April 30, 2013

Kauna new 3pc suit released at Fameshed.

\o/ Kauna will release the new 3pc suit at Fameshed, the old suit is one of my favourite suits, and this one you have to go check out, its simply stunning, 2 colours will be released I am showing the Coco plaid version, different ties, handkerchiefs, bowties will all be released soon, Fameshed will open the 1st of April, Izzie wears the Zendaya hair from Truth, the new Izzie's skin that will be released soon, the draped dress is from Cynful, and the Marilyn sandals by Gos, new couple pose from Purple poses, Enjoy >:)

April 29, 2013

New Pallial hoodies by JP:Dsg.

JP:Dsg released Today the Pallial hoodies, and they are so great detailed, there are several prints and Colours to choose from, and the ribbons, hood, can be changed with the Hud, there is also a girls version released, I am wearing by this the Kalaheo dark Blue jeans, with the Varial sneakers both from JP:Dsg,
My skateboard is from Pulse, and the location is The Flow out, enjoy >:)

April 28, 2013

New Army hoodies by Epia for the Depraved nation event.

Epia will release the new Army hoodies at the Depraved Nation event, this event will start at the 10th of May
You will get 5 colours of the hoodies, I will show 2 of them, all Epia clothes are 100% original mesh.
My Jeremy skin is by Fruk in shade 4, hair from Ink and the Manoa jeans by JP:Designs,
Poses used are from Del May..

In my head I can hear it humming, Summer Summer is coming.

Hello People on this Sunny Sunday time for a Summer picture, Izzie's diving set is from Balaclava and to find at the Mens Dept, her Tini Kini is from Drift, the poses used are the dive into the water poses by Izzie's, the pose set contains 9 poses, Her hair is Moment from Magika, I am wearing the Eric skin by Belleza in the SK tone, the new Steve shorts from Fatewear, Paia bay necklace and anklet by Digital Aura, my favourite Summer feet from Ispachi a must have really, and the new Domino sunglasses from Kumaki,
Enjoy your Sunday guys >:)

April 27, 2013

If I ain't got You.

Happy Weekend guys,
Going to show of my Trenchcoat business suit from Epia, great suit and can be changed in several colours,
I love how the menu is activated with a chat line works really well, my formal shoes are also from Epia, I will make a closer picture and show some other colours of the suit soon, Izzie's is wearing the sexy Kamalin dress from Cynful, Her hair is Hollana by Truth, the skin is the new to release skin by Izzie's, that will come out in a few weeks, the Grace sandals are from Gos , the location is Winter Moon.
Enjoy >:)

April 26, 2013

The Sweetest Thing.

This pose is a Dollarbie from Rack Poses, love their poses they are very natural and cute, the Sexology pose serie is also released, but due to my PG settings i can't show those here ^ ^  worth a visit though, my clothes then, the shirt is the Taylor shirt from Fatewear that has Three wear options , the cool Kalaheo jeans from JP, and the Brogue shoes are by Ispachi, Izzie's hair is from Tram, her mesh hands and eyelids by Slink, the skirt from Tee*fy, piper blazer by Elate, and the Grace Sandals from Gos, Location - Cheeky Tiramisu cafe,
Enjoy your Weekends everyone >:)

April 24, 2013

Kal Rau New release Casual Shorts.

A great Summer release by Kal Rau the casual shorts, in 9 colours the fatpack has 1 bonus colour, and the cuffs and belt is to texture with a Hud, my necklace and anklet are from Digital Aura, released at the MFW, baseball cap from Hoorenbeek, the Eric skin in sunkissed by Belleza, the great mesh feet from Ispachi, and the surf pose is a prop from oOo Studios, Taxi to Kal Rau on the Market - Kal Rau new casual shorts and one to the Main store - Kal Rau main.

Enjoy >:)

April 23, 2013

Let me ride.

Hello Guys, we felt like a casual street look today, and it was the perfect opportunity to play with my new car, Izzie and me are both wearing the Kalaheo jeans by JP Designs, I am wearing the new Halcyon Tee from Fruk, and my Mael sneakers from Notsobad, Izzie's hair is Aurora by Truth, her top from Drift, Izzie's skin is the Asia skin in peach by Izzie's, and her sneakers the low cuttlerz from 2Real, the car is from Haru Motors and is inspired by the Porsche Cayenne..

Enjoy >:)

Razorblade new releases at the Mens Fashion Week 2013.

Razorblade got some great new releases out now at the MFW2013, showing you the Forma double shirt with tie, and the Timberlake outfit that comes with vest pants and gloves, both have a hud to change the textures, also wearing the new curb chain bracelets from Gabriel, my hair is Lav by Ink, the Black walker boots from Redgrave, and the Steve skin from Unique..

April 21, 2013

Island in the sun.

Gizza has a big Spring / Summer release at the Mens Fashion Week, my Cotton vintage shirt, and White cotton pants, with the sand loafer shoes, are all new releases by them, my skin is Eric from Belleza, and the hair is Lav by Ink, Izzie wears the Aamani wrap dress by Zaraa, Zendaya hair from Truth, Mesh feet by Slink, and the new Holly skin by Izzie's, the pose is one from the Kiss serie by oOo Studios,
Enjoy >:) and a good start of the Week Tomorrow.

April 20, 2013

I'm a Nerd we don't do sports.

But we can always pretend right?, this sport outfit that's called 'Gabriel' is from Hoorenbeek,
and to find at the Mens Fashion Week, Baseball cap, Hi top shoes, sweatpants, tee, and watch are all in..

Enjoy your Weekend everyone >:)

April 19, 2013

New Aitui releases for Mens Fashions Week 2013.

Hybernation coat  & Loose change pants - Aitui @ The Mens Fashion Week 2013.
the bracelet I am wearing is also from Aitui and to get there, go have a look for a closeup of it its awesome,
Hair is a new release from Dura also for MFW2013, sneakers from Notsobad, Dylan skin by Belleza.
Enjoy your Weekend guys and have fun at the event.

April 18, 2013

Beautiful Life.

Hello guys, allot of new stuff today again, the first picture shows a pose prop from In~stance poses,
it's called beautiful life and comes with the balloons, my whole outfit including shoes is the upcoming Urban Collection by Gizza, this will be released at the Mens Fashion Week, I will show some more outfits at a later stage..

Izzie wears: Holly shape and skin by Izzie's, dress Minnu from Overhigh , Grace sandals by Gos, and the hair is from Tram..

 Location - Kittens Heaven Cafe. Enjoy >:)

April 17, 2013

Fruk Mesh male clothing coming soon.

This Weekend Fruk will launch their new Mesh clothes, and i will give you a preview of that Today.
It's orginal Mesh and so detailed, the Biotech pants I am wearing will be released in several colours,
you can wear a boots version of the pants normal one, or one with the including suspender,
the Halcyon Tee I am wearing has a great fit and such a nice Colours, my skin is the latest skin by Fruk 'Jeremy' this skin will also be expanded with all 5 hair colours, so enough reason to drop by this Weekend.
Enjoy guys ! 

April 16, 2013

FATEwear preview for Fantasy faire 2013.

FATEwear's contribution to this years Fantasy Faire, contains Three fantasy outfits,
I am going to show ''Feredir'' who is a hunter type of Elf, his clothes will be released in Three colours,
the boots are included and can also be worn without cloak, it is so high detailed and nice textured,
All these items will be 100% donated for Relay for Life, Fantasy Fair will open on the 20th of April,

Very Important Post.

Mens Fashion Week is only 3 Days away \o/.
today I will show you One of the outfits that Hoorenbeek did together for this event,
Everything in the picture except the hair and skin is included, so also the slippers with toes.
the payphone is a great pose prop/ decoration item from 22769, love the details on it, and it has 10 poses included, it's to find at the Mens Dept, the caravan is by Floorplan and is so cool , 
Picture taken by Kaelyn Alecto, but that was more coincidence for me messing up her sim :P
She did great though, the location is her photographers sim It all starts with a smile,
Where everyone can relax, and use all the cool poses for pictures.
Enjoy your Day guys and expect more Mens Fashion Week stuff to come soon..

April 14, 2013

The Garden whisperer.

Today Izzie decided the lawns on the sim desperate needed a trim, after making the obvious jokes which i can't repeat due to my PG settings here, I went to the 'Bees through the season' event to get the lawnmower by Handverk, btw I ♥ that event it will put a smile on your face for sure, the Tee I am wearing is by Kauna to get at Collabor, and my jeans are the 'Kalaheo' by JP Dsg, sneakers from notsobad, hair by UW at the Mensdept, Miss I am to pretty to do gardening, wears her new Holly skin and shape by Izzies, 'Moment' hair from Magika, mesh hands and feet from Slink, and the First Date dress from Cynful (Collabor)
The Poet's tree bench the Queen sits on is a new release from What Next, it's colour change and has great new poses, I love how realistic the wood looks..

I have to say the ending of the gardening I liked way better 
On the next picture you can see why, the pose is called 'Nowhere but here'
It is from Rack Poses and uber cute, Rack is in the Royal living magazine hunt, the hunt item is a little birdie,

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

April 12, 2013

New releases from Pilot & Jp:dsg.

TGIF to start with, Pilot released the new 'Rovics' mesh sofa for this round of Collabor,
it has the option to change the texture of the little pillows in 3 colours, there is a PG and Adult version to get i love the animations he use they look really good and realistic, the really funny vases are also a Pilot release for Collabor, another new release in this post are the 'Kalaheo' jeans by JP:dsg they have a great worn look, including belt which can be changed in several colours and also the metal is to change, and the menu is hidden in the jeans itself, what i specially like about this jeans is the real feel of them, and the option from menu, to pick a dirty version, I picked the clean version for this post, because I don't want to mess up my new sofa >:)
the striped 'Fabre' jacket is from Chronokit, and my 'Walker' boots by Redgrave, oh btw the fastfood set is also from Pilot low prims and very tasty.
Enjoy your Weekend people.

April 11, 2013

New from Rack poses 'Layla's lollipops.

Hey guys something totally different Today, new female poses from Rack poses & Eleventh hour,
But its nice eye candy for us guys also :P, 5 poses in the pack and including lollipop.
Lingerie is the 'Jolie' in Red by Izzie's, the 'Holly' skin is the upcoming new release also from Izzie's,
the closed eyelids and mesh hands are from Slink, the hair is the 'Caprice' hair from Truth,
Pictures taken by Izzie Button , Taxi to the pose set - Rack Poses main.

April 10, 2013

Endless Summer days.

Sam wears:                                                                                                           Izzie wears:
Brown 'Lav' hair - Ink.                                                                Cerise hair in Black - Dela.
Wakizashi tattoo - Seven of Himeji.                                             Bandeau - Drift.
'Steve' shorts - Fatewear.                                                            Tulip shorts - Mon Tissu.
'Jeremy' skin tone 4 - Fruk.                                                         Skin 'Holly' Izzie's soon to be released.
Natural Men's feet with included Ying Yang tat - Ispachi.
Sea Trinkets necklace - Yummy.
                                                             Hold my hand Pose by Bang!

April 8, 2013

I always feel like somebody's watching me.

Collabor is here again and what a great cycle, Collaborating in this post  Izzie ♥,
and our favourite stalker Tigist from the Tickle me tummy  blog,

Curtains, Loveseat, Retro buffet table, kitsch wall plates - Floorplan @ Collabor.
Retro modern planters & the coffee table tray Barnesworth Anubis @ Collabor.
Thriftshop chair by Tromple Loeil, the Kitschy kittens from Intrigue Co, pressing them will make wiggle their heads also both from Collabor, Izzie's wears the First date dress from Cynful, yes u guessed it Collabor,
And the handsome man on the picture frame, wears the Tee from Kauna also from? :P
I don't want to sound like a broken record.

April 7, 2013

No light without darkness.

Hello Guys,
A few new releases I want to share, the 'Ren' shirt with tie is a new release by Paradise Kiss,
my 'hefunky' pants are new from Legal Insanity , the Choco army boots are just released by Hoorenbeek,
and like usually when Hoorenbeek releases a new item, they are 200ls but only Today,
skin is 'Steve' by Unique and my hair is 'Lav' from INK.

April 6, 2013

New Kauna Cardigans & Tees for Collabor88.

Dang what an exciting release to kick the weekend off with,
Kauna will be guest designer at Collabor this month, with an awesome new release the Argyle cardigans, the base pack is already very cool with different colours, but the extra Tshirt packs I totally love,
I will show you 4 of them, be sure to check them out Collabor will start at Monday.

And another couple even one with an Atari logo, which is like the holy grail for me lol

Enjoy your Weekend all >:)

April 5, 2013

Preview from Just Because for Menswear Fashion Week 2013.

The Menswear Fashion Week is starting on April the 19th,
so it's time for some previews starting with Just Because, they have quite some new releases ready for this event, the MG Leisure pants I am wearing will be available in many Colours, combined these pants with the Newsboy shirt, both by Just Because, my hair is from INK, the Brogue shoes by Ispachi, and the skin is the one I blogged yesterday the Eric skin for Belleza's Best buy.
Enjoy guys almost Weekend >:)

April 4, 2013

Belleza's best buys presents Eric.

This round of the Belleza's best buy 'Eric' will be the male skin, he can be bought in 3 skin tones, and with different beard options, and the price is 400ls, which is a steal for this quality skin really.
Quick taxi to the store - Belleza Main.
This event will start tonight at 8pm SLT and will run till sunday 11.59pm
I am showing the skin in the sun kissed tone (sk)


A new day has begun.

Hello guys,
FATEwear has released allot of new goodies this week, I will show them in a couple of posts,
kicking of with the Samuel shirt (great name) and the Eddie pants, great fit and look as always from this creator, and the shirt can be worn open and closed , shoes are the new brogues from Ispachi, that are released at the new Fameshed round, Skin is Jeremy from Fruk in tone 4, Lav hair from ink,
I took the picture at the beautiful Neva river sim, that will be closed soon for public, so if you want to have a look go, it's really worth a visit, enjoy your Thursday almost Weekend >:)

April 2, 2013

Close Encounter.

Razorblade just released the 'Trekka' vest/shirt, it has a hud to change the Tee colour and other details,
the jeans are the latest 'Manoa' by JP:Dsg, and the 'Ventura' sneakers also from this store,
My skin is Jeremy from fruk, in the shade 3 skintone, hair is 'Lav' from ink,
I took the picture at the awesome Ascension sim, which is an art project by Mantis Oh..

Enjoy >:)