August 31, 2012

New Kauna Shirts & Ties.

Ello Guys!!
Kauna released 11 New shirts and a New Tie pack.
Can use them with the 2pc suit, or as standalone shirt, and there buttoned and unbuttoned shirts included.
Also there are hidden vendors in the store, with special prices.
Can't find them? give me a shout inworld, but i suggest u all join the group, Ross is a suprise fan.
Quick cab - Kauna Mainstore.
Enjoy your weekend!!

The 2pc Grey suit is also a new release, and the shoes are from Kauna as well.

August 29, 2012

News from Gizza & ShadZ.

Gizza just released 4 New bermudas, and 10 New shirts.
They are none mesh, but so well made they can easy compete with mesh versions.
Also ShadZ has allot of new glasses out, and started a VIP group, with a weekly gift.
All Credits:
Shirts & Bermudas - Gizza.
Sunglasses - ShadZ.
Heartbreaker hair - Epoque.
Supreme sneakers - [JP]:dsg.

Enjoy >:)

August 28, 2012

New from Harbor Apparel Chukka shoes.

Nice New release from Harbor.
The Chukka shoes, they are released in different colours, and with leather details.
And comparing to the shoe prices in SL, these are really affordable i am showing 2 styles in the pics.

Brown plaid blazer - Kal Rau.
Khaki Legit pants - Epicosity.
Hair 34 - Dura.

August 27, 2012

New from Kauna, the 2pc suit in Grey.

Yay my favourite suit in grey, and that rhymed, sharp for a Monday really.
It has allot of options, 2 Colour button options for the jacket, jack trim colour choice with a hud.
Trousers with Two types of belts, and a buttoned and unbuttoned shirt, and of course the grey tie
I love this suit and its fabulous in grey really.

Brogue Black & White - Kauna.
Tidal hair - Exile.

Enjoy >:)

August 26, 2012

Mr Neat.

Dressing shirt & Tie - Hoorenbeek.
Casual Slate Chino pants - Epicosity.
Hair 37 - Dura.
Cyra glasses - Kumaki.
Eden Watch - Chronokit.
Supreme sneakers - [JP]:Dsg.

Enjoy >:)

August 25, 2012

New from Pumpkin Tweed Coats.

Ello Guys.
OMG i love these New coats from Pumpkin.
So happy Summer is over and the autumn stuff is entering the stores.
Yeah i know i am weird, i prefer autumn above Summer.
The coat has a little hud to pick a scarf Colour, their are Six to choose from.
Quick cab to the store - Pumpkin.
Poses by Del May.
Enjoy >:)

New Supreme sneakers from [JP]:dsg.

Ello Guys.
Supreme unisex sneaker release from [JP]:dsg.
Great details on them and everything is colour change, with a hud.
So can do any colour pattern you like.
Hood & Shorts by [JP]:dsg.
Taxi - [JP]:dsg.
1,2 step pose by Stakey.

August 24, 2012

Epicosity New Casual blazers & Casual Chino's.

New releases from Epicosity.
The Casual chino's with the matching casual blazers.
And its a good picked name, because they look really casual and cool.
The blazer can be worn with or without the including shirt, that also has 15 Colours to pick from by the hud.
I love how the tones of all colours match with each other, so its great to mix them all.

Enjoy your weekend >:)

August 19, 2012

Hoorenbeek New Brooklyn leather jackets.

Hello Guys :)
Hoorenbeek released great new Brooklyn leather jackets.
They have a closed version, open version, and have 4 Tees included.
And i also got the Dr H boots in the UK version, they totally rock really lol.
Poses by CnS (wallposes)
Brooklyn leather jacket & Dr H, UK boots - Hoorenbeek.
Mesh washed jeans Paul - J.H Couture.
Enjoy >:)

New Male shop FATEwear opening soon!

Hello Guys!
A must get today, Damien Fate the guy behind Coldlogic, is now comming with a store for Males.
The sim is still under construction, but the subscriber board is out, and this outfit is the gift.
Great quality mesh outfit, with really fine details on it.
Taxi - FATEwear.
Enjoy you'r Sunday >:)

August 18, 2012

New Dura & Villena.

Ello guys!
A nice new hair today from Dura.
It's from the boys & girls section so its unisex.
The jacket i am wearing is from Villena, and that has also a girl version included.
So this is a girl friendly post really :P 
Hair Boys & Girls 34 - Dura.
Slate Blue abstract jacket - Villena @ The Mens Dept. (only 120ls for 2 colours)
Grunge jeans - L&B.
Enjoy the rest of your Weekend!

August 16, 2012

Being close to the sea, brings me back to me.

Hello Guys :)
Next week i am gonna take a short Summer break, to a little house close by the sea.
I love to be near it, or sailing on it with a boat.
I hope the weather gods help me out though, you never know that in this Country.
But i like it also with bad weather.
And this outfit from Gizza would have been perfect for it.
See you next time :)
Red Nautical suit includes shorts,Tee, shoes - Gizza.

August 15, 2012

Return of the Nerd Jedi.

Good Day :)
HISpose released a great prop, a Lightsaber cigarette lighter.
And it was a groupsgift so run there if its still to get.
HISaber lighter  - HISpose.
Trench coat - Epicosity.
Chino Short - Epicosity.
Mens hair 37 - Dura.
Dream Scene space cave - Garden of Dreams.
Enjoy >:)

August 14, 2012

New Track pants from Etam.

Ello guys!
Great new release from Etam. 
Track pants, you can wear them in 4 different styles, long version, rolled up one leg, or rolled up both legs.
And the stripes, cuffs, beads, grommets, are to change with the including hud.
Taxi to the market - Etam.

Other Creds:
Sea trinket necklace - Yummy.
Friendo bracelet - Miel.
Surfboard poses - oOo Studio.
Enjoy >:)

August 13, 2012

Gizza The Tuxedo Series.

Ello Guys.
More formal greatness from Gizza.
4 New tuxes, and complet suits shoes are included also.
And they look very slick.
Enjoy >:)

August 11, 2012

Guitar Man Sam.

HISguitar prop - HISpose.
2pc suit & black shirt and Tie - Kauna @ Fameshed.
Brogue shoes - Kauna Main.
Dream scene - Garden of Dreams.
Enjoy your Sunday >:)

Dude looks like a Lady.

Hair Dura 33 Boys & Girls - Dura.
Leather Jacket & T - Epicosity @ Fameshed.
Legit Pants - Epicosity.
Scene - Garden of Dreams.
Enjoy >:)

August 10, 2012

Zen time.

The scene that i am in, is a Tibetan temple, with Tai Chi poses.
And is one of the great Dream scenes from Garden of Dreams.
And also my favorite item in SL, there are allot scenes to get.

Heartbreaker hair - Epoque
Basic shirt & Polo - Kal Rau.
Chino pants - Ispachi.
Have a great weekend >:)

August 8, 2012


Research Bear Varsity jacket - Havok @ The mens Dept.
S'wear mesh Jeans - L&B
Pure sneakers - 2Real.
Poses HISfence - HISpose.

August 7, 2012

New From Ispachi The Relax shirt & T.

This New mesh Relax shirt, is goin to be released at the Fashion Voodoo event.
This events starts August 10th till August 30th, after that its going to be in their main store.
There are 8 Colours to choose from, and each one has 12 T prints included, controlled by a hud.
I am going to show a couple of versions.
Taxi - Fashion Voodoo event. (opens 30 Augusts)
Chino pants - Ispachi.
Mesh hair Dean - Wasabi pills.

August 6, 2012

New by Gizza Nautical suits.

Ello guys!
Gizza released these great Nautical outfits, love love them lol
They are released in Blue and Red, and come with shorts, loose T, and shoes.
I am gonna show the Red one another time.
Enjoy >:)

August 4, 2012

New Kal Rau basic Shirt & Polo.

Awesome release from Kal, Shirt comes with a hud with 30 included versions.
And also a tintable polo under it, with an easy hud, a must have this one.
I am showing some prints, wearing the Polo & Tee, can also wear the Tee alone.
Lazy Marketlink - Kal Rau on the marketplace.
And one to the main - Kal Rau Mainstore.

More suits from Epicosity, for Vintage Fair 2012.

As promised today the new released Blue suit from Epicosity.
Showing it with the included turtleneck, but there is also a shirt with bow tie.
See my post from yesterday for that one, can change the Colour of the turtleneck & hanky.
Enjoy >:)

August 3, 2012

New Epicosity Suits for Vintage Fair.

Epicosity has great releases for the Vintage Fair, which is starting tommorow.
3 Colours to choose from, and with or without pinstripe.
They also have a Colour change shirt included,Turtle neck, Bowtie and a hanky,
The Bowtie and hanky can be Colour changed also, I am showing the Grey pinstripe.
But going to blog the others also soon.
Taxi to Vintage fair remember starts tommorow - Vintage Fair 2012.
And one to - Epicosity main.

New from Epicosity, Leather Jackets for Fameshed.

Ello guys.
Epicosity released these great old school leather jackets, for Fameshed.
They come with a Tee under, that can be changed with a menu, several different prints included.
Showing 2 Colours Black and Blue, but there is also Brown, and Red.
Exclusive released for this event.
Taxi - Fameshed.
Have a great Weekend >:)

The Legit pants are to get in the mainstore - Epicosity Mainstore

August 2, 2012

Kauna New shirts released, for the 2pc Suit.

Great add on for the 2pc suit.
4 new Colours shirts, the shirts are to get in the Kauna Mainstore.
The suit, ties, and a Black shirt at Fameshed.
Special hidden sale on all 4 shirts for subcribo's, in the mainstore.
IM me in world for details :P
The Matrix pose prop is from Bent and to get here - Fluid.

August 1, 2012

New from JLB Pinstripe blazers.

New blazers released in 4 Colours.
And also showing the new Mesh jeans, which are great, and both items for very affordable prices.
JLB Blue pinstripe blazer - JLB Apparel.
Light washed denim jeans - JLB Apparel.
Grafica Tee - Aitui.
Sneakers - Hoorenbeek.