, is all linked so its just 1 item to rez i love that really.
Only 96 prims, and the minimal land size you need is 17 by 34 meters.
It's released for the new Cycle of Collabor, and for a steal price really.
Taxi to Collabor - Collabor88,

Sam wears:
Revolver hair in Pecan - Exile.
Dylan sk1 skin - Belleza.
White Chino shorts - Epicosity.
Wakisashi tattoo - Soh.

January 5, 2013

Every lady loves a gentleman.

What a great shopping Day, can't believe I didn't checked the new Razorblade Freshman jacket sooner,
It has a Hud that can change the Jacket, shirt & tie Colour, the jeans I am wearing are also from Razorblade,
And my new fab sneakers are from 2Real and come with a hud to change the Colours.

Freshman jacket Razorblade.
Hoon jeans in Black & Blue Razorblade @ The Mens dept.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Low Cuttlerz sneakers - 2real.
Poses Gabriel by Diesel works.

January 4, 2013

New 'Salvo' hoodies by Legal Insanity

Legal Insanity just released the new 'Salvo' hoodie, their 11 different ones to choose from.
I am showing the the plain Brown one, with a system layer Tee under it,

Hair b&g 36 - Dura.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
 Salvo hood - Legal Isanity.
Night clubbing Tee - Guarded Cross.
Kaki skinny pants - Kal Rau.
Beige sneakers - Hoorenbeek.
Good Weekend guys >:)

January 1, 2013

New by Ispachi The Leopold boots.

Hello guys,
Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for reading and supporting my blog.
We start of this Year with a new release by Ispachi, the Leopold boots,
The boots can be changed in 4 Colours, and resized with the including hud, 
They will be out in the Ispachi store on the 3rd of January,

Leopold mesh boots - Ispachi. New 
Dylan SK2 skin - Belleza.
Loose knit shirt - Redgrave.
Gray Skinny jeans - Epicosity.
Beanie - Kal Rau.
Ocean planet tattoo - Sleepy Bozer.
The Hitman pose - CnS.