June 30, 2013

Seagull Attack.

Hello everyone happy Sunday,
Izzie and I went for a walk at the beautiful Every Pixel is Art sim, when Izzie got attacked by a flock of seagulls. Helpful me immediately grabbed my phone to took a snapshot of this event. The Seagull Attack pose is by Uncertain Smile and my phone prop is called Signal from Pretense.

Sam wears: 'Joel' hat Truth, skin 'Mathieu' Belleza, Tee Redgrave worn jeans Redgrave, 'Brogues' Ispachi
Izzie wears: Hair 'Vanessa' Burley, Skin/Shape 'Ivana' Izzies, dress 'Regatta' Miel, shoes 'Delphine' Ingenue.

June 29, 2013

New 'Summer Love' couple pose from RACK.

Happy Weekend everyone, RACK poses has released 6 new couple poses.
And the one we are showing is called 'Summer Love" it comes with the flowers that are on the picture.
And it's super cute, love the poses from them.
Sam is wearing: The 'Tom' beach outfit from Redgrave it includes shirt, short, shoes and necklace.
Skin 'Mathieu' Belleza, Hair 'Jon' Truth.
My Izzie is wearing: the 'Irene' skin Izzie's, 'Nautica' dress Miel, 'Charlize' hair Truth, 'Lydia' shoes Ingenue.
Enjoy your Weekend >:)

June 28, 2013

Under the Sea

Hello and happy Friday everyone!
oOo Studio joined the Poser Pavillion this month offering 2 sets of Space- and Underwater couple poses of a very special kind. Both sets include a chalkboard that you have to rez and sit on. You can choose from 3 couple poses via menu and there's also a modifiable, moveable and tintable hand-drawn underwater scene rezzing when you pose on the board.
Sam and I immediately fell in love with the underwater scene so we hopped on the board to take a picture to show you:

Somewhere Under The Sea
I also took a snapshot of the oOo Studio vendors at the Poser Pavillion so you can see what other options are available - the poses are just too cute aren't they?
Sam is wearing the new Phelps Trunks by Fatewear, which come with the new viewer materials option, his hair is Jon by Truth , feet by Ispachi and his Tattoos are by Lord Tattoo and Aitui.
I am wearing the Hilo Bikini by Hucci which is available at Collabor 88, my hair is called Celebrity Skin by Exile and the fins i'm wearing are part of the Divers in City set by Balaclava.
Enjoy ♥

June 27, 2013

Lean on me.

The Liaison Collaborative has a new event Posers pavillion, with all new releases from pose creators.
Picture This made a pose set called 'Take a lean' which is ideal to create natural looking pictures..

I am wearing:
Hair 'Jon' Truth.
Tee 'Thief' Sorgo.
Skin 'Mathieu' Belleza.
Jeans Kalrau new release love these.
Sneakers Sorgo.
Watch 'Liberation' JP designs.
Enjoy guys >:)

June 26, 2013

True Colors

Hi Guys!
I recently discovered a new to me store - Boho Hobo - offering girl's mesh clothes and accessories in such cute prints and bright colors and i fell in love with the Mesh Tube Dress which you can see on the pic below:
True Colors

True Colors
Furthermore I'm wearing the Cascade Cardigan from Belgravia, Prism Backpack from Teefy which you can get at the Arcade Gatcha Festival and the Isis Solar Magic Choker from Maxi Gossamer. My hair is the Kylee Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills and my skin is Izzie's Ivana Skin.
Enjoy ♥

June 25, 2013

Love is Blue.

Hello everyone,
Kauna released more colours of his great 3pc suit, and nice ones for the summer.
I am showing the Sky colour with the white pants, sky shirt, and checkered blue tie..
My hair is 'Jon' by Truth, shoes Ispachi, and the 'Mathieu' skin by Belleza.
Izzie is wearing the 'Ivana' skin & shape in Peach tone by Izzie's, and her 'Abby' dress is from Erratic.
The hair is 'Beth' from Lelutka, and her shoes the 'Patent120' by Leverocci.
Enjoy >:)

June 24, 2013

Rack Poses - Pose Chair

Happy Monday everyone!
Rack Poses released a Pose Chair for girls including 10 sexy built-in static poses. My 3 favorites I show you below...

Rack Poses - Pose Chair

I'm wearing the Maria Intimates Polka lingerie by Ariskea, Sadie hair by Truth, Izzie's Ivana Skin and Slink's mesh hands and feet. In the background you can see the Cobble Hill Bedroom Suite Black by Trompe Loeil available at Fameshed.
Enjoy! ♥

June 23, 2013

In Your Arms.

Happy Sunday guys,
Cheeky Pea released her 'Abbotsford' bed at The Garden event, there is a PG and an Adult version available.
It also makes use of the new material viewing that is released now in the latest V3 viewer.
And loads of great animations, and even the bedding changes when you sit on a pose.

 I am wearing the 'Jon' hair from Truth, Belleza's Mathieu skin, and the 'Jammy' pants from Apple May.
The 'Friendo' bracelet by Miel, and my mesh feet are to find at Ispachi.
My Izzie wears her 'Ivana' skin and shape in the peach tone from Izzie's, and the 'Hearts don't break' hair by Exile.
Her 'Flirty' top and panties are by Drift, and the mesh feet from Slink.
Enjoy >:)  

June 22, 2013

Splish Splash

Happy Saturday everyone!
 Nothing better than spending a hot sunny Saturday relaxing on my Splash Floating Lounger, which is a new release from What Next for the Zodiac event. It comes with tons of cute poses and you can choose from a static and moving version. My animal friends, a Sea Otter Pet from Ohmai @ Summerfest and the Beagle Pup from Zooby's joined me since poor Sam was again sun-struck in bed.

Splish Splash
I'm wearing the Liberta Bikini from Luas Urban Style, the By the Sea Charm Necklace from Yummy and the Friendo Bracelet from Miel. My hair is Josie by Truth, skin is Izzie's Ivana Skin and I'm wearing the new Ascension Eyes in bronze by IKON.
Enjoy! xxx

June 21, 2013

Catch me if you can.

Hello everyone, happy Friday \o/
Last night was the perfect time for a balloon ride, not much lag on the sim, and the balloon rezzed well.
Things were looking very promising for a romantic flight in the sky...
Well not with us, Izzie dropped her bag just the moment when we took off in the air...
Risking my own avi, I jumped after it but fortunately my sweet Izzie grabbed my hand last second and pulled me back in.
(Still not sure if she wanted to secure her creditcards and money or me)
But it's a nice thought she saved me Sam her hero, and light in the darkness ( i know this is tacky hush).
Sam is wearing the new 'Bailey' Tee from Fatewear that makes use of the new Materials in Second Life.
My jeans are the 'Manoa' by JP designs, Hair is Exile, and my sneakers are from Sorgo.
The 'Mathieu' skin is by Belleza, and my watch from Mandala.
Izzie wears her 'Ivana' shape & skin from Izzie's, her 'Nook' hair is by Letlutka, her Anchor necklace is soon to be released by Izzie's, the romper is from Luas and the elephant bag from Tokid.
Have a great Weekend everyone >:)

June 20, 2013

Rack poses new Hope pose for Relay for Life.

Rack Poses & The 11th hour joined forces, for this exclusive 'Hope' pose.
All proceeds of this pose, will be donated 100% to Relay for life charity, and it's only 100 L$.
So support this great cause if you can, it is available at Rack Poses Adult & PG, and at 11th hour's Main..

Izzie wears: Hair 'Nook' Letluka, Skin & shape 'Holly' Izzie's, necklace Amorous, bracelet 'Friendo' Miel, 'Bailey' dress Coldlogic
Sam wears: Hair 'Jon' Truth, Necklace 'Feeling groovy' Earthstones, Tee Sorgo, Jeans 'Kalaheo' JP.
Skin 'Mathieu' Belleza.
Enjoy >:)

June 19, 2013

My shelter from the rain.

Hello Peeps,
Time for a formal post after all the beach fun. My 'J Dean' outfit is from Mohna Lisa.
It is so stylish and classic, all is included the jacket, pants, shoes and even a cigarette.
You can find this suit here Mohna Lisa mainstore, skin Mathieu from Belleza, and my hair is Jon from Troof..

Izzie wears her double slitted dress from Paperbag, the Ivana skin from Izzie's and Troofs Candy hair.
And her cute shoes are from Ingenue.
Till next time >:)

June 18, 2013

TLC's The Garden (Sandbeach Theme)

Hello guys!
I'm filling in for Sam today since he is still a bit sun-struck from yesterday's Summerfest post. While he was recovering, I had a look at TLC's The Garden Event and made some awesome finds that I'm going to show you now.
Ready for Summer II
The cute Sea Otters by Anya Ohmai (available at Summerfest) entertained me well while chilling on the Arden Beach Lounger from Mudhoney. They especially enjoyed the Wine on the beach and Beach magazines by 22769, was fun to watch their heads spinning trying to solve the difficult crossword puzzle. 
The Sunshade, Life Guard Seat, Beach Changer, Roofed Wicker Beach Chair and Beach Radio are also from 22769. The ball and basket are part of the Essex Beach Blanket by Pixel Mode
Everything mentioned above is available at The Garden running until July 10th. 
The seagull watching us is from Tomato Park, I got them from their Marketplace store.
I'm wearing the new Bali Bikini from JinXtimacyIzzie's Ivana Skin in peach, which is available at my mainstore now, the new Colbie hair by Truth, mesh hands and feet are by Slink.
Have a good day everyone and happy shopping >:)

June 17, 2013

Summerfest and The Garden event have kicked off.

The Summerfest And The Garden Event are open.
Going to divide both events in Two posts, there are to many cool things to show..
First our outfits, i am wearing 2 new releases from Fatewear, the Moran shirt with the Mark Trunks.
My hair is a long expected new male hair release from Truth named Jon, skin is Mathieu by Belleza.
Izzie is wearing the Irene skin and shape from Izzie's, Tawny hair from Truth the Skirt and bralet are both from Teefy released at the Summerfest event. Her Tiare is by Boom, and the Baia glasses from Tabloid.
The big Dunneh sand monster is from Mishmish, and so is the beware sign.
The Lifeguard chair which has great poses is from Kari, the otters are by Ohmai, sandcastle is from Boogers.
All these items are from the Summerfest event.
The beach nook i am sitting on, is to get in PG or Adult version, and is one of my favourite items.
I even rezzed one on my rooftop in the sky, so its multifunctional in use :P.
It's created by River Stromfield from The Eleventh hour, for The Garden event.
Well think i covered everything now, enjoy your Day or Night everyone and till next time >:)

June 16, 2013

I'm with you.

Hello guys, happy Father's Day to all fathers out there!
There are great new jeans released from Kal Rau, i love the textures and the belt and boxers.
Go check them all out here on the Marketplace or at Kal's mainstore. The long sleeved T i am wearing is also from Kal Rau, and my skin is 'Mathieu' by Belleza.

My Izzie wears the new 'Siobhian' hair from Truth and Villena's tucked up jeans. You will find the 'Leopard' cut out tee from Tulip and shoes from Ingenue at the Summerfest. Her skin and shape are the 'Irene' from Izzie's in peach tone.
Pose by Purple Poses
Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

June 14, 2013

Ice Ice baby,

All right stop!!
Collaborate and listen
Ice is back with my brand new invention...
Hello guys, yeah I had an 80ties flashback, the title is one of my favorite songs from then, how wrong this will sound also. Today we bring you the new 'Sandbridge' ice cream cart from What Next.
These will be released at The Garden Event , it gives all sorts of ice creams.
The otters in the picture are from Ohmai and they will released at the Summerfest Event.
This are the carry around versions, but they also come as avi with including hud.
I will have to show the otter avi's some other time they are so cute.
Both events will start tomorrow.
My 'Simon' jacket is a new release from Fatewear, and so are my 'Nick' pants. The hood can be worn up or down. love these new sporty releases from this store, and my skin is Mathieu from Belleza.
My cute ice cream girl, wears the 'Holly' skin from Izzie's, the 'Lua's' shirt by the Secret store, and Dela's 'Eloise' hair, her feet and hands are both from Slink.
Have a great Weekend everyone and remember stay cool >;) 

June 11, 2013

The Getaway.

Hello Guys,
Trompe Loeil released this rustic cabin at Collabor88 for only 288Ls, love the style and textures .
Mesh makes houses look so awesome really. My blazer, shirt and tie are from the new 3pc suits from Kauna, and my black jeans is a new release by Kauna as well. They go great with the 3pc releases.
Skin is the Mathieu from Belleza, and my hair is still by Exile, I have it on forever I know but love it.
The car is the Po Ca by Haru motors..

Enjoy your Day everyone, and till next time >:)

June 10, 2013

Just hold Me.

Hello everyone,
Aitui just released the new 'Iceland' coats. The shirt and tie are included, and there are three colours.
My skin is the Mathieu best buys skin from Belleza, hair by Exile, the 'houndstooth' grey pants, and black brogue shoes are both from Kauna.
My Izzie is wearing the 'Angie' dress from Valentina E, that is to get at the Fameshed event.
Her 'Delta' hair is from Truth, the 'Asia' skin by Izzie's and the ring and earrings are both from Yummy.
The pose is the new '254' pose from Purple Poses.
Enjoy! and till next time >:)

June 9, 2013

Collabor88 goes 90's.

Happy Sunday guys,
We had so much fun with the June cycle of Collabor88 in the 90's theme.
Really tempted to keep our place looking like this, it's instant a good mood looking at it..
june Collabor
Everything showing in the picture is to find at Collabor88 including the skybox, except for the Floorplan table, and the record player from What next.
Since we were dancing setting the scene up, we thought might as well shoot a video
and show off the new Mocap couple hud from Vista Animations, that is a must see, it has dances, scenes, funny couple animations, and all works without using poseballs. Ok time to make our pixels move now...

Sam is wearing the Rebellion outfit from Ispachi, it includes double T's and jeans, and loads of texture options. My Brogue shoes are also from Ispachi, and the Pixel pets hanging at my pants from Intrigue, also to find at Collabor, and so are my Flip up shades from Yummy.
My cute Izzie is wearing the Irene skin from Izzie's, the new Troof hair Candy, Teefy's basic knot shirt, and the high waist denim shorts from Emery. Her shoes are the Lydia by Ingenue.
Enjoy >:) and till next time.

June 7, 2013

Skin releases by Izzie's and Belleza best buy's Mathieu.

Ello people happy friday,
I want to start today showing off my pretty girl, I love her new skin so much.
Might be biased I know lol, but judge yourself..

Izzie is wearing the 'Ivana' skin with freckles and moles in the peach tone by Izzie's -
it is new released at the Numberology event.
Hair 'Jolie' from Lelutka, the 'Tini kini 2' by Drift, and Izzie's Oversized Sunglasses.
Ok time for Sam now he has a new skin, it's the Belleza's best buy Mathieu.
Keep in mind this skin will be on sale only this weekend!
I really tried to go naked this time on the picture, but i am to shy found a good fix though...

Izzie loved my Quack so much she couldn't stop looking at it.
The Quacks you can find at the Gacha arcade event and they are from Sway's.
Enjoy your Weekends and till next time >:)

June 6, 2013

The Mens Dept June releases.

Hello guys (and girls)!
The Mens Dept is not only a place for all your fashion needs, but also has each month deco releases.
Showing the 2 swinger chairs 'wings'' from Kusshon (9 animations included) with side table, a mobile phone, magazine and plant bowl. In the right corner against the wall is the 'Credenza' bar set by Mudhoney. Everything on the bar is included and also the artwork on the wall. The plank map on the wall behind me is from Floor Plan and includes several versions. My Denim shirt with studs is from Villena.
All these items you can find at The Mens Dept.
The jeans I am wearing are the Ispachi's 'Renwicks', and my 'Walker' boots are to find at Redgrave.
Izzie's credits are, Skin & shape 'Ivana' New release from Izzie's at the Numberology event.
Truth's 'Hollana' hair, Collared shirt from Mon Tissu, 'Annie' pencil skirt by The Secret Store.
Black sheer tights by Izzie's, which can be worn with Slink's Avatar Enhancement feet. I can't credit our Puz anymore, she is claiming her privacy rights, she watches too much Dr Phil lately really. That's all for now guys till next time >:)

June 5, 2013

Chased by the Darkness.

Hair 'Vindicated' Exile.
Sunglasses 'Domino' Kumaki.
Skin 'Eric' Belleza.
Neckerchief Ilo.
Watch 'Sitennoah' Mandala.
Casual longsleeve 'Skull' Kal Rau.
Jeans 'Renwick' Ispachi.
Boots 'Walker' Redgrave.
 Poses by Agapee.

June 4, 2013

Drink Paco Cola.

The Mens Dept will open tomorrow, and my friend Paco from 22769 made this vintage soda machine. It comes with 8 animated funny poses (not shown on the pics) and is great detailed and textured.
Sam is wearing the new casual long sleeves sweater by Kal Rau, the 'Kalaheo' jeans by JP in Red.
The sneakers are the 'Mael' sneakers from Notsobad, the skin is 'Jeremy' from Fruk in shade 4.
Ok time for my cute Izzie now, she wears her own new 'Ivana' skin and shape
that are released at the Numberology event, her 'Celebrity' hair is from Exile.
Her jeans are the same as mine, only in the girls version and to get at JP.
 The cute 'Awkward' Tee is from Erratic and her shoes Entente's 'Rayon' sneakers available @ this round of Fameshed.
Enjoy Paco Cola and till next time >:)

June 3, 2013

Kiss me slowly.

Hello guys,
River Stromfield just released the 'Citizens' cabinets, and since there is also a Dutch one i had to blog it.
I love the effect he did on the textures, gives it an old touch. The cabinets can be found at his shop
The Eleventh Hour. My cute girl is wearing Truth's 'Delta' hair, the new 'Ivana' skin by Izzie's, that is currently to find at the Numberology event. Her 'Duality' dress is from Sassy, also to find at Numberology, and the 'Marilyn' sandals from Gos. I am wearing the new '3pc' shirt in orange from Kauna, and my 'Vins' pants are a new release by Paradise kiss. The owl frame is from Miab, and our stalker cat you can pick up at Zooby's.
Enjoy your Day/Night and till next time.

Mondays should be made illegal.

Hello Guys, 
Monkey house first release is a double T in 4 versions great summer tees.
The skin i am wearing is 'Jeremy' by Fruk in shade 4, hair is the 'Vindicated' from Exile. And my jeans are the JP Designs 'Manoah', combined with the 'Mael' sneakers from Notsobad,
Hope everyone has a great start of the Week, till next time >:)

June 2, 2013

Aye aye Captain.

Hello guys, i hope you're all having a great Sunday so far.
The Numberology event has kicked off, and my Izzie released her new 'Ivana' skin there.
The 'Safeguard' necklace i am wearing is from by Fruk, also from the Numberology event.
It's a great detailed anchor necklace - and for a bargain price! The couple pose is from Purple Poses, also to find at Numberology. My 'Halcyon' white tee is from Fruk. The 'Kalaheo' jeans and 'Liberation' watch are both to get at JP Designs
My baseball hat is from Hoorenbeek..

Captain Izzie took the wheel after one sailing lession, but how can you resist such a cute sailor really...

She is wearing the new 'Charlize' hair from Truth, the Mon Tissu Tulip Shorts.
The Striped Pocket Top from Emery, and the cute little heart necklace and earrings from Maxi Gossamer, are all from the Fameshed event.
 Enjoy your day everyone -  till next time >:)