December 28, 2012

“ Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday, and all is well. ”

The Title of this post is a difficult way to say, the things we worry about never really happen.
I am not really a fan of inspirational quotes, but this one I should keep in mind more.
The look of Today, is what I love to wear in my daily SL, neat but still casual.
The casual blazer and the skinny jeans from Epicosity are perfect for it.
The New Ventura sneakers from JP, I didn't took off anymore after the release, love the details of them.
The short hair is from Boon, and the skin is still Ethan from Belleza, next post I will wear one of the others.
The Sinra necklace is from Mandala, the length makes it needed to wear on a none mesh Tee.
Most of my Tee's I use for layering are from Guarded Cross.
That's all for today Enjoy!

December 23, 2012

Light as a feather.

Egoisme released the new unisex feather coats, Two version in a pack, the normal Colour and a Metallic, and there are 7 different colours released.
The gloves I am wearing, are the new George gloves by FATEwear, and the Jack jeans are also from there, My Ventura sneakers are new from [JP]:Dsg, they come with a hud to change all colours or patterns
Beanie is the new groups gift from Kal Rau.
Enjoy guys!

Second life

December 22, 2012

Happy SockMas.

Hello guys,
Today I am going to show socks, I hear you thinking socks?
Isn't it bad enough most guys, get them for Christmas already?
Well in SL I have been wearing clothing layer socks like forever, so I am thrilled with these guys.
They have several wear options, and I tried them with pants with shoes,
and could make them work in all ways.

Jerry mesh socks 8 Colours available - FATEwear New.
Ronny shirt in London colour - FATEwear.
Ethan skin sk1 - Belleza.
Ribbed cotton boxer - Vitamin.
Hair b/g 36 - Dura.
Pose by oOo Studio lean series.
Scene Frostbite cottage by Trompe Loeil 

December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays.

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year. Thank you for supporting me I appreciate each and every person who reads my blog.
and here's to an amazing 2013 >:)
The suit I am wearing is a special release for the holidays by Epicosity.
The pants and Jacket can be Green or Red, and the shirt tie and vest, have several colours and patterns
There is a Blue/White one released also, which I love for the New years parties, I will blog that later on.
Fast ride to the store - Epicosity.

December 20, 2012

New mesh beanie by Kal Rau.

Hello guys,
Kal Rau released his New groupsgift, and it's simply the best beanie in SL.
Great fit I love the texture on it, and it comes with a hud, so it can be changed in any Colour you want to.
So join the group and grab it - Kal Rau main.

Full credits:
Skin Ethan Sunkissed 1 - Belleza.
The M5 blazer with shirt and tie - Kal Rau.
Jack jeans in Lagoon - FATEwear.
Fabrik shoes - Shi.
Lean pose by oOo Studio.

December 19, 2012

New Redgrave Tweed coats.

Hey guys,
New release from Redgrave, mesh Tweed coats, you get Three Colours for only 120ls.
No clue if this is a sale or regular price, but its a steal really.
I am wearing the Black one, with a system layer Polo under also from Redgrave.
Layering mesh on mesh is still not really to do.

full credits
Skin Dylan SK - Belleza New.
Black Tweed coat - Redgrave.
Black classic polo - Redgrave.
Black paul jeans. J.H Couture.
380 shoes - Gothicatz.

December 17, 2012

Winter Dreams.

A couple of New things I would like to share with you guys.
First of all the great winter hat from Dura, it's the groups gift atm.
The new cargo pants from Hoorenbeek, and have several versions to fit with boots or shoes.
And the wool double sweater is a New release from Gizza.

Liberation watch - JP:Dsg.
Ethan skin - Belleza.
Grey high sneakers - JP:Dsg.

December 16, 2012

Together for Sway fundraiser.

The Sidney shirt I am wearing is special released, for this good cause by FATEwear.
And the sales are 100% donated to this fundraiser.
Some more info about this event: Together for Sway blog.
The cute angels are created by Sway herself.
Let's all help Sway to get to this difficult period.
Taxi to the event - Together for Sway.

December 14, 2012

New 'Vincent' outfits by Legal Insanity.

Happy Friday guys,
Legal Insanity just released the new 'Vincent' outfits, Tartan pants, with a shirt and Tie.
I love the fitting and look of the pants, there are 5 versions out in the store.
Quick ride - Legal Insanity Main.

Ethan skin - Belleza.
Black leather shoes - Hoorenbeek
Pose by Diesel works.

December 13, 2012

Exclusive skin releases from Belleza, for the FROST event.

Hello guys,
Belleza released 3 New skins this week, that I showed earlier, but now for the FROST event,
They have Dylan and Ethan out in Exclusive versions, so a good chance to check them out.
And for a special priceeee, i should do TV commercials really, and several tones to choose from.
I am wearing the SK version, 
Quick ride to the frost event - Belleza @ The FROST event.
Gabriel poses by - Diesel works.

Hair Revolver - Exile.
Derrick coat - FATEwear.
Dexter gloves - FATEwear.
Harry scarf - FATEwear.
Paul jeans - J.H Couture.
My combat boots - Monso @ Collabor.

December 12, 2012

Collabor December goodies.

Hello guys, time for some Collabor news today.
Trompe Loeil released the frostbite Cottages, in Mesh and in 4 Colours.
Frostbite cottage - Trompe Loeil at Collabor.

Snowman family - Sway.
Ethan skin - Belleza New.
wool knob hat - u.f.o @ Collabor
Cashmere scarf - Kauna.
Fjord jumper - Kauna released at Fameshed.
Cory pants - FATEwear.
Dexter gloves - FATEwear.
Couple pose ' A walk with you' by Rack Poses.
My better half's credits are to find on her blog - Brb Gone shopping.

December 9, 2012

New male skins release Belleza, Meet Ethan, Dylan & Cooper.

Oh we get so spoiled today, 3 New male skins are just released by Belleza.
Ethan, Cooper and Dylan.
I am going to show the plain version, and a dressed up one.
I love the hairbases included and the chest and facial hairs.
All poses used are the new Gabriel poses from Diesel works.
And the clothes is the New Ralp blazer, with the Cory pants from FATEwear.
All skins are to buy and demo here - Belleza Skins.
The tones I used are sun kissed, but that's just a personal favourite.
First up is Ethan.

Next Cooper which is a good skin for blond hair,

December 8, 2012

New Ralph blazer from FATwear.

Hello guys,
As promised some other new releases from FATEwear.
The Ralph blazer is a very posh one, It makes a great blazer for the upcoming festivities this Month.
I am wearing it with the new Cory pants, the turtle neck that comes with the blazer, gives it a great look,
But it can also be worn without the Turtle neck.
This is all to get here - FATEwear Main.
Other credits:
Hair b&g 36 - Dura.
Marley glasses - Cheerno.
Desert tan boots - Hoorenbeek

December 7, 2012

New FATEwear 'Russ' pants & 'Damon' shirt.

FATEwear has released several new items, I will kick of with the Russ pants and the Damon shirt.
The Russ pants have 2 types of cuffs, which makes them really easy to fit with different shoes.
And specially when you want to tuck them into boots, the model is skinny fit.
The Damon shirt comes with an under shirt, and the collar part and bottom part, are separate to wear.
Great for mix and matching, I will show the other cool releases soon, in the meanwhile go check the demo's.
Taxi - FATEwear

Hair Revolver - Exile.
Liberation watch - JP:Dsg
Cairob shoes - Jeepers.
Good weekend!

December 4, 2012

New by Kal Rau M5 Blazer.

G'day guys.
Kal Rau just released these fabulous blazers, with a great looking shirt and small Tie.
Also the Lapel can be changed, and shirt and Tie's have unlimited Colour options, this is all controlled,
With the included huds, I love the casual look of them .

M5 blazers - Kal Rau New.
Skinny jeans - Kal Rau
Mael sneakers - Notsobad
Cooper skin - Belleza @ Fair.
HISabs poses by HISpose

December 3, 2012

Lost time is never found again.

I blogged this jacket in a more casual look the other day.
But i love it even more in a neat outfit.
It's released for this round of Fameshed by Ispachi, the Grey Chino's are also from Ispachi,
The Black leather shoes are from Hoorenbeek, and my hair by Dura.
The skin is Cooper from Belleza, to get at the Fair event, I can't wait to blog the full release soon.
Enjoy your Monday guys and have a great start of the Week!

November 30, 2012

New from Kauna, knitted Winter jumpers, for Fameshed.

Hello Guys :)
I am going to use the words from Ross:
''Since Xmas is almost upon us, Kauna's item for the December cycle of FaMESHed is a collection of suitably hideous seasonal jumpers. Because Santa hates you and no Christmas day is complete without ugly knitwear.'' End quote 
I couldn't have said this better lol, BUT the jumpers are from very high quality, and great for the winter.
And the whole pack of them, is only 299Ls 7 included \0/.
And also Girl versions by it.
Fameshed will start the 1st of December.
Taxi to the event - Kauna @ FaMESHed

The Snowman with poses is from Sway's.
Jeans by Kauna.
Enjoy the Weekend!

November 29, 2012

New by Ispachi, shearling leather jackets.

Hi there,
Ispachi  is going to release these Shearling jackets, for the Fameshed event of December.
There are Six colours to choose from, and due to a included hud, the Tee colours are unlimited.
The buttons and fur part, can also be changed in Two different Colours.

Full credits:
Shearling leather jackets - Ispachi @ Fameshed starting the first of December.
Cooper skin - Belleza @ Fair.
Revolver hair in the Swiss Colour - Exile  New
Grey paul jeans - J.H. Couture.
Mael sneakers - Notsobad. New
Pose by Del May.

November 27, 2012

New 'Revolver' hair by Exile.

Hello guys,
I can get so jealous at all the girls new hair releases, but this is a good Week for us males,
Exile released 3 New hairs for males, Two short hair styles and a beanie hat.
I will show those on a upcoming post, today I want to show 'Revolver' 
A tough name for a tough looking hair,
Revolver hair in Pecan - Exile.
Skin Cooper - Belleza @ Fair.
Beard add on - Jomo.
Copeck necklace - Kosh.
Jeans jacket & shirt - Sey.
Liberation watch - [JP]:dsg.
Jeans & boxer - Kal Rau
Supreme sneakers - [JP]:dsg.
Enjoy >:)

November 26, 2012

FATEwear 50% discount Cyber Manday Sale.

Great start of the the Week with the 50% off sale from FATEwear.
It's on for 48 hours and started a few hours ago.
So start running, enjoy your Monday guys :) 
I am wearing the Smith suit from there

Second life

November 24, 2012

FATEwear goes Gacha.

FATEwear is participating, in the December's Gacha event.
A Gacha is a machine that after payment, gives a random item in basics.
So Damien made 6 different scarf's, based on the Harry scarf, only now with great original patterns.
And like the Harry scarf's, these also have the different wear options.
I am showing the Piano Key, and the Gryffindor version.
Clothes I am wearing are from FATEwear
And here is a Taxi to the Gacha event, keep in mind the event starts at 1 December.


New by gO, Santa Clause mesh avi.

Hello guys,
This is the chance, to get a girl on your lap, be a Santa ^^
This Santa mesh avi is a new release, and the cool thing with mesh it is only 3 items to wear 
Get him here - gO
Location - Holiday village, Advised by Santa's helper Dani, check out her great blog Simply Dani Riaxik.
Enjoy your Weekend!

November 22, 2012

Lonesome rail road.


Dura b&g hair 36 - Dura.
Cooper skin - Belleza @ Fair. New
Brown Business man suit - Epicosity. New
Location Goatswood  go check this sim out it's so cool, can get a free visitor tag for 3 days.
Please respect the Roleplay rules on the sim.
And a Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating it.

November 20, 2012

New from Dutchie, The mesh Teak Canopy bed.

Hello guys,
A bed review today, I like to think I am a multifunctional Blogger.
Since Asia is on holidays, the bear is playing my wife, ok some facts now
Dutchie just released this awesome new bed, the thing I love most about it,
Is that its more then a bed alone, it's a great piece of furniture, to relax and work on.
I am showing the adult version, there is also a PG and a bdsm version,
It's loaded with great natural animations, and also has 17 rezzing scenes, I am showing a couple of those.
I suggest you go check it out inworld, it's to much to mention all.
Link to the marketplace - Dutchie Teak adult Canopy bed.
And the inworld store - Dutchie Mainstore.
The Grey mesh Plaid pj's are from - Ruca Tease, and a bargain really for this quality.
My friend the bear, is a free gift from Damien Fate and is to find here - Free Friendships Bear.
Enjoy >:)
Ruca tease

November 19, 2012

Sign ''O'' the times.

Good Monday guys, like there is such a thing eh?
A New watch is released by [JP]:dsg, it's called the Liberation Clock, and what a great watch it is.
I love the nerdy hud, that can change the Colour of the band, and also the faces.
And it has a little map of the world, to switch it to a different time zone, also the second hand moves.
It's a real working watch, with an everlasting battery.
Taxi to the store - [JP]:Dsg.
Other credits:
Hair 31 - Dura.
Marley glasses - Cheerno.
Cooper skin - Belleza @ Fair New.
Marshall jackets - FATEwear.

Enjoy >:)

November 17, 2012

New by Epicosity 'The business man' suits.

Such a great release by Epicosity, The Business man suit is a classic great detailed suit.
It comes with vest. shirt and tie, and the New hud, can change shirt and tie Colour.
And their some great colour shirts, and Tie's in different colours and patterns.
I am showing Two Colours the Navy and Grey, there is also a Brown and Black, that I will show later on.
Quick cab to the store - Epicosity Mainstore.
Poses Arwan by Diesel works.


November 16, 2012

Every move creates a weakness.

Hair Dura Boy 33 - Dura.
Cooper Skin - Belleza @ Fair.
DJ Tattoo - Dorky Details.
Leather Red jacket - Epicosity.
Ocean Jack pants - FATEwear
Black boots - Love re me

New Belleza 'Cooper' Male skin for FAIR.

Good Friday guys.
Awesome New release coming up from Belleza, The 'Cooper' male skin.
And imho it's the best male skin around, The tone the details it's a stunning skin.
So go check it out, The November cycle of Fair, will open Tomorow.

November 15, 2012

A Fisherman never dies, he only smells that way.

Hair Dura b&g 25 - Dura
Marlon jacket - Legal Insanity New.
Copeck necklace - Kosh.
Jack Lagoon jeans - FATEwear.
Trawler ship - Gemc

November 14, 2012

So close.

Hair Dura Boy 33 - Dura.
Dylan skin by Belleza soon to be released.
Black Fortis hoodie - Ispachi.
Skinny Denim pants - Kal Rau.
Location Ascension City Supernatural RP.
Enjoy! >:)

November 13, 2012

New Padded coats from Gizza.

Second Life
Hair Dura b&g 34 - Dura.
Round shades - Yummy.
Blue padded coat - Gizza. New (also released in Green,Red and Black.)
Denim skinny pants - Kal Rau.
Grey Highpads shoes - [JP]:Dsg.

November 10, 2012

More Collabor88 Goodies.

Ok some different things from Collabor88 to show.
The whole back scene on the picture, is the Marrakesh Oasis skybox from Barnesworth Anubis.
A great hangout for in the sky really, The hanging chair is part of the Larkin set from Pilot.
And the Coffee set is from Balaclava, I love this event always for the great affordable furniture.
Taxi to the event - Collabor88.
Fleece sweater - Sey.
Executive Chino's - Ispachi.
Cairo shoes - Jeepers.

LOGO 'Tristan' skin review.

LOGO released the first mesh head for girls, a couple of Days ago.
And nosy as I am, I had to check it out for myself of course, and then I found out they had Male skins also,
And after trying all the versions out, I was surprised that I had never seen this skins before.
So time to check one out firmly, I liked several ones, they all have different expressions, some older looking some younger, and decided to use 'Tristan' for my post, I am going to show 3 facial hair types,
The unshaven, Stubble and the Van Dyke beard, imo its a great skin very detailed and natural looking.
I didn't altered the picture ( which i never do) but just want to point that out with this skin picture.
Enjoy your Weekend!

November 9, 2012

Kal Rau New 'Korea' Hoodie.

Oh what a great release to hit the Weekend of, New Korea Hoodie from Kal.
It's released in Six Colours, and the Fatpack has an exclusive extra Colour.
It also has 10 Tees options and a no Tee option.
Lazy Marketplace link - Kal Rau @ The Marketplace.
And of course one to the Mainstore - Kal Rau Mainstore.

New for Collabor88, The Barrel Bath from Tromp Loeil.

Hello guys,
I am starting off, with a nice bath for the Weekend.
I hear you guys thinking, Damn is it Christmas already?, no but I got a cool New bath,
So I am going to take Two baths this year, living on the edge \o/.
Trompe Loeil has this great looking Mesh Barrel bath released at Collabor88.
I am showing the White version but there is also a Rustic version, and to get in PG or Adult.

Have a great weekend!

November 8, 2012

Slow an' easy.

James jacket - FATEwear New.
Harry scarf - FATEwear  New.
Jack jeans - FATEwear.
Walker boots - Redgrave .
Hair Dura Boy 33 - Dura
Bullet bike - Bur Motorcycles.
Enjoy >:)

November 7, 2012

New from Tableau Vivant 'Perla' Sweater for Collabor88.

Tableau Vivant made this great original sweater, for the upcoming new round of Collabor88.
There is also a Girls version going to be released there, it's to get in Six Colours.
Collabor88 will open Tommorow, full credits:
Perla sweater by Tableau Vivant - Collabor88.
Legit Black pants - Epicosity.
Dr Boots - Hoorenbeek.
Skin Fang - Birth.
KQ short hair - Boon.
Location Fellini's dream - Fellini oniricon
Enjoy >:)

November 5, 2012

Sey, Kal Rau & New round of Mens Dept started.

Hi there.
Today I want to show another Colour, of my favourite fleece sweater from Sey.
With the latest jeans from Kal Rau
And a New round of the  Mens Dept started, that needs to be checked out.
On the Seraphim website are all the items showed: Mens Dept on Seraphim.
We guys have way to less events, but I love this one.
Ok picture showing time:

All Credits:
Ensemble fleece & cut off Tee - Sey.
Kal Rau skinny jeans & Boxer - Kal Rau.
Ferracini sneakers - Hoorenbeek.

November 4, 2012

New by FATEwear 'Harry' scarfs.

Ello Guys.
I wanted to show some more wear options for the new Harry scarf's.
Because they go really great, with several types of clothing
And because there are different styles included, they give a different look on the outfits.

November 3, 2012

New FATEwear releases.

Hello guys,
We are getting spoiled again, 3 New releases from FATEwear.
The Harry scarf's I am showing, have 6 wear style options, and 10 sizes including coat sizes.
So they are a basically to wear with everything.
The Roger shirt has an including undershirt, and is released in 6 Colours.
In a later post I will also show the new version of the James jacket.

Scarfs Harry - FATEwear. New
Roger shirts - FATEwear. New
Roy pants - FATEwear. 
Dessert Grey shoes - Harbor.
Hair Dean - Wasabi Pills.
Enjoy your Weekends >:)

November 2, 2012

November 1, 2012

Morning has broken.


Hair B&G Irish coffee 36 - Dura
Relax shirt & T - Ispachi.
Executive Chino - Ispachi.
Chukka shoes Dessert - Harbor apparel
Eden watch - Chronokit

New Kauna Cashmere Scarf's for Fameshed.

For the upcoming New round of Fameshed, Kauna released Cashmere scarf's for him & her.
There are 24 Colours to choose from, they have the standard sizes, but also shape sizes included,
And with all those sizes, they fit on almost any piece of clothing.
I am showing them on the Casual blazers, the 2pc Suit, and the Military & Fjord jumper, and a Shirt.
All from Kauna and to get at - Kauna Mainstore.
The Cashmere scarf's are only to get at Kauna @ Fameshed.

October 30, 2012

Autumn is my favourite season.

Second Life

B&G 36 hair - Dura.
Marley glasses - Cheerno.
High neck jumper - Iruco New.
Skinny Denim pants - Kal Rau
Trail shoes - Hoorenbeek.
Enjoy >:)

October 27, 2012

New from In~Stance poses & props, ''Choosing you''.

Hello Guys,
The New prop 'Choosing you' by In~Stance poses & props, is a romantic one, the flowers are included.
My avatar Vampee is from Dirty Lynx, comes with a hud, and has customise options.
My own beautiful model is Asia Romano from Brb-Gone Shopping.
Have a great Halloween guys >:)

October 25, 2012

Kauna New 'Fjord' Jumpers & Two special free jumpers.

Hello Guys!
Time to get up and move over to Kauna.
Great New jumpers for the upcoming season, and on the Second picture i am showing the Two free ones.
Ross his gifts for Halloween, the sweaters are released in 9 colours, and knitted by kidnapped old ladies.
I am still wondering why he insist on having them without Teeth.
Jeans also from Kauna.
Taxi to the main - Kauna Mainstore.

And the Two free gift Jumpers:

October 24, 2012

FATEwear Limited Halloween bundle.

FATEwear released this great special Halloween edition bundle.
You get 2 Tees, the jacket and shirt with Tie, and a special Halloween messenger bag.
And for 50% off the normal price 
This is only to get on the marketplace.
Link to Market - FATEwear limited Halloween edition Fatepack.
Or get them separate at the mainstore - FATEwear Mainstore.

October 23, 2012

New by Egoisme, Pea Coats & new Tanks.

Second life

Light Grey Pea coat - Egoisme. New released in 10 Colours. 
Sport tank Destroy - Egoisme New 7 different versions released.
S'wear jeans - L&B.
Fabrik shoes - SHI.
Pose by Del May.