May 30, 2012

New from 22769 Casual Couture. Beach jumper.

A nice summer beach jumper today, i love how its shaped and textured.
And this is Original Mesh made by the designers from 22769.
Their Six Colours to choose from.
Lazy Market link - 22769 Marketplace shop.
Or get it here - 22769 Mainstore.
The Jeans are from Kauna for - FaMESHed
And they match great by the jumper.


New Kauna releases for FaMESHed.

A new FaMESHed round is starting June 1th.
And Kauna made stunning new stuff, Brogue shoes in Six Colours.
And Mesh jeans in 4 Colours, And their awesome like all his stuff is, which i am gonna proof with pictures :P.
Or i feel like a Tell Sell guy, really love this brand.
Taxi -  FaMESHed 
And one to the store, because the great blazers i wear are to find there - Kauna Mainstore.


May 29, 2012

New Kal Rau mesh Denim Jackets.

Yes my dear friends its release Monday lol.
Awesome new denim jackets from Kal rau.
They come with 2 different shirts, and 19 pins that can be changed texture by hitting them.
And this release also includes a girl version.
Lazy Marketplace link - Kal Rau @ Marketplace.
Or take the cab to the Kal Rau Mainstore.

And the included pin collection, there are 19 textures to choose of.

New *Liam* Mesh Polo shirts by J.H.Couture.

A great release to hit the week off with, Mesh polo's \0/
And not like those bag looking Mesh shirts lately, but with a great fit, in the New male mesh sizes.
In 10 great Colours, i couldn't pick so picture spam time.
J.H. Mesh jeans fit great by them btw, and are nice not baggy jeans.
Taxi to the store - J.H.Couture


May 28, 2012

Summer outfit Bargain from SF Design.

Time for the Monday mania again at SF Design.
The Beachboy outfit is a nice Tee with matching shorts.
And only on Monday for 25Ls.
Quick ride - SF Design.

May 27, 2012

New American male skin by Unique.

Ello guys.
From the ethnic collection from Unique, i'll bring you the American skin.
There is also an American girl skin released, so you can guess what i did.
Made a picture with my lovely girl, who is blogging the girl version on the Brb-Gone Shopping. blog.
So i would advise to check her blog, i can understand you guys rather watch a cute girl in bikini.
We both took pictures, and decided her's, was the best so credits to her for that.
BUT.. the great floaties are mine, made by What Next.
There is also a Brasilian couple released also for the Ethnic collection, which i love also.
Taxi to Unique - Unique Skins.

May 25, 2012

New Mesh military shirt from Sey.

The New mesh release from Sey.
Is this great military shirt, it has stunning details really.
And i like the fact that you can do your own Tee under.
Mesh military shirt - Sey Mainstore. Marketplace - Sey Marketplace.
Hustler Tee - Blitzed.
Mesh jeans and low top shoes - Super Kingdom.

Mad Men suit, By Mohna Lisa Couture.

The Mad Men suit from Mohna Lisa Couture, is a stylish one.
I love the Suede look of it, which makes it a really trendy suit.
It's a full Mesh suit, with great matching shoes included.
And its only 599ls, which is the price of a good pair shoes really.
I am showing the Black one, but their 9 Colours to choose from.
Have a fab weekend guys!

May 24, 2012

Gotta keep up.

This pose from HISpose is me really irl, happened several times,
I walked against something, because i was watching my phone.
The Jacket is from Aleida. who is having a closing sale, so its 50% off now.
All credits:
Mesh Camilo jacket - Aleida.
Grey Grafica Tee - Aitui.
Mesh Jeans - Super Kingdom.
Ferracini sneakers - Hoorenbeek.
Pose Mobile swag + prim cell phone - HISpose.

May 23, 2012

Lustre/Shoreman Designs -THiNGiES at Home and Garden expo.

One of my favorite builds at the H&G expo, is the Fisherman's lodge, created by Mac Shoreman.
He is also to see on the little picture, With a shirt saying, he builds to get girls (PG translation).
But it didn't worked so far, but he did awesome for the Relay for Life, 
All sales of this item goin 100% to Relay for Life.
And its also for the special bargain price of 250Ls now.
So grab my cab and get this one, it will cost much more after the event, and its for a great cause.

May 22, 2012

New Aotreo hair Marius.

New hair from Aotreo. (Drot) today.
And i had to blog this Mesh jeans i saw on Howard Rushwald his blog.
Its indeed one of the best buys of the year, it has 11 colours that can be changed by a hud.
And i also love the different versions, that fit perfect under a mesh shirt, or layer shirt.
And this all for 99ls, so grab a pair.
New Marius hair - Aotreo.
Mesh Jeans - Mesh jeans.
Popeye tank - Aleida.
Emile Loafers - Entente.

May 21, 2012

New from DECO, Fisherman slicker.

Oh i love this new coat from DECO.
Great made Mesh and with the stripe T included.
Fisherman slicker coat - DECO.
Classic mesh jeans - Hoorenbeek.
O'Leary sneakers - INDI Designs.
Hair 33 - Dura.

May 20, 2012

Preview Egoisme MOH2 gift.

Another preview for the Men only hunt 2, that starts the 26th.
This life is to short Tee is from Egoisme.
I pictured myself next to an Elephant, for the guys answering that's not about me.
Elephant has the biggest, read the shirt if u think i am losing it lol
Taxi - Egoisme. (hunt starts the 26th)
See also my other post from kauna Kauna mesh retro jacket for MOH2.
Sweatpants & shoes - [JP]:dsg.
Spartan pose - Diesel works.

May 19, 2012

What Next & Thistle for Home & Garden Expo.

The What Next Lounge chairs and a half , are so fab really, and all proceeds of this chairs go to RFL.
They are loaded with animations, single sits, single activities, couple, and bff poses.
I am showing a couple on the picture, and for only 350ls.
And they are designed to match with the lounging rug of What Next at Culture Shock.
And yeah i am knitting myself a sweater for winter, better start early with my skills, economic crisis anyone?

Next up is the Charlotte Living room set, and that one has also great animations, and really cute ones for couples, this is a New release for this event, and vip group members of What next get a 20% discount.

And last but not least is the great coastal cottage from Thistle.
Where i took all the pictures in.

Oh and don't think it is gonna be massive lag, its great organised on 14 sims.
Taxi's - What Next.

Preview Kauna Mesh Retro Military Jacket for MOH2.

Today a preview of the item for MOH2, that can be found at Kauna.
Ross made this great retro jacket, that is amazingly detailed.
And has the coolest feature, it changes Colour when putting it on.
Stunning how good mesh can be really, the hunt starts Starts May 26th and ends June 9th.
The item you have to find is an Ipod, more info about the hunt - MOH2 Blog.
So at the 26th run here Kauna Mainstore. and find it! u don't wanna miss this one.

May 18, 2012

Home & Garden Expo opens Tomorrow.

Home & Garden Expo opens Tomorrow.

And i am gonna give you guys a preview from Barnesworth Anubis.
who has made the great Catalina cabana, and a matching furniture pack.
All proceeds of this Two items will go to RFL, and the structure and furniture, are only 150ls each.
This landmark will work from tommorow 6AM slt.

May 17, 2012

Nerd on street safari.

i see you guys thinking wtf is that for a title.
Well i am not showing wild animals on the pictures, 
and as long people can have primbabies, no title is weird imho.
This is the kinda car all guys would love having, can walk over it kick it, and it would still look cool.
TP to the awesome mesh Land rover - AR Productions.
Clothing :
Mesh Cardigan - SEY.
Mesh grey jeans - J.H.Couture.
Cairo shoes - Jeepers.
Hair Nr 31 - Dura.

May 16, 2012

New Mad Men mesh suit by Mohna Lisa Couture.

Mohna Lisa made such an elegant New suit called Mad Men.
The jacket has a suede look, and i love the different Colour pants by it.
And all in mesh so no edditing stuff, just click wear and done .
It also has really cool matching shoes that are included, and even a cigar.
Great bargain really this full outfit.

Honey, lay off of my shoes.

Damn i love my New fabrik shoe's from SHI.
They are so great detailed and different,
 wearing them with the new skinny mesh pants, and the leather mesh jacket from Kal Rau.
Taxi's to SHI and one to Kal Rau.

May 15, 2012

New skin by Evian/Egoisme *Alejandro*

DNA, Signature, and Evian have merged.
And Alejandro is born from that, and its a great looking skin.
I am showing the Two tones i personally like the most, Pale and Med.
I also love the grease layer that is added by this skin, nice for a rough look.
Taxi to pick Alejandro up - Egoisme Main.

May 13, 2012

New HB Mesh Suit shirts with striped tie.

Nice suit shirts with striped tie, on sale only today for 200Ls.
They come with a colorhud, to change the Tie in 6 types. 
Full credits :
Shirt with tie - Hoorenbeek.
Clear Skinny mesh pants - Kal Rau.
Thyme Cairo shoes - Jeepers.

May 12, 2012

The Running Sam with News from [JP]:dsg.

Today we have the running man Sam.
With just released New colors for the [JP]:dsg Sweat pants.
I am showing the White version, and the Camo.
But there are more so check the store, to see all new ones.
The stripe's and laces are to change in 10 Colors.
The Dissident hoodies - [JP]:dsg.
The Sweat pants - [JP]:dsg
Pro Spec shoes - 2real.
Enjoy your weekend, and be nice for your mum :P.

May 11, 2012

New Kal Rau Skinny Mesh pants.

Fab New release from Kal Rau.
The Skinny mesh pants come in 5 Colours, i am showing Green and Violet.
The other Colours will be to see, in this theater soon :P
Lazy marketplace link - Kal Rau @ Market.
Or at the mainstore - Kal Rau Main.

Cruisin with Cheerno and [JP]:Dsg.

Blue plastic Visor & Mesh Tank - Cheerno, cheap to get now at The Men's Dept.
Sweat pants - [JP]:Dsg.
The awesome Cambridge Bicycle - What Next.
Zupra sneakers - Akeyo.

May 10, 2012

New from Avoid & Pumpkin.

Avoid has re-opened and its a perfect Nerdstore really, with all kinda cool stuff.
The Batman \0/ lunchbox is from there.
By the lunchbox :P i am wearing, the great Mesh outfit from Pumpkin, which is made outta one mesh item.
And only 99Ls now at the Men's Dept.
Full Credits:
Leather outfit - Pumpkin @ Men's Dept.
Mesh Batman lunchbox - Avoid. (lots of other themes in the store)
Rugged Shoes - 380

May 9, 2012

Pinstripe Brown blazer By Kauna @ FaMESHed.

Yeah you can call me Mr blazer, but i have another Kauna blazer for you.
The pinstripe Brown. that come's with a funky Purple Tie.
And Ross sells also Tie packs for only 49ls.
This all is exclusive to get at the FaMESHed event.
Other Credits:
Vintage Blue jeans - Aoharu.
Cairo Carob shoes - Jeepers.
Hair Dura 26 - Dura.

May 8, 2012

Mens Dept's May & New Sey.

I's been ages since Sey had a new Release.
But they are back now with nice mesh Cardigans.
That are 30% priced off for now, so don't wait long if u like them.

Also showing the great Mesh jeans from 22769, that are dead cheap to get at the Mens Dept.
there are allot of nice releases there for this month, its growing to be a great Male event.
Full credits.
Mesh Cardigan - SEY.
O'Leary sneakers - INDI Designs
Marley Glasses - Cheerno.
Jackson hair - Exile.
Poses Exposeur - Mens Dept.

May 7, 2012

NYU Mesh Tee for the Ashraya Project.

100% of the sales from this Tee, will be donated to Ashraya Project to help finding solutions for children within the frame work of their own biological families, or in adoptive homes. Initially, the organization’s main function was to work with and rehabilitate destitute, poor and abandoned children. It has now extended its services to the family as a whole.
So go buy this great mesh Tee, and support an even greater cause.
More info about the Ashraya project event - Ashraya Project.
And a quick ride - NYU @ Ashraya.

May 5, 2012

Villena @ Perfect Wardrobe.

The Perfect Wardrobe theme is Sports day.
And some nice items for us men, i saw Mesh boxing gloves that were cool.
And the Varsity mesh jacket from Villena, which i am wearing is great really.
It has T's included, and also one without a T, so you can just combine it with your other T's.
Damn that were allot of T's, time for the credits :P
Villena Varsity mesh jacket - Perfect Wardrobe.(only 90ls now)
Mesh grey Jeans - J.H. Couture.
bear love T - Egoisme.
O'Leary sneakers - INDI Designs.
Poses - Stakey.

May 3, 2012

What Next preview for Culture Shock.

More Culture Shock. previews today.
All objects on the picture except my cool disco box :P
Are New releases from What Next for Culture Shock.
The pose on the main picture is from Diesel Works. for Culture Shock.
The other poses are dances from the What Next pillows, and they are hilarious really.
Including air guitar , fist pumping (yeah buddy!) and props for laptop and read, and more.
My cool beanie is from 22769, also exlusive for this event.
The cool girl on the picture is my lovely girl Asia, her outfit credits can be found here: 
And remember from allot of items the proceeds are going to Doctors without borders.
So its shopping and support a great cause.
Taxi to the event will work from tomorrow 4pm slt - Culture shock.

May 2, 2012

New from [ JP ]:dsg. Sweat Pants *MESH*.

A sporty release today, Sweat pants for the guys and gals from [JP]:dsg.
10 stripe textures, 10 lace textures, and you can close or open the laces, with a hud.
I am showing 2 colours, but lots more in the store.
Taxi to [JP]:dsg.

May 1, 2012

Culture Shock preview.

I had the chance to get a sneak preview of the Culture Shock event.
Which is opening on May 4th at 4pm SLT, and closing on the 26th of May.
The stores have 1 or more New and Exclusive items.
From those items all proceeds or 50% will go to Medicins sans frontieres ( Doctors without borders)
Which is a great cause, the outfit i am showing, is the Exlusive outfit from A:S:S. *Etienne*.
Taxi to the event Culture Shock event. (opening May 4th)

New from Kauna: Add on Tie and Shirt packs for the casual blazers.

More Kauna releases for the FaMESHed event.
Awesome add on packs with shirts/tie's.
2 packs plain and striped, and for only 49sl a pack.
I am wearing the Harris tweed casual blazer, with the including Red tie, on the big picture.
The side pictures show some of the released add on pack Tie's.
Taxi to FaMESHed.
And one to Kauna Main.

New Exile Mesh hair Magnetic, for FaMESHed.

Exile has released Magnetic Mesh hair. for the FaMESHed event.
Its released in lots of Colours, so i did an attempt to show as many as i could.
Taxi to FaMESHed.
And check out the other great male hairs at Exile Main.
Tee by AITUI.