November 30, 2011

INSANYA *New* mesh hoodie release @ ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter

This hoodie is gonna be released, at the ZombiePopcornDMW ( opening tomorrow )
Its really awesome made, by Tatyana Ultsch from Insanya.

Enjoy!! >:)

November 29, 2011

ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter, almost there !!

Yesterday i got the chance to preview the Zombiepopcorn Dark magic winter event.
And i love it, the sim is awesome designed, and the coolest new releases from all shops,
The shops that are there are

 ([Acide!] , AD Creations , American Bazaar, ::[annaA]:: Body Stuff, bastnut,  Bliss Couture, [ bubble ], :: Caladesi Island Company ::, DAMNED, Death row Designs, Del May, Diesel Works Animations, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, d. Select , Ducknipple, - Elan -, .:ellabella:., *Epic*, Faster Pussycat,  Finesmith  jewelry design,  INDYRA ORIGINALS, ::: insanya :::, .Insufferable Dastard., [Katsucide], KOSH, lassitude & ennui, LISP Bazaar, *League*, MINA Hair & Bijoux, MudHoney , n-creation, paper.doll, ::Para Designs::, PIDIDDLE, PiNkMaReS HoUsE, Plastik, ploom, PurpleMoon Creations, - Quarantine -, =Razorblade Jacket=, REPULSE,  * RezIpsa Loc *, [ SAKIDE ], Sassy!, *{SeVered GarDeN}*, Stain Cosmetics, .SWEET ANTIDOTE., Vanilla C. Designs, {vespertine}, [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], /Wasabi Pills/, {what next}, Willow, Zigana and More!   

Taxi >> ZPDMW (will be held December 1st – 15th)
All info can be easily found here also >> ZombiePopcornSL   
First off all a overview off the sim which really is magical 

The hat with scarf is a new release, same for the piercings and the T.

Next up are the great mesh new release shoes

Also great furniture releases.

Its to much items to do in a post lol
And for girls its gonna be heaven, saw so much nice new releases.

Have fun all checking it out 

November 28, 2011

The perfect man.

Well according to my best friend Lolly, he should look like the first picture.
Never did laundry in my life though lol, but she can have her dreams.
Maybe she has more control over her BF.
But its such a funny gift i am wearing it anywayz.
Jacket >> Aoharu
Tee New release >>Giordanu
Jeans >>Artilleri
Hair >>Drot
Pictures are taken @ Treptower park
Which is inspired by a abandoned, amusement park in East Berlin.
Its really worth a visit 
The perfect man 

Enjoy !! >:)

November 27, 2011

November 26, 2011

Akeruka Sale!!

Today showing the free thanksgiving skin, which is fab.
And to get till tomorrow.
Also the groups join fee is 0ls.
And a 50% discount on skins.
Taxi >> Akeruka

Enjoy!! >:)

November 25, 2011

Mesh The Emperors new clothes.

If you know the tale about the Emperors new clothes.
You get my issue with mesh :P
But i have to say they look awesome.
To bad people with another viewer cant see them lol
But on this blog they can :)
And on Sale at Deco
Ok here we go \o/

Have a good weekend
Enjoy !! >:)

November 23, 2011


Today, i ran into a new shop.
 NyTrO, With really fresh looking clothes.
I am showing, the stripe sweater in blue.
It fitted perfect, and is very nice made.
So check it out. !!
NyTrO  >>Mainshop

Enjoy >:)

November 22, 2011

ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter

 This event will be held at the Sketchpad sim
And is all about magic, in a cottage town, with snowy gardens.
It will take place from December 1st till the 15th
Vendors to be found there are Ploom, Plastik, LISP, Del May, League, Finesmith  jewelry design, and sponsored by Hogwarts: Your Story RPG Sim, New Trails, - Quarantine -, & Seraphim
In a working town ,with magician cottages and an enchanting village atmosphere. 
The Dark magic winter sim >>ZP.Dark magic winter
Opens from December the 1st.
Also visit the ZP sim for information >> ZombiePopcorn HC
And the ZP website >> Zombie Popcorn webpage
Ejoy!! >:)

Tee's on Tuesday ( say this fast ten times)

Tuesday Tee's day ( the stuff that i come up with really huh?)
No i have a couple off Tee's that deserve a post.

First off all is *Arrows* >> Aitui
It has a sculpt bottom by it, but those never fit with an AO 
So i like it better without.
The hair is *b&g 26* >> Dura
Necklace *Groovy peace* >> EarthStones

Giordanu *DNA* >>Giordanu

The tattoo is the free one i posted yesterday
Not a clue what the symbols mean.
but it looks awesome lol.
Enjoy!! >;)

November 21, 2011

Likeli & Sourires Tattoo's

Ello !!
On this foggy monday, i went to the woods, to show off, some tat finds.
The first two ones are free ones >> Likeli.
And there were more, some awesome girl ones also.
Wild tats really, but i like that messy style
The last one >> Sourires
With really fine lined flowers waved in
Hair >> Hype *Chase*
Jeans >> Ladies who like lunch *Billy*

Enjoy !! >:)

November 19, 2011

PHILO New Jacket & Shirt *Dean*

                        Ello, today the new release from Philo.
                        *Dean* Great old feel leather jacket & shirt.
                        To get here >>PHILO
                        It's released in five different colors, i am showing two of them.

                                           Enjoy and have a good weekend  >:)

November 18, 2011

New from Giordanu *New York T *

                                    Ello TGIF and this NY tee, is the perfect Friday one.
                                     The pants are also from Giordanu, and make a great set.
                                     Shirts and pants  >> Giordanu
                                     Shoe's are from  >> HOC
                                                             Enjoy >:)

November 17, 2011

New Gabriel *Down jacket 2012*

                                              Just released *down jacket* from Gabriel
                                              Sweater *Panda*  GIO
                                              Hair *Rick* Emo-tions
Enjoy >:)

Menstuff Hunt

Today i am showing two avi's, that can be found at the Menstuff hunt 2011
All info about the hunt, and the great group that is active all year, can be found here:

                                                      First one is a mean one :P
                                                      Shape by Maverick Design
                                                      Skin    by Lavie
                                                      Outfit  by Connors
                                                                   Next dude
                                                 Shape by Ultimate shapes
                                                 Skin   by  Egoisme
                                                 Outfit by  Lash-Ware
                               And dont forget to check out the Menstuff lounge.
                               The board has 150 gifts in it also, And the hunt also 150
                                                   So you can do the math :)

                        The lounge can be found here, Also the Womenstuff gift wall.
                                                   Menstuff & Womenstuff lounge
                                                          So happy hunting all >:)

November 16, 2011

INDI Designs *Stand collar Jacket*

                                       Another new fab jacket from INDI Designs
                                       Come's with a grey scarf and a plaid one.
                                       Marketplace Stand collar jacket black

                                                     Shoes O'leary by INDI
                                                     Jeans  Artilleri Burt grey.
                                                                Cheers >:)

November 15, 2011

Zeus new skin by UNIQUE

Hello guys, today a great new release by Unique *Zeus*.
I love the details on the face and skin, and it has very realistic muscles.
Showing three versions, but their 12 totally, and wearing the Zeus shape.
                                               Here is the slurl to the store Unique
                                               And the Market link for the lazy one's.
                                                             Zeus megapack
                                                             Tats by  SOH  
Thats it for today, Cheers :)

November 14, 2011

Artilleri & Gio

A nice comfortable outfit, for a boring monday.
                                                       Music sweater by GIO
                                                    Awesome Burt jeans by Artilleri
                                                    Marketplace link Burt jeans grey
                                                    For sure gonna buy more colors.

                                                               Hair Noah by Truth

That's all again guys, Cheers :)

November 13, 2011

Marshall by INDI

Hey all :)
Today i am showing, the a great Marshall set from INDI.Designs.
Marketplace link Marshall pulover set
Includes a great jeans, the pullover, and a nice beige shirt,

                                        The bottom picture shows the O'Leary sneakers
                                        Also from INDI, and the best detailed sneakers i have.
                                        And their to get in lots off different colors.

                                       That's all for today, enjoy your Sunday.
                                                                Cheers :)