September 29, 2013

Ispachi New Layered Top Adam.

Hello Guys.
Fameshed is going to be be very interesting for us guys this month.
Ispachi will release their new Adam layered top, and it's one of my favourite releases of this year.
It is a blazer with hoody, shirt and a tie, so cool to have a nice layered clothing item.
The hud gives you numerous texture options on all 3 items, in great stylish colours.
I tried several combinations and i liked them all, Fameshed will be open on October 1st..
My poses are from a new to me store called Velvet Ink and they are great..
Hair Dura 48
Skin Adrian Klean currently at The Boutique.
Male mesh hands Slink.
Layered top Adam Ispachi released on the 1st of October at Fameshed.
Manoa jeans JP Designs.
Shoes Brogues Ispachi.
Poses Velvet Ink.
Enjoy your Sunday and till next time ♥

Autumn Breeze

Happy Sunday everyone!
Isn't it nice to go outside on a windy autumn day, wearing you favorite cozy knit sweater, that keeps you warm and sit under a tree watching the falling leaves and allowing your mind to wander...

Autumn Wind

sweater: Berries Inc. - Cozy Knit Sweater (for the Rack event)
pants: Coldlogic - Mayne Pants
shoes: Faenzo - Solstice
hair: INK - Surrealism (@ Designers United 5)
skin: Izzie's - Katya Skin (coming soon)
pose prop:  Kirin - Autumn Leaves Pose 3 (@ The Seasons Story)

September 27, 2013

Shipyard Ninja.

Happy weekend people!
Kal Rau just released his new M3 jeans, they have 2 belt options and another really cool option: there are four spots on the jeans that can be customized, and it has great realistic textures..
Hair Dura boys & girls 48.
Skin Adrian Klean currently at The Boutique.
Shirt casual M3 Kal Rau.
Jeans M3 washed Kal Rau.
Boots Lexington Valiant currently at The Boutique.
Pose by Del May.
Enjoy your weekend and till next time ♥

Wanna come up for a drink?

Sam took me out on a romantic date last night with all that goes with it, dinner, dancing... and then suddenly in the middle of the date he told me he will drive me home. I was a bit sad about it because I wasn't tired at all and we had so much fun, but you know the saying best leave on a high note. So we were in the car on the way home as he suddenly stopped driving and parked the car in front of a hotel. 'Erm, this is not my home, Sam' I said,  I thought he got lost. He smiled, got out of the car, opened the door at my side and took me by his hand. 'Wanna come up for a drink?' he whispered in my ear...and I surely don't need to tell you what my answer was, the night ended for our both pleasure ;P

Wanna come up for a drink?

Sam wears:
shirt: Fatewear - Shirt Gordon
pants: Fatewear - Jeans Grip Billy
shoes: Valiant - Lexington Boots (@ The Boutique)
hair: Dura - Boys & Girls 48

Izzie wears:
dress: Avale - Selenna
shoes: Leverocci - Peeptoe Ankle Boots
hair: Magika - Reflect

pose: !bang - exploration (@ The Poser Pavillion)
picture location: Ascension City

♥ Enjoy and happy weekend! ♥

September 24, 2013

First Date.

Hello Guys,
Autumn is my favourite season of the year, i love the colours the wind and the rain.
And it's nice to switch to all the clothes that come with this season.
 The leather jacket i am wearing is a new release from Hoorenbeek.
It has the new materials included and comes in a open and closed version.
I combined it with a recent sweater release from them, that includes under layers for jackets,
which is great, because one of the downsides from mesh is the layering..
Starting of with my cute date Izzie,
Hairs Buttons Chemistry.
Corduroy pants & Brianna shirt J.H Couture.
Necklace Leaves in Autumn Izzie's @ The Dressing Room.
Belt Bracelet  Izzie's @ The Boutique.
Ankle peep toe boots Leverocci.
Skin Katya Izzie's @ Seasons Story.
I am wearing:
Hair b&g 48 Dura.
Jacket Logan & Buttoned sweater Hoorenbeek.
Jeans Redgrave, Boots Lexington Vailiant @ The Boutique.
Skin Adrian Klean @ The Boutique.
Enjoy >:)

September 21, 2013

Party is over.

Hello Guys hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend so far.
I started off visiting a bar that offered cheap beers, and since it's a crisis it seemed like a good idea.
SEEMED due to the great 'Friend can locate you on map' function by our good Linden friends.
My Izzie was suddenly behind me, and it was the only girl there not offering some kind of service.
Well i guess if you like to be molested, she would have offered me that for free.
I quickly grabbed my beer from the bar table and left the place on my back.
According to Izzie, guys usually are on their back indoors, but I wouldn't know this.
Special thanks to Fatewear for making the drag proof  'Logan' Leather jacket..

My lovely Izzie wears:
Hair Kyo Taketomi.
The Kaelyn shape and skin in peach Izzie's.
Dress Volar Miel.
Necklace Lady Fly Pure Poison to find at The Boutique.
Boots Lauren League released at Collabor.

I am being dragged in:
Logan jacket Fatewear.
Manoa jeans JP dsg.
The 'Yes you do" pose Adorkable, and the location of this great joint is PSY City.
Enjoy your Weekend and don't show on map >:)

September 20, 2013

Standing, Waiting, Wishing.

Epia just released the casual blazer outfit,
And with typing /1 changeoutfit in local  the menu pops up, that allows you to pick different colours and textures for the blazer, undershirt, and tee. It's the perfect system for me really.
It has 5 blazer colours, 5 jeans and 12 undershirts.
My boots are the lexington boots from Valiant, that also have numerous texture options.
You can find them, and my Adrian skin from Klean at The Boutique.
The blow smoke prop set is by Wetcat..

have a great Weekend everyone till next time ♥

September 18, 2013

With Arms Wide Open

With Arms Wide Open

Sam's Credits:

shirt: Fatewear - Nathan Shirt
pants: Fatewear - Marty Pants
bracelet: Miel - friendo Bracelet
hair: Truth - Jon
skin: Klean - Adrian (@ The Boutique)

Izzie's Credits:

dress: Fashionably Dead - Swept Away Dress (@ Designers United 5)
hair: INK hair - Surrealism (@ Designers United 5)

 Trapaze Telephone Pole Pose Prop: Nuwiggles (@ Designers United 5)

September 16, 2013

Valiant is back with New Male releases at The Boutique.

Hello Guys,
One of my favorite male Stores on SL was Valiant so i am thrilled to see it's back on Second Life.
The new releases are to find at The Boutique that started yesterday.
Awesome new Lexington boots from Valiant, and the Adrian skin preview from Klean.
The Skin brand from Wavie Haller from Valiant..
Hair Nicholas Uw.
Blazer & new mesh buttoned sweater Hoorenbeek.
Rebellion jeans in Blue Ispachi.
Skin Adrian Klean at The Boutique.
Lexington boots Vailant at The Boutique.
Pose lean by oOo Studios.
Have a great start of the Week everyone ♥

September 15, 2013

Autumn Leaves

Sam, our doggy friend Zambo and I enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather in our garden today playing with Rack Poses' latest release - the Autumn Leaves Poses. Included are 5 single poses with autumn leaves prop. The leaves are mod/transfer so you can give them to your friends to pose with you.

Autumn Leaves

 Sam Credits:
hoodie: R3volt - Finley Hoodie
jeans: Redgrave - Navy Jeans LQM
hair: Truth - Jon
skin: The Skin Shop - Koi

Izzie Credits:
jacket: Leonard - Oh my Deer Parker (@ The Seasons Story)
dress: Cynful - Sexy Back Dress
jeans: Izzie's - Skinny Jeans blue
boots: ILO - Operator Boots (@ The Seasons Story)
necklace: Izzie's - Camera Necklace Gatcha
hair: Exile - Just a Reason (@ Arcade Gacha)
skin: Izzie's - Kaelyn peach

♥ Enjoy ♥

September 14, 2013

Shopping Pleasures.

Happy Weekend!
A new round of The Boutique will start tomorrow and Ispachi has a nice release there.
The Heuston scarfs, that will be available in a male & female version, with 20 great textures and a collar version included for easy fitting.
The 5th avenue pose is a new release for The Poser Pavilion, and is made by Rack Poses.
The shopping bags are included by the pose, and transfer to give to your girl or guy.
The Poser Pavilion will open on the 25th, at the same place as the Boutique.
Hairs Sam Jon Truth, Izzie Venus Truth.
Coats Sam Houndstooth brow blazer Kauna, Izzie Biker jacket Coco.
Scarfs Heuston Ispachi for The Boutique.
Pants Sam Manoa JP Dsg, Izzie Razzle Pleated Pants ISON.
Shoes Sam Justin Hoorenbeek, Izzie Oxford Monso.
Skins Sam The Shops, Izzie Kaelyn & shape Izzie's.
5th avenue pose 1 by Rack Poses release date 25th of September at The Poser Pavilion.
Have a great Weekend everyone >:)

September 11, 2013

Keep your balance.

Hello guys,
Today's post is filled with mostly The Mens Dept items.
Some great things to find there this round love the Barmaley pants, and can buy the suspenders and belt as add-on in different colours, it also has a female version included. The plaid unbuttoned shirt from Apple may fits great with the pants, the attack of the bugz tattoo by Aitui finished this look.
All this and more is to find at The Mens Dept...
Hair Jon Truth, Decaz sneakers 2real, Skin Koi The Shops, Camera necklace and belt bracelets Izzie's.
Pose by Del May, location Toxia.

The Seasons Story

Hello everyone,

A new event, The Seasons Story, opened its doors presenting lots of amazing creations for the autumn season. My cute Raccoon from MishMish filled in for Sam today, he looks also much cuter sitting on my shoulder as Sam would do ;P

The Seasons Story

The Breakfast at Tiffany's Knit in ivory and the Scarlett Pants in black are from B.C.C., the Kalli 2 hair in red ambar is from D!va. The hair accessories can be turned off and on by menu. The skin is from Izzie's Katya Autumn Skin with brown eyeshadow. All those items (except my little friend) are to get at The Seasons Story. My teeth are the Open Mouth Pro Teeth from PXL, eyes Ardent Eyes sage from IKON and my pose is from Marukin lotus ying pose. The pumpkin set you can see in the background is the Fall Garden set by PILOT (@ Collabor88).
picture location: Izzie's

♥ Enjoy and happy shopping! ♥

September 10, 2013

Collabor88 September Favorites

Ladies, whip out your credit cards -  Collabor88 falls into fall with opening a new September round and I am excited to show you the beautiful creations the designers released! I'm showing you my favorite styles below:

Collabor88 September Favorites

Look 1:
dress: KatatOnik - Apple Jacket Dress orange (@ Collabor88)
scarf: KatatOnik - Apple Scarf red (@ Collabor88)
boots: SLINK - Vanity Boots red
hair: Exile - Falling For You (@ Collabor88)
skin: Izzie's - Kaelyn Skin pale (with included make-up tattoos)
pose: Marukin - kook (simple me)

Look 2:
blouse: Tres Blah - Short Sleeve Blouse cream (@ Collabor88)
skirt: Tres Blah - Leather Skirt brown (@ Collabor88)
cape: Milk Motion - Wool Cape orange (@ Collabor88)
boots: League - Lauren Wedge Boots tan (@ Collabor88)
necklace: Yummy - Tiny Acorn Necklace copper (@ Collabor88)
hair: Liquence - F3 in Genetics
skin: Izzie's - Kaelyn Skin pale
pose: Izzie's - Head Shot Pose 1

Look 3:
 coat: ISON - Oversized Wool Coat brown (@ Collabor88)
top: Izzie's - Basic Longsleeve Shirt moss
pants: Overhigh - Suede Pants mustard
scarf: ::K:: - Stylish Stole Plain Mustard
belt: Izzie's - Leather Buckle Belt rust
necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Nima's Fall Leaf Necklace (@ Collabor88)
shoes: monso - My Leather Oxford
hair: Truth - Chilali
skin: Izzie's - Ivana Skin pale
pose: Label Motion - Sandra Pose 4

Look 4:
sweater: COCO - Turtleneck white
coat: ISON - Oversized Wool Coat navy (@ Collabor88)
skirt: not so bad - EMA skirt brown
scarf: Miel - Fringe Scarf solid
boots: League - Lauren Wedge Boots taupe (@ Collabor88)
hair: Truth- Lyma
skin: Izzie's - Katya Autumn Skin (@ The Seasons Story)
pose: Marukin - dolce (stillwater)

♥ Enjoy ♥

September 9, 2013

Fatewear 1st Anniversary & Collabor88 September.

The Summer is over breaking news right?
It just makes me happy when autumn starts i love the wind, rain and dark days.
Looking at this round of Collabor88, the girls get very spoiled with the autumn inspired clothes. And we guys can never have enough furniture and garden items.
We also have a great gift to pick up, Fatewear celebrates their 1st anniversary and my jacket is the gift.
So go hit the subscriber there and get it > Fatewear ..

(click for larger pic)

Ok credit time \o/ I will start off with all the Collabor88 items.
The crates and apple tub and signs are from Floorplan there is more included in this decoration set a table bar stools and candy apple platters. The wheel with pumpkins by Pilot. Izzie's hair is the Falling for you from Exile, the Orange coat and apple scarf Katatonik, all this is in the new round of Collabor. Red Vanity boots are from Slink.  I am wearing the Leon jacket, which is the Anniversary gift from Fatewear.
Hair Nicholas Uwst, Green Kalaheo jeans JP dsg, Shoes Justin Hoorenbeek.
Ok I am sure i forgot some things now 'scans over the picture' Two things not bad for a Monday really.
My freaking awesome new Quatrelle car, that comes with a including rally version - Quatrelle by AR.
And the little shed is from Roawenwood, and the couple pose is from the Autumn series by oOo Studios.
Till next time >:)

September 5, 2013

Don't Mesh with Me.

Hello Guy's,
Now and then Izzie needs to let off some steam and I am her favourite victim then.
God knows why really me being the ideal son in law, anyways I let her win of course, and hope the game will continue in extra time if you know what i mean ^^

Don't Mesh With Me
(click for larger pic)

Not sure who wins in the end really, it's me writing this post now with 10000000 items to credit,
but ok here we go, first I will start with all the things from The Mens Dept..
The Tube beer tap - Eleventh Hour, Arcade Machine - 22769 Bauwerk, Ezra cigar set - Second Spaces, Hanging bulb lamps - Seven Emporium, Trauermarch boots - Deadwool.
And now the remaining items,
Stepside bed- Consignment, Strike bookend - The Eleventh Hour, Mesh drunk girl - Raya Design.
Fabio boxers - Legal Insanity , Izzie's shirt Cynful, and her hair Elikatira.
The Pillow poses & prop - Click @ Arcade
Till next time >:)

September 4, 2013

Leaves Are Falling

Hello Guys!
As some of you might know I turned my sim into an African Safari just recently but I couldn't help decorating a little autumn scene as well using Autumn trees + Accessories from 3D Trees, Rocky Outcrops from Studio Skye and the Bluebell Fence from LISP. Sam and I slipped into some warm clothes to go for a first walk through the little autumn forest and as usual Puz couldn't help following us on noisy paws chasing the rustling fallen autumn leaves...

Leaves Are Falling

Sam is wearing the Hoody Kint, Boots in denim and Studs Belt Boots from Gabriel, Grey T-Shirt from Guarded Cross, LQMesh Beanie from Redgrave and Koi Skin from The Skin Shop. 
I am wearing the Piper Blazer in navy from Elate, Wool Scarf Zigzag from Coco and Suede Pants Crem from Overhigh. The Casinelle shoes are from Schadenfreude, currently available @ Collabor88. My earrings are the Honey Diva earrings by Maxi Grossamer @ Fameshed, hair is Truth's Lyma hair and skin Izzie's Katya skin, which will be available soon at the Seasons Story event.
Pose: oOo Studio - Park Collection Pose 8
Location: Izzie's

September 3, 2013

Move Along Nothing to See.

Hello Guys,
When I was a little guy and we saw animals mating, in the fields or at the zoo, my parents always told us one has engine troubles, and the other one is helping her to get moving again.
So the safari drive i did with my Izzie reminded me of this, you can see why on the picture.
Apparently one of the Rhino family members wasn't amused with us..

(click for larger pic)

The Golf cart is from the Gacha event created by What Next, and it's a great racer i love it.
My retro Shirt & straw Fedora Deco for The Mens Dept (new round has just started).
My Izzo wears the Tamu classic outfit from Severed Garden it is a full safari outfit with included items.
Her skin is the Kaelyn in pale from Izzie's, and mine is the Blair skin from The Shops.
The Location of the Africa themed sim Izzie's.
That's all for now have fun and till next time >:)

September 1, 2013

It all start's with a..

Hello guys,
Sadly the Holiday is over, but good news for you guys since I have time to blog more.
Today I have mine and Izzie's good friend Kaelyn featuring in this post, she is working hard on the new layout of her "It all start's with a Smile" sim, it's work in progress but from what i have seen it's going to be awesome, a custom mesh little village will be part of it, and all nice hangouts and beautiful spots around that. I will post the landmark of it when it's opening, which should be in this Month.
Kaelyn's credits will be to find on her own blog Sweet Sexy Crazy.
I am wearing the tweed coat that you get in 3 colours for 120ls, the Liquid mesh jeans, and the Adam shirt, this is all from Redgrave, hair Jon Truth, shoes 2R1 by 2Real .
The chipmunk collection is by MishMish for the Arcade Gacha event and they are all cute really.
The beautiful trees are from Studio Skye.
That's all for now till next time >:)