December 28, 2011

Boom Boom shake the room (and Aliens)

This song stuck in my head, because i went to Boom.
I love the way how the store is setup.
Anywayzzz i got this Space Invaders hood, from the What A Bargain Wednesday event.
And since Space invaders, is one of my favorite games, it was a must get :P
Get it here >> BOOM


December 26, 2011

New @ Sartoria Winter Style *Stone outfit*

Ello :)
After eating way to many food, its time for a new post.
A nice new release from Sartoria
Its released in three different coat colors.
I am showing, the stone black version.
This is all to get >> Sartoria Main.
Its a complete outfit, including: jacket.sweater,hat,gloves,pants,shoes.

The great poses are from  >>Stakey
Well that's all again.

December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays !!

Hello :)
I just want to send the warmest wishes, for you and your family.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone.

Wearing the *Klaus* sweater that is to pick up for free here >> Sartoria mainstore

Enjoy all >:)

December 20, 2011

A Formal post.

Salut !!

I'm always laughing, when i wear formal.
That's because i been kicked out so many clubs, for refusing to wear it.
Because i don't like people telling me, what i can or cant do.
I can appreciate a nice made suit though.
These two are from the great Christmas gift pack 3 by Hoorenbeek.
There is many more in this pack, another grey suit, shirts, shoes, glasses,watch.
Only the brown shirt by the Beige suit, is from Redgrave.

I had to show the shoes, on their own picture, for being so cool.

That's all again.

December 18, 2011

New Akeruka skin *Damien* & SF Design Trench coat.

Hey there.
Today i am showing you, the new male skin Damien, from Akeruka.
I am wearing two different tones, and different facialhair styles.
Taxi to Akeruka >>Akeruka Skins
And the great trench coat from SF Designs
to get here >> SF Designs

Enjoy !!

December 15, 2011

Trenchcoat by Hoorenbeek

Looking outside its the perfect day, to show you guys my new Trenchcoat.
It is From Hoorenbeek, and comes with, different undershirts and turtle necks.
And is to get here >> Hoorenbeek
And for the lazies the market link >> Olive Trenchcoat

That's all folks
Enjoy >:o)

December 14, 2011

Hoorenbeek Corduroy Jacket mesh

I am messing with mesh the last days.
The changing clothes can be an issue, due to LL the loading can get stuck.
I had that several times, but when its on, damn it looks stunning.
Showing the corduroy jacket by Hoorenbeek
More mesh posts to follow the next days.


December 13, 2011

Aitui & Fir @ Collabor88

Hi there,
Since Mesh is now on the regular Phoenix also.
Time to go wear it more. \o/
Some nice goodies from the  Collabor88
The Schofield sweater by Aitui (Mesh)
The Shoes by Fir. (Mesh)
Jeans by NSD


December 12, 2011

New @ Sleepy Eddy

Ellow!!, on this great monday.
Such a lie i hate mondays, but then again who doesn't.
Today the new Fisherman's sweater from >> Sleepy Eddy
Which is great really, high detailed.
For the lazy one's here is the Market link

Wearing it with the buisness shirt off >>Redgrave
Which i love also, so this has to be a great post :P 

Hair is Jeremy 2.0 by Drot

[inserts random You Tube song]
Thats all folks
Have a great day !! 

December 10, 2011

New releases Dura & INDI & Philo.

Ello :)

Today again a new hair release from Dura nr 29 >>Dura
New Tri  Bracelet from Philo, from ''The With Love again'' Hunt >> Philo
New button T's from INDI, there 2 colors, in the groups join gift >> INDI

That's all
Enoy your weekend!!

December 7, 2011

Giordanu New Release.

Showing a new sweater from Gio.
With a draped collar.
Also showing the hat with hair from Dura
Sweater>> Giordanu
Dura b&g 25 >> Dura

Have a good weekend!!

E-clipse New *Urban Parka*

  Allo !!
Another nice release from E-clipse.
The Urban Parka, great made again.
I am starting to becoming a fan off this creator.
The checkered pants are also from E-clipse
All to get here >> E-Clipse @ winter fair 2011

Hair is *boy24* >> Dura

Thats all again.
Enjoy >:)

December 5, 2011

Delirium Style New release *NoName*


This new release from Delirium is called NoName.
But having such a lonely name, i am not leaving it with NoPhotos.
Its a sexy alternative, for all the big winter sweaters out now.

Till next time.
Cheers!!  >:)

New from E-clipse Design,* The Urban Nexus male *


This outfit i saw at the winterfair 2011.
And immediately i went to the main store of E-clipse Design.
What a great stuff Thetra Blackheart creates.
Its definitely worth a visit.
Go here >> E-clipse Design

All clothes items are included in the outfit.

Love the matching shoes.

Pictures taken @ the amazing Treptower Park
Thats all for now.
Enjoy >:)

December 4, 2011

Winter @ D-Style *Lobo*

Today i was wandering around the winter fair.
And ran into a cool winter outift.

Very cool boots also by it
Skin >> Cheerno
Hair >> Truth

Thats all folks !!
Enjoy >:)

December 2, 2011

JP dsg *Navajo* hoodie.


Today i am showing you groupies, the JP Navajo hood.
Its to get in Different colors, AND with different prints.
Which is really cool, i love how the advanced vendor works.
The ribbons can be changed, and so can the shirt under the hood.
Get it here >> [JP] dsg

With my skateboard, just as athletic as irl ,( did i heard some people coughing?)

That's all folks TaTa for now.
And have a fabulous weekend
And a bit credits to my P.A Asia Romano 
Cheers !!