October 30, 2012

Autumn is my favourite season.

Second Life

B&G 36 hair - Dura.
Marley glasses - Cheerno.
High neck jumper - Iruco New.
Skinny Denim pants - Kal Rau
Trail shoes - Hoorenbeek.
Enjoy >:)

October 27, 2012

New from In~Stance poses & props, ''Choosing you''.

Hello Guys,
The New prop 'Choosing you' by In~Stance poses & props, is a romantic one, the flowers are included.
My avatar Vampee is from Dirty Lynx, comes with a hud, and has customise options.
My own beautiful model is Asia Romano from Brb-Gone Shopping.
Have a great Halloween guys >:)

October 25, 2012

Kauna New 'Fjord' Jumpers & Two special free jumpers.

Hello Guys!
Time to get up and move over to Kauna.
Great New jumpers for the upcoming season, and on the Second picture i am showing the Two free ones.
Ross his gifts for Halloween, the sweaters are released in 9 colours, and knitted by kidnapped old ladies.
I am still wondering why he insist on having them without Teeth.
Jeans also from Kauna.
Taxi to the main - Kauna Mainstore.

And the Two free gift Jumpers:

October 24, 2012

FATEwear Limited Halloween bundle.

FATEwear released this great special Halloween edition bundle.
You get 2 Tees, the jacket and shirt with Tie, and a special Halloween messenger bag.
And for 50% off the normal price 
This is only to get on the marketplace.
Link to Market - FATEwear limited Halloween edition Fatepack.
Or get them separate at the mainstore - FATEwear Mainstore.

October 23, 2012

New by Egoisme, Pea Coats & new Tanks.

Second life

Light Grey Pea coat - Egoisme. New released in 10 Colours. 
Sport tank Destroy - Egoisme New 7 different versions released.
S'wear jeans - L&B.
Fabrik shoes - SHI.
Pose by Del May.

Fields of Gold.

Hair - Boon. New.
Fleece ensemble - SEY. New.
Executive Chino - Ispachi.
Fabrik shoes - Shi.
Earth Groovy peace necklace - EarthStones.

October 22, 2012

Polo Monday Mania.

Hello Guys.
Yes i know another Polo, but these Polo's for jackets from Hoorenbeek, are so cool.
I couldn't help myself, Enjoy your Monday, credits are under the picture.

Blue blazer & Light Blue polo for jackets - Hoorenbeek. New.
KQio86 Whatsinaname hair - Boon. New.
Skinny Denim pants - Kal Rau. New.
O'Leary Sneakers - INDI Designs.

October 21, 2012

I want to live not just survive..

Beige Corduroy jacket - Hoorenbeek.
Polo for jackets Brown - Hoorenbeek.
Ocean jeans Jack - FATEwear.
Brown Jacob's ladder boots - Adjunct.
B&G hair 36 - Dura.

October 20, 2012

Epicosity New Release 'Afternoon adventure' outfit, for the FAIR event.

Hello Guys!
Today the Second round of  FAIR is opening, and Epicosity made this great full outfit for it.
It's called Afternoon adventure and includes: Sweater, Chino pants, and the boots, this all for only 600ls.
Fair is opening at 4pm Slt.
And one to Epicosity Main.

Marley glasses by Cheerno.
Heartbreaker hair by Epoque.
Enjoy! >:)

October 19, 2012

New Parka's by 22769 & New couple pose from In~Stance.

New Parka coats from 22769 for the Mens Dept, are really great coats released in 4 colours.
And only 140ls and in standard sizes and orginal Mesh.
The sweet September Dawn couple pose is a new Release from In~Stance Poses.
Thanks to my own lovely model Asia from Brb - Gone Shopping.
September Dawn couple pose - In~Stance poses.
Have a great Weekend!

October 18, 2012

New by Kal Rau Denim Skinny pants.

Hello guys!
Awesome New release from Kal Rau.
Denim Skinny jeans to get in 4 Colours, and with 6 Mesh boxer Colour options.
In the exclusive pack, pants colours are controlled by a hud, great price also the fatpack.
By this i am wearing the Casual blazer also from Kal.
Quick cab to the store - Kal Rau Mainstore.

Checkout the cool boxers, on the next picture.


A Rough Day at the Office.

Zombiefied Rob suit - FATEwear.
Messenger bag comes with the fatpack.
Marley glasses - Cheerno.
Classic bright Business shirt - Redgrave.
Bruises and blood face tattoo - Izzie's.
Heart breaker hair - Epoque.
Enjoy >:)

October 17, 2012

New Gizza Fall outfits.

Ello Guys.
The Fall outfits from Gizza includes, Jacket, pants and Tee with pull.
And are released in several Colours.
The boots are from Love Re me and to get at The Mens dept.
Taxi's to the stores: Gizza Mainstore
Enjoy >:)

October 16, 2012

New FATEwear coat Desmond.

Hello guys.
The new Desmond coat from FATEwear. is recreated from a RL design by Volante Design.
And is inspired by Assassins Creed, but with not anything duplicated from the game character.
It has stunning details and can be worn with or without the hood.
It's released in Seven Colours.

Desmond coat - FATEwear.
Black Skinny jeans - Epicosity.
Reaver Bow - Eternal Armory.
Black Engineer boots - Coco.
Peaceful love dog tags - Maxi Gossamer.
Poses by Del May.

The PostSam always rings twice.

Hello guys.
Yeah i know i have the most lame post titles, the worst part is i am laughing the hardest myself probably.
Ok the outfit of today is a coolio one, Postman jacket with changeable shirt under it.
And the best part is the postman's bag is attached already, such a cool idea.

Postman jacket - Pumpkin.
Jack jeans - FATEwear.
Trail shoes - Hoorenbeek.
Hair b&g 36 - Dura.
Stare down & Behind the back poses by Stakey.

October 15, 2012

This world I painted black.

Black Velvet blazer - HoorenBeek.
Grey under Tee - HoorenBeek.
Grey pants - hoorenBeek.
Copeck necklace - Kosh.
Mr Fancy pants shoes - LWL.
Microphone prop & pose - HISpose.

October 14, 2012

New Cheeky Pea & Pilot, Garden party set for Collabor88

The garden party set is available in PG or Adult version, and has loads of cute animations.
And is low prim, totally love how its all build and textured.
Everything showing is included, also a party lighted tree.
With thanks to my lovely girl Asia from Brb-Gone Shopping.
Enjoy >:)

New Stuff from Maxi Gossamer & FATEwear.

 Good Sunday guys :)
If you haven't been to Maxi's store yet i suggest u drop everything and go, great detailed jewellery.
Enjoy your Sunday people.
Full Credits:
John jeans & Bruce Tee - FATEwear. 
Peaceful Love dog tags necklace - Only to get at the Cinema event atm.
Skull rings - Maxi Gossamer.
Eden watch - Chronokit.
Black boots - Love Re Me @ The Mens Dept. ( Great shoes only 150ls, several colours to get)
Enjoy >:)

October 12, 2012

Urban Friday.

B&G hair 36 - Dura.
Grafica T - Aitui.
Steel Blue Fleece Parka - Villena. New
Grey Legit pants - Epicosity.
Dirty Denim polished Triumph boots - GOS. New
Joe Cool poses by Stakey.
Have a great weekend >:)

October 11, 2012

Epicosity's 'Fashionably Dead' halloween event has openened.

Hello guys.
Epicosity is going Halloween, they opened a special Halloween store on their sim.
Special editions of their suits, and allot more spooky items from this great brand.
Also they asked some other stores to be part in this event, the stores present are:
Tableau Vivant, PurpleMoon Creations, Ikon Eyes, Vendome, and *PosESioN*
And Tomorrow, Glam Affair & MiaMai will also join.
I am showing one of the special Halloween suits, that have a special discount price for this event.
Phantom White feather mask - Epicosity.
Purple & Black suit with bowtie and changeable Shirt or pull - Epicosity
Heart breaker hair - Epoque.
Prop HISbleedingheart by HISpose.

New by BA Prefabs, the NYC apartment skybox for Collabor88.

Hello Guys!
Today i am showing the NYC apartment skybox from Barnesworth Anubis.
That is to get at Collabor88, it's only 30 prims and for 188ls a steal really.
Great textures and allot of space in it, demo is out to check there also.
The sofa showing is from Lisp and also to see at Collabor.
Full Credits;
The NYC Apartment skybox & The Lisp sofa (6 models available) - Collabor88.
Harris Tweed blazer, jeans, and the Brogues tan/white shoes - Kauna.
Hair 31 - Dura.


October 10, 2012

New Skin by Egoisme/Evian ''Luca''

And another great skin release from Egoisme/Evian Luca.
Really realistic skin, and i love the beards and body hair on it.
Showing one beard option, but it has several and also teeth and all sort of Add-ons.
Go check out the demo at the store
Guardian shape by Maverick Designs.

Life is short... running makes it seem longer.

Jacket ''Slim'' - FATEwear.
Pants ''Jimmy'' - FATEwear.
Sneakers ''Senesy'' - [JP]:Dsg.
Hair - Dura.
''Mosey'' pose by Stakey.

October 8, 2012

New Tableau Vivant Amin sweater, for Collabor88.

Teal Amin sweater - Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88. Released in 6 Colours, and also in a girls version.
Copeck necklace - Kosh @ The Mens Dept.
Pants Jack - FATEwear.
Shoes Espadrille - Sleepy Eddy.

Trompe Loeil dream genie bottle skybox for Collabor88.

First of all try to say my post title 5 times outloud.
The dream genie bottle skybox comes in 5 Colours to choose from, and in a PG or Adult version.
It includes a skydrome, and gives place to 12 avatars.
And all this is to get here - Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88.
Sam wears the Rollup Casual suit & shoes - Gabriel.
Copeck Necklace - Kosh @ Mens Dept.

Skin review PXL Creations skin ''Daniel"

I am planning to go review more skins.
I am kicking off with Daniel from PXL Skins.
Each beard version of Daniel comes with a bonus shaved skin.
So you can pick a beard you like basically, and get the shaved version included.
The chest hair showing on the pictures is also included, and its so nice subtle done.
I would wear it standard with the skin, makes it very real looking.
I am showing the Sun kissed tone, 1 picture with the base hair, the other pictures with hair,
To get a good idea how the skin looks with hair.
Also included is a fake snake with hud, that matches perfect with the skin.
TP to the store for demo trying - PXL Creations.
Hairs by Dura.
Habit shape - Maverick Designs.

Enjoy >:)

October 7, 2012

New from FATEwear The Marshall jackets.

Awesome New jackets from FATEwear.
The Marshall jacket, i am showing a couple of Colours but there are more released.
I also did One picture of the back, to show of the great shaped hood.
They can worn with mesh Tee or without.
Lazy taxi - FATEwear at the Marketplace. ( move the sort by slider to age newest releases)
And inworld - FATEwear Mainstore.
There is another jacket released that i will show soon.

New from gO Duffle coats.

Gday guys :)
gO is contributing at the Mens Dept with a great release.
Duffle coats, i love the originality of the style, a must check out.
Can pick from 3 Colours and i am showing the Green one.


October 5, 2012

Autumn sun.

Mesh Green Fortis hoodie - Ispachi @ Fameshed.
Legit dark Khaki pants - Epicosity.
Brown Love re me boots - Mens Dept.
Pose Hot Seat by Stakey.

Play it again Sam.

Casual shirt - Kal Rau.
Kaki Skinny jeans - Kal Rau.
Slip-on's - Pornstar.
Hair B&G 36 - Dura.
Have a great Weekend guys :)

October 3, 2012

FATEwear New Release, the Smith suit in hot Volcano Red.

Damn what a stunning Colour for this suit, for the people already owning the fat pack of this suit.
They can receive this Colour through the redelivery terminal.
 i would also like to share, that the Vinnie shirt is out as groups gift also in the Volcano Colour.
Smith suit in Volcano Colour - FATEwear.
Black Brogue shoes - Kauna.
Location - Izzies Mainstore.

Dream draw do.

Fortis hoodie White - Ispachi @ Fameshed.
Jack London jeans - FATEwear.
Senesy multi colour sneakers - [JP]:Dsg.
Dura b&g 36 hair - Dura.
Pose by HISpose.
Location - Cica.

October 2, 2012

New Casual mesh Shirt collection by Kal Rau.

Hello Guys.
I can write a big fancy story about this release, but it will all come down to 3 words.
Awesome mesh shirts such a cool fit they have, 14 Colours to choose from.
And also a fatpack with 3 bonus Colours & Hud.
Lazy marketplace link - Kal Rau on the market.
And one to the mainstore - Kal Rau Mainstore.

Bring it on Winter!!

Derrick coat in Tundra - FATEwear.
Dexter gloves in Void - FATEwear.
Roy pants in Void - FATEwear.
Fabrik laced up shoes - SHI.
Gloved up pose - Del May.

October 1, 2012

New Senesy sneakers from JP:dsg & Hoorenbeek new blazer.

New Senesy Multi Colour sneakers - [JP]:Dsg.
Jack pants lake - FATEwear.
New Blue blazer - Hoorenbeek.
Light Blue shirt & Tie - Hoorenbeek.
Dura-Boys&Girls*36 - Dura.