March 29, 2014

Girl Meets Boy

Hello and good weekend everyone! 
Coldlogic released a huge spring collection recently - the shirt I'm wearing is one of them. It matches my scooter from What Next in colors so well so I thought I visit Sam to show him - he does not look amused on the pic but I assure you he said he likes it - he's just a bit jeallous that he can't rock all the pink stuff, isn't he? ;P
Girl Meets Boy
Credits Sam:
shirt: Gabriel - Loose Shirt
jeans: Shai - Mens Relaxed Jeans
shoes: 2Real - Low Cuttlerz
hair: Uw.St - Scott Hair
skin: Aeros - Teghran (@ Skin Fair)

Credits Izzie:
shirt: Coldlogic - Kerns Shirt
shorts: Redgrave - Mesh Jeans Hotpants
socks: Izzie's - Knee Socks purple
shoes: Ingenue - Pickford Heels
necklace: Cae - Two Hearts
hair: Tableau Vivant - Gloster Hair (@ Kustom9)
skin: Izzie's - Maci Skin peach

scooter: What Next - Scooter
location: Srs Corp

♥ Enjoy ♥

March 26, 2014


Ahoy Guys,
Gabriel released new loose shirts, that are perfect for spring and summer.
I will do another bloggie with them, to show the front better.
But Izzie looked so cute in her sailor outfit, we just had to show her upfront.
Izzie isn't super happy when she is on a boat, but she held up like a champ.
And me being the perfect gentleman, lifts the princess back on solid ground..

Credits Izzie:
Hair Shine Magika.
Visage mesh head Slink & Izzie's Maci applier.
Outfit Sparrow Coldlogic in navy red.
Heels Oxford for Slink feet The Secret store, currently at Collabor.
Credits Sam:
Hair Jon Truth.
Loose shirt 2014 Gabriel new.
Jeans Saul Fatewear new.
Shoes Suede It 8f8.
Pose Dreamgirl An Lar poses.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

March 24, 2014

Your Kiss Is On My List

Hello everyone!
Sam spent the afternoon making a tour with his new bike he got from Xiaj & Zzang at the Kustom9 event and afterwards he came for a little surprise visit to steal a kiss from me :D I was so glad he didn't sweat too much due to his new -air permeable- outfit from Fatewear, he probably also just exaggerated with his so called "bike tour" and he spent the afternoon playing with his Yoyo from Aitui ;P Anyway, the bike brought him safely to me in the end and I was very happy to see him, as you can see on the picture below:
Your Kiss Is On My List
Credits Sam:
sweater: Fatewear - Shirt Flynn
pants: Fatewear - Shorts Hector
bag: AITUI - Yoyo Bag Back Style
hair: Exile - Traveller
skin: Aeros - Teghran (@ Skin Fair)
ears: Mandala - Simple Ears HUTUU

Credits Izzie:
dress: Coldlogic - Dress Loring
shoes: The Secret Store - Oxford Heels (@ Collabor88)
hair: Little Bones - Blue Monday (@ Kustom9)
mesh head: Slink - Becky
mesh head applier: Izzie's - Slink Mesh Head Applier (Maci)

bike & pose: Xiaj & Zzang - Rust Metal Bike (@ Kustom9)
location: Izzie's

March 23, 2014

How quick the sun can drop away.

Hey guys,
I had the great pleasure to spend some days in a clinic.
But all back now and just in time for the massive spring release from Fatewear.
Great new casual collection i will show more of this soon.
The pose is from the Sam pose set ♥ by Rack Poses.
Hair Jon Truth.
Skin Teghran Aeros currently at the Skinfair.
Jacket Denny & Shirt Denny Fatewear New.
Jeans Saul Fatewear New.
Shoes Gwid Just Cool.
Pose Sam by Rack Poses New, currently at The Boutique.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

March 19, 2014

Collabor88 March Favorites

Hello Ladies!
I'm going to show you some of my favorite items from the current Collabor88 round, the theme is "Back to Business".
Collabor88 March Favorites
A special highlight to me is the moving mesh skirt from Milk Motion. The skirt includes 3 versions: always animated - moves all the time, animated when moving (walking, flying...) and non-animated:
 Look 1:
blazer: ISON - Work it Blazer (@ Collabor88)
pants: ISON - Work it Trousers (@ Collabor88)
shoes: The Secret Store - Oxford Heels (@ Collabor88)
necklace: Glam Affair - Chainedlink Necklace
glasses: Yummy - Leigh Frames (@ Collabor88)
hair: Clawtooth - Betty Spaghetti (@ Collabor88)
mesh head: Slink - Becky
mesh head applier: Izzie's - Slink Mesh Head Applier (Maci)
pose: Marukin - Forever (Lithe Stillness) (@ Collabor88)

Look 2:
blazer & top: Tres Blah - Blazer with Tank (@ Collabor88)
pants: Tres Blah - Leggings (@ Collabor88)
shoes: Ingenue - Lillian Heels (@ Collabor88)
necklace 1: Yummy - Work Pearls (@ Collabor88)
necklace 2: Izzie's - Butterfly Necklace (@ The Boutique)
glasses: Yummy - Quinn Frames (@ Collabor88)
hair: Magika - Shine (modified)
mesh head: Slink - Becky
mesh head applier: Izzie's - Slink Mesh Head Applier (Maci)
pose: Marukin - Forever (Summer Breeze) (@ Collabor88)

Look 3:
blazer: The Secret Store - Structured Blazer
top: Izzie's - Low Neck Tee black
skirt: Milk Motion - Silk Skater Skirt (@ Collabor88)
shoes: The Secret Store - Oxford Heels (@ Collabor88)
hair: Truth - Lolita (@ Collabor88)
mesh head: Slink - Becky
mesh head applier: Izzie's - Slink Mesh Head Applier (Maci)
pose: Marukin - Forever (Lithe Stillness 2) (@ Collabor88)

location: It all starts with a Smile 

♥ Enjoy ♥

March 17, 2014


Happy Monday everyone!
Rack Poses released a supercute couple pose at The Poser Pavillion and we made use of the nice spring weather on my sim to jump on it and take a picture. As a blogger, what I love about this pose is that both faces are to see, it's great for skin shots, so it was the perfect pose for showing you Sam's new skin from Aeros ,which is - quoting Sam - the best male skin he ever had, and my new mesh head from Slink. I would have never thought that I would wear a mesh head for so long, but the cuteness and elegance of this head shape and the variety of options it offers are not to beat, especially the included facial expressions hud won my heart. After wearing it for some time I felt more and more comfortable with it and now I don't want to take it off again. More credits you find below the pic:
Credits Sam:
shirt: Kal Rau - Polo Shirt
jeans: Shai - Mens Relaxed Jeans
cap: JP - Heritage Cap 02
bracelet: Izzie's - Hair Tie Bracelet
necklace: Earthstones - Groovy Peace Necklace
skin: Aeros - Teghran (@ Skin Fair)

Credits Izzie:
top: Coquet - Glam Halter Top (@ Fameshed)
shorts: Drift - Solstice Shorts
necklace: Izzie's - Butterfly Necklace long (@ The Boutique)
hair: Magika - Shine (modified)
mesh head: Slink - Becky
mesh head applier: Izzie's - Slink Mesh Head Applier (Maci)

duck: Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes Ducky (@ Chapter Four)
chair: What Next - Bramley Rocking Chair 

pose: Rack Poses - Together (@ The Poser Pavillion)
location: Izzie's

March 16, 2014


Hello Guys,
Clef de Peau released it's new male skin Samuel, at the Skin Fair 2014.
Great detailed skin, and very complete it comes with slink appliers for feet and hands.
And moles, freckles, and nail appliers..
All Credits:
Hair Jon Truth.
Skin Samuel in tone 3 Clef de Peau currently at Skin Fair 2014.
Mens boxers Shai.
Mesh hands & feet Slink.
Pose by Del May 

March 13, 2014

My Little Button

Hello everyone!
Skin Fair is very near (starting tomorrow!) so I shrinked myself down to kid size - not that there would be any significant difference to see ;P - to show you Izzie's Skin Fair Exclusive Skin, Little Maci. You can try a free demo at Izzie's mainstore and in the Pale Girl Productions Info group, and of course at the fair.
Sam had to serve as my - obviously proud and loving - daddy. He's also wearing a Skin Fair skin from Aeros called Teghran (more posts about that skin will follow in the upcoming days).
My Little Button
Credits Sam:
vest and shirt: Ispachi - Mason
jeans: Shai - Mens Relaxed Jeans
hair: Truth - Jon
skin: Aeros - Teghran (@ Skin Fair)
pose: Say Cheese - Piggy Back Ride

My Little Button
Credits Izzie:
outfit: The Blossom - Fall Outfit
mesh body: Toddleedoo - Kid Girl
skin: Izzie's - Little Maci Skin (@ Skin Fair)
hair: Chemistry - Buttons 2
pose: Izzie's - Window Poses
location: It all starts with a Smile 

♥ Enjoy ♥

March 12, 2014

Dance in the dark.

Hello Guys,
Gabriel today in the spotlight and the great relaxed jeans from Shai.
I love the studs flat shoes from Gabriel, they are neat and still casual looking.
I am wearing a system layer Tee under the jacket, simply because it looks better imo.
A mesh Tshirt makes the layering look to thick for my liking.
Guarded Cross is a great place, if you need layers to combine your outfits with.
There is another problem i have with pants and wearing shoes,
The pants stick through the shoes, you can either fix that by making your avi hover a bit higher,
  in the shape settings and move the shoes down, or find good fitting jeans which isn't easy.
The relaxed jeans from Shai work with a lot of my shoes though, without editing the hover position..
All Credits:
Hair Itsuki in dark brown Argrace.
Necklace Copeck Kosh.
Skin Kitai Aeros.
Vintage denim jacket blue Gabriel currently at The Mens Dept.
Relaxed jeans Shai.
Flat shoes studs in Camouflage Gabriel currently at The Mens Dept.
Pose: Getaway Del May.
Enjoy ♥

March 10, 2014

Chit Chat

Lots of news from Collabor88, Mens Dept and Fameshed! Please check for credits below:
Chit Chat

Credits Sam:
vest & shirt: ISON - Leather Biker Vest (@ Mens Dept)
jeans: Shai - Vintage relaxed jeans
shoes: Flite - Clearports (@ Mens Dept)
hair: Argrace - Itsuki
skin: Aeros - Kitai

Credits Izzie:
dress: Valentina E - Shirt Dress (@ Fameshed)
shoes: erratic - Clarice mesh sandals
lamb: Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes Lamb (@ Chapter Four)
mesh head: Slink - Becky Mesh Head
mesh head applier: Izzie's - Slink Mesh Head Applier (Maci)
hair: Truth - Ainsley

pose: Del May - Chit Chat
Credits Furniture:
desk, chair & globe: Lisp - Jacob Desk & chair (@ Collabor88)
chair: Trompe Loeil - Louis Chair  (@ Collabor88)
clothes rack: BBQQ - Clothes Rack (@ Mens Dept)
shredder: Intrigue Co - Paper Shredder (@ Collabor88)
light: Junk - Frame Light (@ Mens Dept
lamp: A.D.D. - Hanging Lamp Retro (@ Mens Dept)
wall art: Collage - This Home
brown chair: Diesel Works - Wingback Chair (@ Fameshed)

♥ Enjoy ♥

March 7, 2014


Good weekend gang.
Yeah gang you read that right i am hiphopipsh tonight.
And before i get some smartie messaging my spelling is bad, to bad that's Hip Hop ._.
Great new comfy jeans from Kal Rau, a new Cap from JP.
And the long sleeve from Flow and this look was born..
Heritage Cap JP:Dsg. new release.
Skin Kitai Aeros.
Long sleeve Flow currently at The Mens Dept.
Jeans M4 & boxers and belt Kal Rau new release.
Sneakers Kursk Hoorenbeek.
Pose: Coasting by Del May.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

March 6, 2014

Chill out.

Hello Friends.
So cool to see how The Mens Dept is getting bigger and bigger.
And with so many great creators taking part of it, really nice to have such an event for males.
A new round has kicked off, and i am showing the Tailored jacket with Tee from ::K::.
The antique Rose double scarf is to buy as add on, in several Colours.
My Akira glasses are from Sorgo also from TMD..
All Credits:
Hair Itsuki Argrace.
Skin Kitai Aeros.
Glasses Akira Sorgo currently at The Mens Dept.
Tailored jacket & tee and Scarf ::K:: currently at The Mens Dept.
Torned Jeans Redgrave.
Fabrik Lace up shoes Shi.
Location: SRS Corp.
Enjoy ♥

March 3, 2014

Wait for me.

Hello Guys,
Only a girl thinks of getting groceries, when the plan is to just go for a nice ride.
Good the're always gas stations around for some quick shopping.
Well it was suppose to go quick, it took Izzie forever to come back.
So i thought it's 'funny' when i do a burnout and spin away..
Poor Izzie must have thought, i wanted to get away from her.
I never would leave her of course ♥  ( i hate doing groceries myself)
Credits of my cute girl:
Hair Sandy Wasabi Pills currently at Fameshed.
Skin & shape Maci Izzie's.
Denim jacket & White top Coco.
Cropped Denim pants Coquet.
Shoes Rayon Entente.
Sam wears:
Hair Itsuki Argrace.
Skin Kitai Aeros.
Sports jacket & hud for several colours, and scarf and turtle neck option Hoorenbeek.
Jeans Alakea JP.
Bike Bullet by Amphibian Beebe
Till next time ♥

March 1, 2014

The glamorous life of a housewife

Hello everybody!
I've gotten a bit sloppy in the past weeks concerning my duties as a SL housewife - all my favorite TV shows came back from a break and I spent my days and nights catching up on all of them, so our place got a bit dusty and messy with time. Fortunately I have an awesome hard working husband who provides me with all a girl can wish for! So yesterday he came home from work and brought us the Spring Clean set from What Next at The Arcade so we could spruce up our house. But I had better things to do - i couldn't miss out on a new episode of  SLey's Anatomy, so my lovely Sam did all the housework for me - isn't he great!? ;P
The glamorous life of a housewife

Sam Credits:
 suit: Zaara - Classic Suit
hair: Exile - Traveller
skin: Aeros - Kitai

Izzie Credits:
t-shirt: Erratic - Mindy T-Shirt
shorts: Erratic - Briony Shorts
hair: [K] Random Things - Curler Hair
skin: Izzie's - Maci Skin
face tattoos: Izzie's - No Make-Up today
pose: Del May - Late Night Telly

Furniture Credits:
console: Standby Inc - Superlife Console & Game Stack
couch: Floorplan - Pallet Couch
tray: MishMish - Fast Food Tray (@ Arcade)
mouse: MishMish - Mouse silver
Kitchen broom, Mop, Housekeepers box, Vacuum cleaner: What Next - Spring Clean (@ Arcade)
TV: Tartessos Arts - Retro TV  
garbage bags: Media Company Brzeg - Garbage
ashtray: Nikotin - Ultimate Ashtray
wine bottle and glasses: Breno - from Avalon Guard Tower
wine bottle: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Wine on the Beach

♥ Enjoy ♥