February 28, 2013

FATEwear new release 'Harrison' shirts.

FATEwear released Two new items yesterday, and I will kick of with the 'Harrison' shirts.
Great shirt it has such a great fit and shape, and the fatepack includes the new Hud, that makes it possible to texture the parts with different Colours.
Market place link - Harrison shirt FATEpack.
And one to the FATEwear mainstore.

Hair Rhett - Quandary.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Renwick jeans - Ispachi.
Holbrookz shoes - 2Real.
Poses by Del May.

February 27, 2013

Kauna new safety glasses for Fameshed.

Kauna will participate in the next round of Fameshed, with these cool Safety glasses.
There is a hud included that can change all parts in numerous Colours..

Safety glasses - Kauna released at Fameshed tomorrow.
Hair 33 - Dura.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Jeans jacket & shirt - Sey.
Casual jeans & belt - Kal Rau.
Nemesis bike - Sau.

February 26, 2013

Epicosity casual suit for the Lavender Hill hunt.

Epicosity is in the Lavender hill hunt, with the casual suit as hunt prize.
All info about the hunt is to find, by the door of the Epicosity store.
In a cool lavender tone, also I want to point out my hair, Quandary released the full Colour line of the Rhett.
I am wearing Ginger tones, just because we gingers rock.

Hair Rhett in ginger tones - Quandary.
Casual suit - Epicosity for the Lavender hill hunt.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Shoes - Hoorenbeek.

February 24, 2013

Ispachi New Men's mesh natural feet.

Awesome release coming this Week from Ispachi.
Male mesh feet in various sizes for various body types, skin and nail texture control.
And the coolest thing really, tattoos that can be selected with the hud for both feet.
I love the realistic manly look of them, really the best feet for males on SL.
They will be released on February the 27th, in all Ispachi stores.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Hair Rhett - Quandary.
Friendo bracelet - Miel.

February 23, 2013

Apple May & What Next releases.

Apple may released nice cargo capris, for Boys and girls and they come in 4 Colours.
The chair I am sitting on is from What Next, for the Arcade gacha event that will start the first of March.
It's a special chair because you wear it, and that means you can sit anywhere with it.
The lanterns from What Next are going to be the Lazy Sunday items.

Hair Rhett - Quandary.
Quinton glasses - Ison.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Casual camo T - Kal Rau new.
Capris - Apple May design new.
Shoes Hollbrooks - 2Real.
Sit anywhere chair & fabrik lanterns - What Next.
Location It all starts with a smile.

February 22, 2013

New Kal Rau casual T's.

Nice release from Kal Rau for spring and summer, love the fit and look of these shirts.
They fit great with the just released casual jeans also from kal.
There are loads of types and Colours so I add the market link, they are all shown there.
And a ride to the mainstore - Kal Rau main.

Rhett hair - Quandary.
Ethan skin sk1 - Belleza.
Casual jeans - Kal Rau new.
Holbrookz shoes - 2real new.
Location It all starts with a smile (open for public now)

February 17, 2013

It all starts with a smile.

Hello guys
Great new release from Villena today, new coats with scarf's, and with a hud to change the scarf's colour.
The location I am is the 'It all starts with a smile' sim from Kaelyn Alecto
That will opens to public at the 20th, it's a sim dedicated to photographers in SL.
And it turned out great, all nice spots to take pictures or just to relax.

 Hair Rhett - Quandary (last Day introduction price)
Quinton glasses - Ison.
Coat navy - Villena. New.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Renwick jeans - Ispachi.
Low Cuttlerz shoes - 2Real.

February 16, 2013

New Kal Rau casual jeans.

New Kal Rau casual jeans,
with changeable belt buckets, belt textures, and unlimited colours to mix it all.
Marketlink - Kal Rau casual jeans.

Revolver hair - Exile.
Dylan skin sk2 Belleza.
Faded Black Tee - Guarded Cross.
Mael sneakers - Notsobad.
Poses by Diesel Works.

New Aitui releases.

Aitui released the new Frontline jackets & the Tokyo low sag pants.
Good to see Jesse is back with new releases, this store is been a favourite of mine for years.
All credits from my lovely girl Asia, are to find here Brb-Gone Shopping.
Hair 33 - Dura.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Frontline Grey bullet jacket - Aitui.
Tokyo low sag pants - Aitui.
Mael sneakers - Notsobad.

Lazy Sunday with What Next.

Hello guys hope you all have a great Weekend so far.
What next will have these Cornwall daisies planters for Lazy Sunday.
Really detailed and will bring you in a good spring vibe..

Cornwall daisies planters - What Next (Lazy Sunday).
Rhett hair - Quandary.
Ethan skin sk1 - Belleza.
Retro shirt - Kal Rau.
Renwick jeans - Ispachi.
Location is the just finished beautiful Izzies sim.

February 14, 2013

FATEwear new 'Lando' coat & Sneak preview Quandary New hair store.

Hello Guys.
Quandary will open their doors soon, and as preview the Rhett male hair is released at the Epicosity store.
For a special introduction price, mesh hair and a great model, FATEwear released the 'Landon' coat,
The textures of this coat have a cool weathered look, and finally my new sneakers, are a new release
From JP:Dsg the 'Varial' sneakers..

February 12, 2013

New Gabriel releases.

Love the new releases from Gabriel, the double leather jackets, and the mesh boots with pants.
Each jacket comes with sweater and scarf, and they have 3 ways to wear it all.
So allot of dress options with these, each Colour of the jackets has 9 sweater colours and 9 scarf colours.
 there are 4 different jacket colours, and 10 different pants to choose from which include boots.
This is all to find here - Gabriel Main store.

Hair 36 - Dura.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.

New Pea coat by Sleepy Eddy.

Great stuff this round again at the Mens dept, this coat from Sleepy Eddy has such a great textures.
Really bright and comfy looking, the turtle neck is to buy as add on by the coat.

Grey Pea coat & Turtle neck - Sleepy Eddy @ The Men's Dept.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Dean hair - Wasabi pills.
Quinton glasses - Ison.
Renwick jeans - Ispachi.
Fabrik shoes - Shi.
Gabriel poses by Diesel.

February 10, 2013

To infinity and beyond.

Like all nerds I love stars, and everything floating around in the universe,
so the Kepler telescope from Lisp for Collabor is just ♥
It can be changed in 3 textures, 2 more antique colours and the black silver I am using.
Miss Oink is my model today showing of the kaleido glasses from Intrigue Co, that have spinning textures.
The outfit I am wearing is a new release from Apple May..

Telescope set - Lisp Collabor88.
Kaleido glasses Miss Oink - Intrigue Co Collabor88.
Gray Harvard top & Preppy slate pants - Apple May designs.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Quinton Glasses - Ison.
Eden watch - Chronokit.
Fabrik lace up shoes - Shi.
The house is the picturesque cottage from Laq.

February 9, 2013

Iame mesh bedroom for Collabor88 & Legal Insanity newness.

Good Weekend guys, a New round of Collabor88 is here, featuring in this post is the 'Kyle's' bedroom from  Iame, the bed frame and comforter are texture change, and there is a PG and Adult version.
All furniture and decoration shown is from this set, and all to buy as set or separate.
Sam is wearing the new hoodie and joggers pants from Legal Insanity.

Kyle's bedroom by Iame - Collabor88.
Liam hoodie and Liam joggers pants - Legal Insanity.
Dean hair - Wasabi Pills.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.

February 7, 2013

New from 22769 Homme, double mesh Tee's.

Hello Guys.
Men's Dept has started a new round again and 22769 homme released great double layer Tee's.
There are 3 different types to choose from, and it's a great shirt for only 90ls.
Wearing this with the great new Renwick jeans by Ispachi, that are perfect by this Tee.
The pose is from HISpose 'HISmodel IV and is just released.
Don't forget to check out the great Belleza skin released for the Men's Dept.

Hair Dura boys & girls 26 - Dura.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza .
Double tee star - 22769 homme at the Men's Dept.
Renwick jeans - Ispachi.
Trail shoes - Hoorenbeek.

February 3, 2013

Belleza's Men's Dept exlusive skin release.

Belleza made a special updated version of 'Jacob' ,and it will be available at the Men's Dept on the 5th.
And the price will be 150ls only, so a steal  for such a great skin.

Skin 'Jacob' by Belleza - Men's Dept.
Revolver hair - Exile.
Mesh shirt & Tie - Hoorenbeek.
'Renwick' jeans - Ispachi.

February 2, 2013

New 'Bruno' jeans by J.H.Couture & Snap back hats from Epicosity.

It's been a great Week for Mesh jeans, J.H Couture released the new 'Bruno' jeans, and they are very realistic looking, and have a great fit, the snap back hat, is a new release from Epicosity
Wearing the Panda version, but there are way more in the store, all in their own funny theme.

Snapback hat Panda - Epicosity new release.
Military shirt 2 - Ronsem new Release.
Bruno mesh jeans - J.H Couture men's world new release.
Dylan skin sk 2 - Belleza.
Sneakers - Notsobad.

February 1, 2013

Belleza best buys & Ispachi Renwick jeans for Fameshed.

Belleza has a new Monthly event, the best buys, special versions of their skins will be sold for 400Ls.
And this Month we guys get Two to pick from, in 2 skin tones, I am showing the 'Ethan' in SK tone.
The Ispachi  'Renwick' jeans I am wearing are released at the Fameshed event.

Hair 37 b&g - Dura.
Belleza best buy 'Ethan' sk skin - Belleza.
The dead piercings - Hod.
Luck mesh tattoo - B Fly.
The 'Renwick' jeans - Ispachi for Fameshed.
Pose by Del May.

New Edward suit by FATEwear.

FATEwear released the Edward suit, and damn what an options this suit has.
Loose pants, stiff pants, hand in pocket, jacket over the shoulder, it's to much to mention here all.
I am going to show 2 versions in Black, and there are 5 Colours released.
So go check the demo to see all the options, optional ties and shirts also available in the store.
Quick ride - FATEwear mainstore.

Edward suit in Black - FATEwear.
Dean hair - Wasabi Pills.
Neo sunglasses - Redgrave.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Brogue shoes b&w - Kauna.
Good Weekend all.