May 31, 2013

Shut up and drive.

Hai guys TGIF,
Tomorrow the highly awaited Arcade Gacha event opens.
What Next will release new scooters, and dang they are fast lol.
I've been testing them firmly like a good blogger should and i ♥ them, they look great and drive great.
The rare ones have a sidecar, so i took Izzie for a ride, well at least that's what i thought.
As soon as she sat down her face turned into pure evil and we flew over the sim...

 My jacket is the 'Rogue' from Razorblade, the 'Neo' sunglasses are to find at Redgrave. Izzie is wearing her new 'Ivana' skin that will be released tomorrow at the Numberology event.
Her wild hair you can get at Cheerno, the 'Lina' leather jacket is from Blueberry.
And the 'Abby' shorts by Teefy, have a great Weekend everyone.
Till next time >:)

May 30, 2013

Keep your head up.

Starting off with Izzie today, she is wearing one of the new 'Mindy' T's from Erratic.
Her jeans are the tucked up ones by Villena, the 'Sadie' hair by Truth.
The skin she is wearing is the new 'Ivana' skin by Izzie's, that will be released at the Numberology event on June 1st.
I am wearing the 'Shaw' shirt from Fatewear, 'Fabrik' shoes by Shi, and the 'Kalaheo' jeans from JP.
My skin is the 'Dylan' from Belleza in sunkissed tone, and my 'Vindicated' hair is by Exile.
That's all for today, enjoy your Day! 

May 27, 2013

Shades of Grey.

Legal Insanity released a new line of pimpy sunglasses, wearing the'Superstar' Aviators in classic silver.
My Argyle cardigan is from Kauna, the grey T under it by Guarded cross, my 'Copeck' necklace is to find at Kosh. The 'Manoa' jeans from JP designs  has a build in menu, that can make the jeans look dirty and change the belt Colour. The 'Mael' sneakers are from Notsobad, and my 'Sitennoah' watch by Mandala.
Pose is one from the new 'male19' series by Agapee/Gabriel.
Have a good start of the Week everyone, and till next time >:)

May 25, 2013

Shark Dilemma..

The first of June The Arcade gacha event will start, and Mishmish made squirt guns for this event.
I am attacking Izzie with one of the rare guns the shark. This picture might look mean, but i can assure you no sharks were doing harm in this picture :P. Izzie needs some treatments though, but I expect in 2014 she will be fine. I am wearing new releases from Fatewear, the 'Phelps' trunks and the Matt towel.
The towel can be worn also over the neck. My mesh feet are from Ispachi, and the skin is 'Jeremy' by Fruk. Izzie is wearing her 'Irene' skin in Peach tone from Izzie's.
Her 'Tini Kini' is to find at Drift, and her mesh hands and feet are both from Slink.
The hair she is wearing is the 'Cyanne' by Truth.
 Enjoy your Weekend everyone >:)

May 24, 2013

Sharing cupcakes..

Happy Friday everyone, the Relay for life home & garden expo has begun.
What Next released this garden cafe table and chair set for this occasion. We are showing just one of several  colour combinations there is to choose from. My outfit is the 'Mason' ensemble by Ispachi, a must have outfit for guys imo, so many textures and combinations to choose from. Skin is 'Eric' by Belleza, and hair which I am still not bored of the 'Vindicated' that is to find at Exile.
Izzie is wearing a special version of the 'Irene' skin by Izzie's, that will be to find this weekend at The Dressing Room Fusion event. Her hair is the c409 from Tram, the cute cropped sweater with shirt by Coco.
The 'Requiem' earrings are to find at Amorous, and her coated denim jeans are from Ison.
I won't credit the stealing cupcake Four legged creature in the picture, if someone wants him he is to find at Izzie's sim, Approach it with care no clue what Mr Ed will do really.
Enjoy your Weekend and till next time >:)

May 23, 2013

Come on, Let's Go.

Hello People time for some Summer releases, Fatewear released a great line of different shorts, in different patterns, and even new versions for the upcoming new materials in Second Life, that can be tested with the project SL viewer, I am wearing the 'Spitz' trunks with the 'Biondi' towel, My skin is the Jeremy in shade 4 from Fruk, hair by Exile my glasses are the 'Domino' from Kumaki, and my liberation watch comes from JP,
My pretty beach girl is wearing the 'Tini kini 2' from Drift, her skin is the Irene skin special edition for The Dressing room Fusion, her hair is the 'Sherry' from Loq, the shoulder bag is a free gift at Coco, Her Necklace is the 'Valencia' necklace from Maxi Gossamer, The 80ties sunglasses and the wood bangle bracelet are both from Izzie's, her mesh feet and hands from Slink, and my male mesh feet by Ispachi,
Enjoy >:)

May 21, 2013

Safari Fever.

Today Izzie and Me will take you on a Safari, our new pet who Izzie called Fanti because its a girl, i walked under her to check but no extra trunk, so Fanti it is she is to adopt at AAA Sculpty creatures, the cute Monkeys you see in the picture are from MishMish to find at The 100 Block event holdable ones, Monkeys that follow you, shoulder ones and even a mouth version love them, ok over to the outfits I start with Izzie her 'Joey' shirt by Cynful and the 'Hanalei' shorts are from Mon Tissu, her 'Irene' skin and 'Giraffe' tights both from Izzie's, her shoes are the country wedges from Hoc, the 'Sadie' hair is to find at Truth, I am wearing  the Khaki 'Chino' shorts from Epicosity, my shirt is the 'Rebellion' double layer shirt from Ispachi that is currently to find at The Boutique event, it has loads of options with the texture hud, Oh my hat how can i forget that, it's the 'Treasure hunter' from Exile the hat is colour change, and that leaves me with the last item of today my 'Earthkeeper' boots from Hoorenbeek, ok guys have fun and don't spank those monkeys.
Enjoy >:)

May 19, 2013

Hold Me,Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Hello Guys hope you all having a relaxing Sunday, I will kick this post off with my credits, My Denim jacket with attached hood and shoulder bag are a new release by Atui, the skin is 'Ethan' from Belleza, my 'Kalaheo' jeans and 'Graduate' sneakers are both from JP Designs, and my 'Grafica' tee by Aitui, it's a system layer Tee but ideal for under mesh jackets, my 'Groovy' necklace is from Earthstones, ok lets move to My cute Izzie now, her hair is by Exile and is named 'hearts don't break even' her skin is the Catnip Carnival version from Izzie's new 'Irene' skin, to find at the Catnip Carnival event great cause this event is, check my previous post for information,  the leather jacket she wears is from L&B, the tank by House of Fox and her jeans is to find at Monso, the sneakers are the Supreme sneakers by JP Designs,
That's all folks enjoy >:)

May 18, 2013

The Catnip Carnival event is open.

Hello guys the Catnip Carnival event has kicked off, it's a small event but for a great cause, the main goal is to raise money for little unfunded animal shelters, more information to find here 
Izzie is wearing a special  version of her Irene skin in Mocha, that is specially for this event, also a pale version of the skin is to find there, quick taxi to the event - Catnip Carnival,
Other credits are on Sam, the Casual shirt and Casual shorts to find at Kal Rau, My skin is Ethan by Belleza
the Vindicated hair is a new Exile release, my great mesh feet with Tattoo change option by Ispachi, back to Izzie now her hair is the 22 from Eaters Coma , the dress is by Decoy currently at the Fameshed event, and the necklace, bracelet and earrings are all from Amourus.

May 16, 2013

Evening Stroll in Venice.

Hello Guys time for a posh post, Kauna has released his new 3pcs suit, and it has a kazilion options to choose from, so the best is to go to the store and check it all out, I am wearing the houndstooth grey blazer vest and pants, with the black shirt and a Mauve tie that is in the plain 2 tie pack, my shoes which I mostly wear with suits are the brogues from Kauna in Black, Izzie is wearing the Tracy mini dress in Purple from Rebel hope, the cupcake jewel set by Cae, these Two items are both from The Boutique event, the skin she is wearing is the new Irene skin from Izzie's , and the hair is the new Sadie hair by Truth and her Gatsby heels are from Ingenue Enjoy >:) 

May 15, 2013

The Boutique is open, and New releases from Izzie's, Ispachi, Belleza and JP Designs.

The Boutique event has opened it's doors, and Izzie's released her new knee socks in 10 Colours, that are suited to wear with the slink feet, she is showing the Yellow ones, the rebellion outfit from Ispachi  i am wearing is also to find at The Boutique event, My new sneakers are the Graduate from JP Designs, my skin is Jonas from Belleza, and all Best buy skins from them, are to get now at    
The 100 Block event, also the Female skins, my hair is the Vindicated from Exile , Adorkable poses is sadly closing and has a closing sale, the pose we use is from there, the shop will stay on the marketplace though, 
Izzie her shorts and ruffled tank are both by Teefy  , and her hair is the C426 from Tram, the skin she is wearing is the just released new Irene skin by Izzie's , her necklace and earrings is the new Solar magic jewel set from Maxi Gossamer for Collabor Enjoy guys >:)

May 13, 2013

Ispachi New Rebellion outfit for TLC The Boutique.

Hello Guys, I am going to show you the upcoming release from Ispachi for TLC The Boutique event,
The Rebellion outfit is a double layered shirt with jeans, and it has so many Colour and style options, I will 
add pictures of the including huds, the price of the full pack is only 689ls, everything shown on the huds is yours then, and the shirt has also a short sleeve option, the TLC Boutique event will kick off on May 15 and ends on 10 June, after that this outfit will be available in the Ispachi Mainstore..

And now the Huds with the tons of options..

And Ispachi is all original Mesh, and listed on the Slocca original Content Website
Enjoy >:)

May 11, 2013

They Dance alone.

Hello Guys this is going to be my 500th post \o/ , and still having fun to bore you guys with my ramblings.
Thanks for all the support, and reading my blog you all rock <3 p="">
The outfit i am wearing Today is a new release from Aitui featuring the loose pants and the Symphony concerts Tee, Mael sneakers by Notsobad, Dylan skin from Belleza and the hair which I hardly took off anymore from Exile, Izzie is wearing a tank from Auxiliary, with the Mon Tissu tulip shorts and the Supreme sneakers from JP Designs, her skin is the New Irene skin by Izzie's, and our eyes are almost always from Ikon, Enjoy your Weekend everyone and up to the next 500 posts >:)

May 10, 2013

Good Day Sunshine.

Hello Guys happy Friday, I am going to kick this post of with the Floorplan items, the garden gazebo that she has released at Collabor, is a very summerish Gazebo that looks great on a beach, the naptime daybed, book drawer, milk cans, milk can table and stepstool are also from Floorplan for Collabor, the funny scrabble wall art is from Commoner, Izzie is wearing her New Irene skin that is released today at Izzie's, her fedora hat is by Argrace and the C429 hair from Tram, the lovely charm cat dress is to find at C'est La vie, her blazer at The Secret store, and the Sloan pump are from Mon tissu, my shirt is from Amerie it comes with the tie but there is also an extra tie pack, with nice prints to get, my jeans from JP, Mael sneakers from Notsobad, the Jonas skin is from Belleza and is for a bargain price at The Mens Dept atm, Hair by Exile 
Thats all for now Enjoy your Weekend everyone >:)

May 9, 2013

New round of Collabor88 and preview of the New Izzie's Irene skin.

Hello peeps a new round of Collabor88 has started, and so many great things released, I want to start 
with the garden shed from Pilot, it's so great made and textured a must see really, the water hose, potted plants, and the rain barrel are included, my trench boots are mesh and by Deco, Izzie's sunny skinny overal and Tee are by U.F.O all this is to find at the Collabor sim..

Izzie is showing the Irene skin the new upcoming skin release by Izzie's this weekend.
I am wearing the Dylan skin from Belleza, My hair is a new release by Exile and Izzie's hair is a new release from Tram, my Halcyon Tee is by Fruk, I totally love them they fit on so many pants..

That's all for now enjoy your Day everyone >:)

May 8, 2013

Let's sail away.

Hello people, today a post with a nautical touch, as you probably know by now I love everything about boats and water, I am wearing the Mr nice guy :P shirt from Bleak in the sail version, to find at the Mens Dept, Baseball cap from Hoorenbeek, the Kalaheo jeans from JP:Dsg which I haven't took off hardly
such a great jeans, and my shoes are the slipons by Ubu , Sitennoah watch is from Mandala, last but not least the Dylan skin by Belleza, Ok now lets move to my lovely girl , she is wearing the Holly skin and shape by Izzie's, her hair is from Tram and is called C409, Blazer is from the Secret Store currently to get at Fameshed, the pumps are also from the secret store available at  the mainstore, Izzie's Daydream dress is   by Mon Tissu, the couple pose is the 224 from Purple Poses, enjoy your Day >:) 

May 5, 2013

Epia Trenchcoat business suit Showcase.

Hello guys, as promised a closer look at the great Trench coat business suit from Epia,
the suit is just 1 item to wear, and with a script inside to change the pants,shirt and tie, also there is a invisible layer included to be able to wear gloves, I really like the way to change to different Colours, you just type /1changesuit in local chat and the menu pops up, the suit has 4 colours to choose from, and also the ability to wear different Colours together, I also want to point out that all releases from Epia is original mesh, my formal shoes are also by Epia, enjoy your Sunday everyone >:)

May 4, 2013

Belleza best buy May presents Jonas.

Belleza best buys May brings us the Jonas skin, if you're looking for a new look this sale is ideal, such a great skin and only 400Ls, to get in 3 tones and with different beard options, my hair is the new vindicated by Exile, and my Wakasashi tattoo is from SoH, Mesh boxers are by Zed i am wearing the PG version :P, go check them out great boxers with a colour hud included, that's all for now have a great Weekend guys >:)

May 3, 2013

New What Next boardwalk bicycle rezzer.

Hello Guys, TGIF What Next just released the new bicycle rezzer, which is ideal to put out on your land or store or any place, there are a couple rezzers included, variating from a low prim version to a higher one, but the highest prim version is still only 18 prims, there are different bike sizes in the rezzer, and Male and Female versions , the Caravan in the back with all the items around it, is the What Next item for The garden event organised by TLC, ok now to our outfits Izzie is wearing the Crys hair from Truth, her blazer is from The Secret store, the jeans by Villena, feather earrings and Owl necklace both by Izzie's, and the Ariane shoes by ingenue, I am wearing the the new Scott baseball Tee from Fatewear, the Kalaheo jeans by JP:Dsg, and the low Cuttlerz shoes from 2Real, my skin is Jonas that Belleza released as Best buy, in my next post I will show this great skin closer, Enjoy guys >:)

May 2, 2013

When I saw her standing there..

Hello guys Izzie is wearing the Chaitra chiffon dress from Zaara, that is to find at the 1 years old celebrating Fameshed event, her hair is Jules from Dela, and the skin and shape is the Fuyu from Izzie's, I am wearing the Vindicated hair from Exile, my skin is the Dylan sk2 by Belleza, and my Corduroy jacket, pants and light blue shirt are all from Hoorenbeek, our eyes are the Ardent eyes by Ikon, the location is Kittens heaven Cafe, Enjoy >:)

May 1, 2013

FATEwear new Tee releases.

Fatewear just released 3 new Tee's to his spring/summer collection, they have 3 wear options, tucked, half tucked, untucked, I am wearing the half tucked Stefon one, the effect is so cool on the Marty pants, which are also from Fatewear, all of their pants will work with the Tees, my hair is the Vindicated hair by Exile, white beige loafer shoes  from Gizza, and the Dylan skin in sunkissed by Belleza Enjoy >:)

I know She got Skillz.

The only sports I ever did in my life was Basketball, not because I was good at it, but with my length it seemed the smartest move, so you would think I should be able to beat my relatively short Girl, WRONG I got beaten bad...

Me and Izzie are both wearing the new Palial hoodies, with the Kalaheo jeans both from JP:dsg, my hair is the new Vindicated hair by Exile, with the Ethan skin from Belleza..

Izzie's hair is the Sophie from Dela, and her skin is the soon to be released Irene skin by Izzie's, my sneakers are the Mael in snow by Notsobad, Izzie wears the the low cuttlerz from 2Real,
Enjoy guys >:)