March 31, 2012

New Aleida male collection.

The new collection from Aleida, is filled with bright colours, and with lots of great looking Mesh items.
I am wearing the Emilson blazer with the Cafu baggy pants, both mesh items.
And my favorite shirt of the MWFW, the Popeye shirt.

March 30, 2012

Emo-tions hair * Matthew * and more Artemis.

On the last day of the mwfw, i found a nice new hair from Emo-tions.
I combined it with the Gray Chino pants, and the V-neck sweater.
That are both new releases from Artemis.
Slurls  > Artemis. > Emo-tions.

New Artemis Suit.

 On this cloudy Friday, which is a bit disappointing after the great spring weather we had.
I am gonna show the new suit from Artemis, its very different and fashionable.
Their Three colours to choose from, but i am a sucker for Blue always.
Enjoy your Friday and Weekend!

March 29, 2012

New Birth Male skin *Fang* at MWFW.

The New released *Fang* skin from Birth.
Special released for the mwfw, so if you want it go there now!
I own allot of their skins, and the new ones never disappoint me.
This one has such a cool hairbase included, and also a sideburn version which is a great add on.
It also have different layers included, with muscle versions, and a chest hair layer.

Artemis New V-Neck + Scarf Groupsgift.

Artemis New groups gift, is very stylish so go grab it!.
Its a Vneck Tshirt, with a matching scarf.
Taxi > Artemis Main.

March 28, 2012

New Gizza Mesh Cardigans and Jeans.

More Gizza Mesh.
This cardigan is called sailor, which is perfect for me because i am an SL sailor :P.
Its so relaxing to just sail around on the SL seas.
Captain Sam is wearing:
The long mesh cardigan in Sailor red.
And the loose mesh jeans.
Boat ride to the store, Gizza at Menswear Fashion week or Gizza Mainstore.

March 27, 2012

New Jeepers Shoes *Zag*

The New male shoes from Jeepers, have nice funky Colours.
So they combine nice with just a shirt and jeans.
The fatpack of all 4 Colours is just 500ls
Taxi > Jeepers
And remember a gentleman will walk but never run!
Enjoy :)

March 26, 2012

New @ [ JP ]:dsg. Banksy Pants.

The New Banksy pants from JP.Dsg. are so fab really.
I had so much fun messing with all the options of them.
The belt, protector and socks have 8 Colours.
All items are to show or hide, the legs can show the sock or not.
 Male and Female versions released, and their 6 Colours to choose of.
Taxi > JP.Dsg.

March 25, 2012

More E-Clipse at the MWFW.

Skin Damien by Akeruka.
 The outfit and boots are from E-Clipse
The grey Vevo shirt, Black leather pants, and the great British boots.
Taxi to the MWFW (use area search for quick finding the shops) 
Oh and for the girls, go checkout the E-Clipse mainstore, Thetra's Mesh outfits are stunning.

March 24, 2012

New Gizza Street collection @ MWFW.

Ok summer time with Gizza.
The New street collection, is so fresh and awesome.
And all in Mesh and great mesh really.
Taxi > Gizza @ MWFW.
And one to the mainstore > Gizza Main
I am showing Three outfits, but their more released.
I have two others i will post soon.

March 23, 2012

Jeepers New male shoes *Cairo* @ MWFW

I always get exited when i see cool Male shoes on SL.
Not in the way girls see shoe's, thats more a fetish :P
But their not that many good shoe creators around really.
But here is an exception, great textured and detailed, even with matching socks.
And all Jeepers shoes i saw, had a demo to try out.
If the landmark takes u to the starting point of the event, Area search then jeepers.

New E-Clipse collection at MWFW.

The Menswear Fashion Week has kicked off.
One of my favorite store's E-Clipse is there also, and Thetra made awesome New things.
Taxi's > MWFW E-Clipse
I am wearing:  The Crusher jacket Mesh.
              Dandy pants Mesh.
            And the Vevo shirt.
More MWFW releases soon, Enjoy!

March 22, 2012

New @ JSC *Be Cool*

The perfect outfit for this nice springish Thursday.
The *Be cool* Jacket and tank is from JSC.
Pants from Artilleri.
Shoes *Streeterville* by Hoorenbeek..

March 20, 2012

New from SFdesign *Ewan* outfit for Menswear Fashion week.

Another preview for the upcoming MFW.
Make sure you check out this one, what a great made outfit.
So stylish such a nice colours and a perfect fit.
It is from SFdesigns
Here is my blogpost from the Mesh suit, that is also released recent.
You will be blown away by the price, for such a nice suit.

March 19, 2012

More Baggy mesh jeans from Kal Rau & Atro Patena hair.

Kal released more Colours of his new baggy Mesh jeans.
And if you are looking for them in SL, these are for sure the best there are.
A nice new add on, are the belt packs, that can be bought separately.
The hairs i am wearing are from Atro Paten, a New male hairstore in SL.
Taxi's to Atro Paten and Kal Rau.
And the Baseball poses (Free) are from Diesel works

More Mashooka for MWFW

This Mesh suit from Mashooka is gonna be released, at the Menswear Fashion Week.
Why is it only a week really lol.
We could use more events like this.
More info about this event here > MWFW Blog

March 18, 2012

52 Weeks of Colour - St Patrick's Blue

This was for sure the funniest challenge so far.
Our first attempt finding a plane for the pictures.
Ended up with a fanatic SL Pilot, that suddenly took of with his jet.
When i joked ''where are we heading'', he said Hollywood sir!!.
So time to jump out of the passenger chair i thought, which is never working in SL then.
Asia got run over by his plane, but after buying some really bad outfits, even a plane lol.
We made it \o/, the clothes from my cute Stewardess Asia, u can find here Brb-Gone Shopping.
My great suit is from SF Design, i wish i thought of that sooner lol.
They have a great costume collection.
Taxi > SF Design
Till next week :)

March 17, 2012

New *Adrian* skin by Akeruka & Mashooka preview.

 I have two new releases to show you today.. Firstly a peek at the new male range from Mashooka, This is a mesh shirt, and only one of the amazing things, that are due to be releases at the Male Fashion Week.
So expect more posts soon about that.
And the great New skin release *Adrian* From Akeruka.
Taxi's > Mashooka  >Akeruka.

March 14, 2012

New from Mashooka, Nehru Mesh suit.

Its been a great week of new releases.
This Mesh suit from Mashooka, is very stylish with an eastern touch.
And has two wear options, open and closed up, also the jacket is to wear separate.
Its released in Four Colours, i am showing the black version.

New Kal Rau Baggy jeans (Mesh)

Kal just released his New and first baggy jeans.
And i am impressed really, they come with 3 fit options and 3 size options.
4 belt options and 2 different shorts.
Marketplace link > Kal Rau marketplace
Or go check them out inworld > Kal Rau mainstore
Demo's are available, on the market and at the mainstore.

March 12, 2012

New Mesh jacket & pants by SF Design.

Well i found my favorite suit for the spring.
This Mesh suit is so nice detailed and stylish made.
And the pants and jacket are to wear separate also.
What i really like is, that it has the option to do your own shirt under it.
It is released in three Colours, i am wearing the Taupe.
Fast cab to the store > SF Design mainstore.

March 11, 2012

SF Design New Male creations, for Fashion for Life.

SF Design is participating in Fashion for Life, which is a great event, for a good cause.
And Swaffette created some great outfits, special for this event.
The event is widely set up, with not much lag.
Taxi to the event Fashion For Life.
And one to the Mainstore SF Designs Main.

March 10, 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Aqua Marine.

A sporty Sam this week for the Colour challenge.
Shorts *Boardies* Totem.
*Classic polo* Redgrave.
Shoes *Streeterville* Hoorenbeek.

March 9, 2012

Spring Look.

Shirt *Henley* Saikin.
Scarf Mr.Poet
Slimfit white pants Coco
Hair *Jackson* Exile
Shoes *Elegance* Kalnins

March 7, 2012

NEW [JP]:dsg. Clubmaster Mesh Shades.

Funky new release from [JP]:dsg.
The Clubmaster Mesh shades come with allot of options.
*5 reflection themes*
*10 frame,lenses,bridge,logo options*
*Up and down option*
*Shine on/off, 5 transparency modes*

March 6, 2012

Narcissus room opens.

Today the Narcissus room opens.
It is an event only for male's \o/, which is cool ofcourse, we dont have that many.
Its gonna be held in a two week cyclus, with several designers
So gonna have a look, the highest priced items are only 90ls.

Vest by Nerd P > Narcsissus Room
Mesh grey Jeans > J.H. Couture
Shirt > Redgrave
Hair > Exile
Shoes > Kalnins


March 5, 2012

KCP 883 Unisex Bike.


Today i am gonna show of my new baby, 883 Unisex Bike .
It has a Male and Female model included, comes with a great dashboard hud.
Its to unlock for friends to ride on it, a great pose adjuster, burnout :P, great realistic sounds.
Moving parts and more cool features, and this all for 600LS.
I should start a career at Tell Sell really, but its so cheap for this kinda bike.
In the shop its shown on pictures, but i am sure if you ask Karyn, she is happy to demo one.
And can ask me also inworld.
Taxi to store DarkMoon Mall (its in the E-Clipse store, on the second floor)
Have fun!!

March 2, 2012

New from Nivaro, the Crow skin & Egoisme new swimwear.

Great New release from Nivaro.
The Crow skin, i am showing the spring tone.
Taxi to the store > Nivaro.
Its a nice tone skin, with great details.
But als always pictures say more then words .
The swimwear is a new release by Egoisme.
Enjoy >:)

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Avocado

Sometimes everything just falls in place.
The outfit pose and location, being impatient as i am, i can enjoy those moments.
Full Outfit by Gabriel
Necklace Infinity by Kosh
Hair by Dura
Have a great weekend all :) 

March 1, 2012

New Egoisme casual spring unisex collection.

New from Egoisme the Casual spring collection.
I am showing the ripped jeans, and the shirts.
Love the shirts their nice artistic, and not the typical shirts.
Their 15 new shirts, and 9 different jeans, for a really affordable price.
Taxi > Egoisme