July 31, 2012

Gizza Vintage Tuxedo for Vintage Fair 2012

Vintage Tuxedo - Gizza. Available from 4 August, at the Vintage Fair 2012
Everything showing is included!
Poses - HISpose.

Kauna New Mesh 2pcs Suit for Fameshed.

Hello Guys!
Well i got my new favorite suit.
Kauna. released the 2pcs suit for the Fameshed event.
And its totally awesome every guy should have this.
Can get married in it, dance be a pimp or all Three.
Its 2 parts, and the pants can be worn with a shirt alone also.
The belt and trims on the suit, can change Colour with a hud.
Make sure to check this one, its by far the best suit on the grid.
Taxi - Fameshed. Landmark works from tommorow opening at the 1th of August.
And a ride to Kauna Mainstore.
The black and white Brogue shoes, are to find in the Kauna Mainstore.

Pants with shirt only, belt is colour change.

July 30, 2012

Loves me loves me not..

Loves me not pose - HISpose. New!
Flannel Copper shirt - Razorblade.
Khaki Legit pants - Epicosity.
Trail Shoes - Hoorenbeek.
Enjoy >:)

July 29, 2012

New skin from Egoisme *Davide* & Vista New Bad Boy AO.

Egoisme & Vista Animations. joined forces, on a new skin release, and a new a.o Bad boy.
I am a big fan of the Vista ao's , and been using them for years.
And they get more complete with each release.
Today you get a 10% discount on it.
The skin i am showing from Egoisme is really realistic.
And to get in lots of tones.
Quick rides to the stores:
Davide bad boy Skin - Egoisme.
Bad Boy Animation Overider - Vista Animations.
Enjoy >:)
Egoisme skin secondlife


New Gizza Male Summer collection.

Ello guys.
Such a great summer releases from Gizza.
There are 4 outfits released, i am showing 2 of them.
They include a blazer, pants,belt and a matching hat.
Taxi - Gizza
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday >:)

July 28, 2012

New HIS Granny Chair for Vintage Fair 2012.

Hello Guys.
Today i am gonna show the item from HISpose, for the upcoming Vintage Fair.
It's an old Granny chair with a stool, The poses are really how a guy would sit in a chair.
Its great for making pictures in, or just as a lazy seater.
The Vintage fair starts at August 4th till August 29.
Other Creds:
Herringbone Blazer & shirt/tie - Kauna.
Executive Chino pants - Ispachi.
Brogue shoes - Kauna.

July 27, 2012

New by Kal Rau, plaid shirt with 28 Tee options.

Awesome New release from Kal Rau.
A Red and Blue main colour to choose from, and with 28 Tees included \o/.
That are easy to change with a Hud.
Lazy cab to the market - Kal Rau on the Market.
And inworld - Kal Rau Main.
Poses by - Ibang.
Enjoy Your Weekend >:)

July 26, 2012

Tableau Vivant News.

I'm going for a different style then normally.
But this stuff is so great made, I just had to show it.
Love the details on the pants and shirt.

Open mesh shirt - Tableau Vivant
Tableau Vivant Swat pants - Tableau Vivant.
The teleport to the Mesh shop, is right at the landing.
Vevo Tee - E-Clipse.
Poses - HISpose.

July 25, 2012

July 24, 2012

New mesh Vest & Tee by Sey.

New Release from Sey.
A vest with a changeable T under it, that is operated with a hud.
With 14 to choose of, its great quality mesh, really detailed.
I am wearing the Balloons version vest.

Grunge Jeans - L&B.
Bracelets- Mandala.
Infinity Necklace - Kosh.
Hair - INK.
Grey Highpads - [JP]:dsg.
Vogue poses - 22769 Casual Couture.

July 23, 2012


Egoisme pants HISpose
Aloha mesh shirt - Ronsem. New!
Mesh Blue jeans - Egoisme.
HISdance poses - HISpose. New!
Enjoy >:)

July 21, 2012

July 20, 2012

Into the Trees.

Cardigan - Sey.
Pants & Polo - Redgrave.
Brogues shoes - Kauna.
Hair - Dura.
Hokusai bracelet - Mandala.
Have a great weekend >:)

July 19, 2012

Loose Ties.

Hair 37 - Dura. New
Trench coat & Skinny jeans - Epicosity. New
Short tie - synthos graves
Shirt - Redgrave.
Pose - HISpose.

July 17, 2012

[JP]:dsg New Typhoon pants.

Hello Guys!
Nice summer release from [JP]:dsg, The typhoon mesh pants.
Their released in several colours, and the belt and ipod, are colour change.
Also i finally managed to texture mesh feet \0/.
Typhoon pants - [JP]:dsg
Mesh feet - Slink.
Enjoy >:)

July 16, 2012

Kauna New Camo blazers released!!

Yeah i am a blog spammer today lol.
But i have to share this new release from Kauna.\0/
3 Camo blazers: Desert, Urban and Woodland, they have an including shirt&tie pack with 19 ties.
There is also a hidden sale for subscribers, IM me inworld and i tell you about it.

New Skinny mesh jeans by Epicosity.

Epicosity latest release are skinny jeans.
They come in Two styles clean & ripped, and in 4 colors.
lazy market link - Epicosity on the market.
And a taxi to Epicosity Mainstore.
other Creds:
Brogue Shoes - Kauna.
Shirts - Redgrave.
Hair is to find in an earlier post, Enjoy!!

And a picture of the Ripped version.

July 15, 2012

The White biker.

New mesh leather jackets from Egoisme.
I am showing of the White biker version.
There are more different one's to see in the store.
Full Credits:
White biker jacket - Egoisme.
Hellboy Tee - Egoisme.
Blue Mesh jeans - Egoisme.
And the awesome MLCC Sprinter 48 bike - By Motor Loon custom cycles.

Wild hair day.

I actually enjoyed the Hair Fair this year, it is well organised, and the lag was good to do.
I ran into a unknown Hair store, well for me that is, called INK.
I love the wild ''goodmorning i am just up'' look from this hair.
Hair: INK absp - Hair Fair.
Plaid blazer + hoodie - Kal Rau.
executive Chino pants - Ispachi.
Pose - HISpose.
Enjoy your Sunday :)

July 13, 2012

Chino's from Ispachi & Exile hair for HF 2012.

Showing today the awesome New chino's from Ispachi,
And a couple of other colours, of the polo neck Ispachi sweaters.
And last but not least the new Exile 6th avenue hair, for the Hair fair 2012.
Chino exutive pants & Striped polo neck sweaters- Ispachi Mainstore.

July 12, 2012

New Kal Rau Plaid blazers.

\o/ my favorite blazer is now released in Plaid
There are 3 main Colours to choose from, and each has 4 different hoodie Colours included.
And can also change the string colour.
Lazy link to the market - Kal Rau on the Marketplace.
Taxi to the mainstore - Kal Rau Main.
Poses - HISpose.

New Male hair *Daan* from MINA for Hairfair 2012.

Mina is gonna release the Daan hair, for the HairFair 2012.
Her hairs come with a great hud , that gives you the option to switch tone, and pick a highlight Colour.
I am showing a few Colours i mixed using the hud.
I will add the landmark to the hairfair later on, its opening at the 14th.
All Clothes by - Epicosity.
The i love music pose - HISpose.

July 11, 2012

New ISPACHI striped polo neck sweaters.

Ispachi  released these New mesh striped sweaters.
I love the natural shape and details of them.
They are released in 8 Colours, and are 199ls each, and only 899ls for the fatpack.
That comes with a hud to switch to other colours.

Other Credits:
Hair - Boon.
Sunglasses - Kumaki.
Mesh skinny pants - Kal Rau.
Shoes - Shi.

July 10, 2012

Kauna by request Blazers.

Ross from Kauna had allot of requests, on the Casual and long sleeved blazers.
So he made some new versions of them, the long sleeved blazers, are now to get with shirt and tie.
There is a new Black pulled up sleeved one, and Burgandy as new Colour.
I love to wear them, so this is great news lol
The Shoes & Jeans are also from Kauna.
Enjoy >:)

New L&B Mesh Jeans.

The new mesh jeans from  Lapointe & Bastchild.
Are great shaped, and have such a rich real looking textures.
They come in 9 Colours and have standard sizing, and Two different length versions.

Some butt shots to show the great details.

July 9, 2012

New by Epicosity Trench Coats & Slip-ons.

Awesome New releases from Epicosity.
A very casual looking trench coat, that can be worn, with or without the included buttoned down shirt.
That has 9 texture options, Several colours released i am showing a couple.
Also new are the Slip-ons, that are only 100ls a pair, and 200 for a style set with 3 pairs.
I suggest you have a look and demo everything out.
Taxi to the mainstore - Epicosity Main.

The New Slip-ons there are 24 different models total.

July 8, 2012


Good Sunday all :)
Showing the great new skate prop from HISpose.
The board has several pictures to choose from.
If you'r into photography make sure you check his shop out.
The clothes are by:
Legit Pants - Epicosity.
Casual blazer & hood - Kal Rau.
Enjoy >:)

July 7, 2012

News from Hoorenbeek, Belleza, Kosh.

Military Jacket -Hoorenbeek.
Raw Tee - Blitzed.
Paul Mesh jeans - J.H. Couture.
Epiphany necklace - Kosh @ The mens dept.
Walleebee shoes - Hoorenbeek.
Enjoy >:)

New Belleza skin Dylan out!!

Finally my favo skin creator Belleza has a New skin out.
And imo its the best one to get for guys.
It is a preview version and the full range will be released in some weeks.
But damn its cool, to get at the Mens Dept .
Chino Shorts - Epicosity.
Quick Taxi - The Mens Dept.

July 5, 2012

New Mesh jeans jacket from Ruca Tease.

Ruca Tease released this cool mesh jeans jacket.
And for a very affordable price, it can be worn with the included Tee, or whitout
Enjoy >:)

July 4, 2012

The Returning.

On the job hair - Exile @ Fameshed.
Striped shirt & Cravat - Hoorenbeek.
Skinny khaki pants - Kalrau.
Brown/White Brogues - Kauna.
Pose - Del May.
Location - The Returning. by Marcus Inkpen.
Enjoy >:)

July 3, 2012

Legal Insanity New Jimi shirts.

Hello Guys.
I couldn't pick which one i liked the most to blog.
So a bit picture spamming coming up, Group members can get a 50% discount on selected shirts.
The shirts are mesh and in the Standard sizing.
Taxi - Legal Insanity Main.
Poses- Stakey

New Egoisme mesh Jeans.

New Release from Egoisme.
Mesh jeans in 6 different styles.
The jeans have an old school look which i love, and are only 200ls each.
And Egoisme has a Summer sale comming up on July the 4th
Enjoy >:) 
Taxi - Egoisme Main.
Poses - HISpose.

July 1, 2012

Exile New mesh hair for Fameshed.

Exile released exclusive for the Fameshed event.
The Mesh *On the job* male hair.
Great neat model i love it.
Taxi - Fameshed.
Shirt & Tie - Epicosity. New.
Brown mesh jeans - Egoisme. New.
Trail Shoes - Hoorenbeek.
Enjoy your Sunday :)