February 29, 2012

New from Dutchie, The Biedermeier Mesh Livingroom set.

Second Life isn't played in Holland on a big scale.
So its nice one of the best furniture designers is Dutch(ie).
I am showing Froukje's latest release The Biedermeier Mesh livingroom set.
Let me give you some specs of the set.
The Biedermeier livingroom set is a mesh set with beautiful custom textures and baked shadows, filled with smooth, realistic long animations, with 7 colors fabric, with great attention to details yet low prim. 
The whole set consists of 5 parts: sofa, 2 chairs, table and cupboard. Together, the prim equivelent is only 31 prims. With the set come 2 gifts, the vase and newspaper.
The sofa comes in 2 versions, pg and adult. 
It also has build in props, drinking wine, a laptop, newspaper, coffee.
Go see it inworld and check out this great set
Taxi to Dutchie > Dutchie Furniture.


February 28, 2012

New Kal Rau Mesh leather jackets

Just released by Kal rau
Mesh leather jackets, in 4 colours Black, Brown, Violet and Green.
And with Six Tshirt options.
Get the Demo here > Kal's mesh leather jacket demo
The price is 380Ls a Colour, but only 1100 for all 4 jackets.
I am showing all colours from the fullpack > Kal Rau Fullpack jackets.
Or go check them out at the mainstore Kal Rau Mainstore


February 26, 2012

New Mesh formal outfit, from Hoorenbeek.

This mesh formal outfit by Hoorenbeek, is the best i have seen so far.
Its awesome made and so complete, every item i am wearing is included, it also have sunglasses by it.
And this all for 960ls, which is a bargain really.
Link to the Market > Hoorenbeek, Formal mesh outfit 01
Or get it at the Mainstore > Hoorenbeek main.

If you wanna see the Mesh collection from Hoorenbeek,
They also have a spot at the Mix + Mesh spring fair Mix + Mesh spring fashion fair 2012

February 25, 2012

52 Weeks of Colour challenge * Dandelion *

Today was the first nice springish day here.
So i decided this is not a day, to go insane finding clothes in the right Colour.
There is always the good ole Tie \o/.
Tie and shirt by Baiastice
Pants by Redgrave
Have a good rest of the weekend, and till next week :)

February 24, 2012

February 19, 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge Dark Rasberry

Aloha :)
Was a heavy search again, to find the right Colour.
But that's the challenge, of it also i guess lol
It worked out nice in the end though.
Don't even wanna think, of next week colour.
Mesh hoodie by Insanya
Jeans by Artilleri
Shoes by UBU
See you all next week :)

February 18, 2012

New from Egoisme / Evian *Kerim* /BML

New Skin release from Evian.
An Arabian type skin, i am showing the pale version.
Its a great skin, with good details.
Taxi to Egoisme > Egoisme Main

The shirt i am wearing is from Black Label Meshwear 
And they are on sale for 60ls atm, in 24 Colours.
Get them here > BLM

Exile New, Treasure hunter (Indy hat)

The Festival of Sin is opening today.
Check their website for info Festival of Sin Homepage
For this event, Exile created an awesome new hat with hair.
Its like the Indiana Jones model, and can be combine with lots of outfits.
It has 8 Colours in , that are all nice.
To get at the Festival of Sin, or their mainstore here Exile Main
 The Tee's i used are from Giordanu.
Jackets by Aoharu And NSD
Have a great Weekend!

February 16, 2012

J.H.Couture New Paul Mesh Jeans & sweater.

Bringing you today New mesh jeans and sweaters.
Finally we guys get more and more cool mesh.
The jeans and sweaters are to get in several Colours, i am showing a couple of versions.
Taxi to the store J.H Couture Mainstore

February 14, 2012

Kal Rau New Plaid M2 Mesh shirts.

Allot of awesome new releases this week.
Today the new M2 Plaid shirts from Kal.
They come in Six Colours.
Try for yourself and get the demo here, M2 Kal Rau Mesh shirt Demo
Inworld Taxi Kal Rau mainstore

February 13, 2012

J.H Couture NEW Dolce Mesh Suits.

Totally love the new Mesh suits from J.H Couture.
They are so high textured, go check out the demo, you can get a good impression then
I am showing different versions of the Black suit.
Also got a grey suit i will blog some other time.
Taxi to the store J.H Couture Men's world
And on the Marketplace J.H Couture Marketplace link.

February 12, 2012

Back to Black Akeruka New skin.

Today i went to the Back to Black event held at the Chic sim.
This event is held to raise, the awareness about mental health.
It covers a wide range, of mental health issues.
With allot of information, put in between the designers creations.
Big compliments for the management, who made this happen.
In my case i am dealing with a Neurological disease, that effects my daily life pretty big.
So i recognized allot of the issues brought up, while i was there.
The Skin i am wearing is from AKERUKA, and is special made for the Back to Black event.
And the Photo box i used is from Sparrowtree, which is also to get at the event.
And its titled ''Throw me a rope'' what was for me, the perfect setting, to do by this post.
You can find the Black to back event here Chic Sim
And more in formation on their website here Chic Website

February 11, 2012

52 Weeks of Color challenge Folly.

This was the most difficult one so far, i checked the most wildest shops i knew.
And ended up with zip, so went nagging in the 52 Weeks group.
And then the owner of Bounce, was sending out the notice for the girls.
So i asked cant u make a tank in that color, she said yes, but its has Barbie on then lol.
At that point i was so desperate, i would have worn a Tarzan thong really.
So she was so nice to send the barbie tank, and a bit later a Ken one.
So i could close this week up, with a nice ken post.
You can get your own copy here >>Bounce

February 10, 2012

Kal Rau Blazer collection.

I want to share with you guys, the Kal Rau blazer collection.
They have such a nice Colors, and its a great deal, because it comes with all 3 colors included.
The hair is from Exile, which is my favo hairshop and model atm.
Links to:

Cheers, and have a great Weekend!!

February 8, 2012

Egoisme Prestige gift & Kal Rau Black mesh jeans.

Today showing the gift, from the Egoisme Prestige group.
And the New Black Mesh jeans from Kal Rau 
The Prestige group, has a one time fee of 300ls.
But as a member you get 25% discount on new items, and great gifts
This time it was the Evian Valentine heart tattoo.
And also Hello Kitty shorts, who doesn't want those really.
Ok here are the ride's

Enjoy !!

February 4, 2012

NEW Kal Rau White Cargo Mesh & Black V neck Mesh.

Kal Rau is taking the lead in Mesh clothes for males.
Another great release came.
The White Cargo and wearing it, with the new Black V neck, which is also Mesh.
Get them both here > Kal Rau Main.
Or at the Marketplace here > Cargo Mesh Marketplace.



The new Egoisme/ Evian release Noah.

Beautiful skin with very high details.
It is included with Vivid tone, that allows to change the tone yourself, without losing the details on the skin.
Make sure to check out the special skin packs also, 
The base skinpack including 6 skins, is to buy for 900ls.
Taxi to Main store > EGOISME Main.
I am showing 2 tone's pale and Medium, and the Noah shape.

Enjoy !!

52 Weeks of Color challenge Six, Alice Blue.

First of all this Color name sounds like a cheap porn movie.
But that could be my sick mind i guess.
Since we have allot of cold and snow here, i decided to do a Spring kinda look.
And my loyal dog Katie wanted to join in, Tried to make her wear blue.
But girls dont listen to me, even if their dogs.
And i know because i got the same kind irl .
Ok enough rambling time for the Picture.

Hair Jackson >Exile
Glasses >HoorenBeek
Sweater by Wavie Haller
Jeans > Indi
Necklace Peace >EarthStones
Bracelet > EarthStones
Till next week, for more Color fun.

February 3, 2012

New Unisex Fur coats by Egoisme.

Don't you just love SL, wearing fur without killing not even a hamster.
The New released Fur jackets, by Egoisme are just fab.
Great textures no editing needed, it was just wear, and feel like a pimp.
I am showing 3 Colours including Beaver, so that was a beavershot
Men those Friday's make me lame.
Taxi to the Egoisme Mainstore > Egoisme MainStore.

Have a great Weekend!!

February 2, 2012

HOC new Mesh unisex sneakers & Aoharu.

Its not easy finding good quality shoes on SL, for the guys.
There are a couple of exeptions though, HOC is one of them.
These Mesh unisex sneakers come with a hud, and there to change in 10 textures.
Also the laces and lines can be changed, with a really fast hud.
And the price is a steal really 175ls.
Get them here >HOC Mainstore
Or on the Market here > HOC Suede Sneakers unisex.
The Leather Riders blouson and Turtleneck are from Aoharu
Enough text now lol, time for pictures.