May 30, 2014

You've got a friend.

On Sunday The Arcade Gacha event will start,
Epia made the Summertimes happiness collection for this occasion.
The following items are part of it:
boathouse, road sign, bike, beach beds, cuddle rowboat and the travel teddy.
The blue kick scooter and the pink skateboard are the gacha items from What Next for the same event.

You've Got A Friend

Izzie's credits:
Hair Thelma Truth currently at Collabor.
80ties sunglasses Izzie's
Skin Neva Izzie's currently at The Boutique.
Mesh body Wowmeh.
Charly bikini and flip flops Blacklace.

Sam's credits:
Hair Jon Truth.
Skin Teghran Aeros.
Shorts Ronsem.
Sunglasses Sunny Epia for The Arcade Gacha.
Pose: Couple pose  Purple poses.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

May 29, 2014

Always on the run.

The new vest collection M2 from Kal Rau has just been released.
And i am also showing items from Ispachi for The Arcade gacha event that is opening on the first of June.
Helmet Upheaval aries Ispachi for The Arcade Gacha.
Skin Teghran Aeros.
Vest & tee M2 in camouflage new release Kal Rau.
Backpack Upheaval Ispachi for The Arcada Gacha.
Gloves Clenched Ispachi for The Arcade Gacha.
Cargo pants Colin Redgrave
Grey high sneakers Gabriel.
Pose by Del May.
Location Lost Town.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

May 28, 2014

Come With Me Now

Hello Everyone! 
I visited the pretty The Trace sim for a morning walk with my doggy friend. Everywhere on that sim you will find pretty spots for taking pictures or just to hang out and enjoy the lovely landscape. You may have noticed that Sam and I often use that sim for taking pics that's because it simply offers everything a photographer could wish for and you will see us returning there in the future for more pics...Please find the credits for my outfit below the picture:
Come With Me Now
top: Deadwool - Venice crop top (@ Chapter Four)
shorts: Zaara - Elina Shorts (@ Fameshed)
sandals: Pure Poison - Roman Striped Sandals
bracelets: Izzie's - Braid Bracelet
necklace: Izzie's - Letter Heart Necklace (@ The Dressing Room Fusion)
hair: Little Bones - West Coast (@ Chapter Four)
skin: Izzie's - Neva Skin (@ The Boutique)
body & appliers: Wowmeh - Mesh Body & Izzie's skin appliers
pose: Del May - Hippy Bitch
location: The Trace

♥ Enjoy ♥

May 27, 2014


The mens dept round is in it's last week, but just in time to show the release from Nerd P.
Such an original cardigan, with one side tucked in, looks great imho..
Hair Dura Limited edition.
Skin Teghran Aeros.
Cardi & tee Nerd P currently at TMD till the end of the month.
Relaxed hands Slink.
Jeans grey Shai.
Shoes My fancy slip on Monso.
Pose: Urban male Del May.
Stay well and till next time ♥

May 23, 2014

The sheep are alright.

Hello friends,
yesterday i was taking a picture of new Kauna releases
and I got photobombed by a sheep, but the male sheep of my herd came to the rescue.
As you can see in the back, he pushed the female sheep out of the way.
Such a loyal guy it is ♥
The XVI suit I am wearing from Kauna is currently available at Fameshed.
All other texture versions are at his mainstore, plus new elbow pads, breeks, and waistcoats.
The pipe I have is also from there and is in a gacha machine.
Only 70 L a play it comes with exhalation smoke, cannabis or tobacco option..

Second life suit
Flatcap: Mason Ispachi.
Skin: Teghran Aeros.
Pipe: Dublin rare Kauna Gacha.
Suit XVI: Tweed grey everything included, Kauna currently at Fameshed.
Location: Izzie's.
Pose: Out of Patience Del May.
Good weekend guys and till next time!

May 21, 2014

We moustache you?

If we look cute? Kinda like it a lot on Izzie, but dating a girl with a moustache idk.
Anyway showing off the funny pose from Vanity Poses, that is called Chuckle,
and is out now at Posers Pavillion..
We Moustache You
Credits Sam:
Hair: Jon Truth.
Skin: Kyu Hermony.
Jumper: half zipped Redgrave.
Jeans: Rollup Ronsem.
Sneakers: Mael Notsobad.
Credits Izzie:
Hair: Cry Baby Lamb currently at Collabor.
Jewel set: Shoreline Cae currently at The Boutique.
Skin: Neva Izzie's new release currently at The Boutique.
Tunic: HOF currently at Collabor.
Shorts: Elina Zaara currently at Fameshed.
Sandals: Leather straps Ison.

location: Izzie's
Enjoy and till next time ♥

May 17, 2014


The Liaison Collaborative has started a new round of the 3 events The Boutique, The Garden and Poser Pavilion. We were using the friends pose from Infiniti to show our excitement for our upcoming Honeymoon. It's actually a 2 girls pose but as you can see on the picture it works for couples as well. For those of you, who are already looking for a wedding gift for us now - we have to disappoint you but we promise in the future you might get the chance ;P

Credits Sam:
suit: Zaara - Classic Suit Coal
shoes: L & B - Wingtip Shoes
hair: Truth - Jon
skin: Hermony - Kyu
Credits Izzie:
dress: Apple May Designs - Lavish Mesh Gown
necklace: Cae - Shoreline Necklace (@ The Boutique)
bouquet: Gumi's Flower Shop - Bouquet No 46
hair: Tableau Vivant - Springflower Hair
skin: Izzie's - Neva Skin rosy (@ The Boutique)

 pose: Infiniti - Beachy Keen Friends Pose (@ Poser Pavilion)

Credits Other:
house: Alouette - Amelie Beach House (@ The Garden)
hammock: Pixel Mode - Ocean Breeze Hammock (@ The Garden)
umbrella & lounger: Collage - Riviera Lounger & Umbrella (@ The Garden)
suitcases: Consignment - Travelled Suitcase
car: Arton Rotaru - Quatrelle v1.0

May 16, 2014


Hello Guys!
The TLC events have started and there are three sections to visit,
The Garden, The Boutique and Posers Pavillion, so furniture, avatar apparel/accessories/skins and poses to make it short.
The scene we are standing in is the Salon Jardin by Apple Fall.
Can find this set in The Garden  section.
Everything you see in it is to buy separately, it's great textured and detailed.
Izzie is wearing the new Neva skin from Izzie's that is released at The Boutique.
The L'amour pose is from Rack Poses and also at this event in the Posers Pavillion section..
Credits Izzie:
Hair: Daffodil Magika.
Skin & Shape: Neva in pale, new release Izzie's currently at The Boutique.
Tee: Crop panel Ison currently at Collabor.
Shorts: Peddle pusher Coquet currently at Fameshed.
Shoes: Moxie heels currently at Collabor.
Credits Sam:
Hair: Jon Truth.
Skin: Kyu Hermony.
Shirt: Long sleeved dotted Shai.
Shoes: Suede it 8f8.
Enjoy! and till next time ♥

May 14, 2014

Neva Felt So Good

Hello Ladies!
Kustom9 and TLC's The Boutique will start tomorrow and I show you a little preview of what's to come. Pixicat will release a new jacket and matching totebag at Kustom 9. On the pic my grumpy kitty is holding the bag but it's actually meant for wearing on your shoulder and hand. The jacket comes in 3 different styles and you can texture each style differently with a hud. 
Izzie's offers a brand new skin line, Neva, at The Boutique in 10 skintones and lots of included make-up options on tattoo layers. Please find all credits below the pic:
Neva Felt So Good
jacket: Pixicat - Holiday Jacket (soon @ Kustom9)
jeans: Maitreya - Boyfriend Jeans Slim
shoes: Ingenue - Sophia Heels (@ Collabor88)
bag: Pixicat - Totebag Summer (soon @ Kustom9)
hair: Magika - Daffodil
skin: Izzie's - Neva Skin (soon @ The Boutique)
pose: Del May - Big Comfy Chair (edited with Animare)
cat: Alchemy/Birdy - Sassy Cat B Grumpy (Gacha item @ Chapter Four)
bed: Apple Fall - Annan Bed (@ Collabor88)
wardrobe: Apple Fall - Annan Reclaimed Wardrobe (@ Collabor88)

May 13, 2014

Don't kiss me.

Hello guys,
So much love for the Collabor Milkshakes and Turntables theme of this month.
All furniture in this picture is from there, and so are our clothes.
I tried to kiss Izzie but she got scared ._.
Will try again soon, and hopefully more successful,
The Je t'aime pose is by Rack poses for Posers Pavilion.
Don't Kiss Me
Izzie's wears:
Hair: D428 Tram currently at Collabor.
Skin: Nomi Izzie's.
Dress: Julie Decoy currently at Collabor.
Shoes: Pinup peep Hucci at Collabor.
Sam wears:
Hair: Traveller Exile.
Skin: Kyu Hermony.
Blazer & shirt Lennon Howl currently at Collabor.
Jeans: Billy faded Fatewear.
Sneakers: Gabriel currently at TMD.
Pose: Je T'aime Rack Poses.
And now all the furniture..
Collabor88 May
Everything mentioned is to find at Collabor.
Skybox: Wish you were here Scarlet Creative.
Chairs, table, kettle, microwave, cans, cart, lamp all from the Gerzzo set The Loft.
Wall arts, milk caddy, vase, eat sign, soda crates, Floorplan.
The original milkshake fridge Flowey.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

May 12, 2014

Collabor88 May Favorites

Hello Ladies!
Milkshakes and Turntables is the new theme for this month's Collabor88 round and it made it hard for me this time to pick my favorites, because everyone did such a great job! I'm showing you some of my favorites today and more will follow in future blogposts...
Collabor88 May Favorites
Look 1:
top: Tres Blah - Bardot Halter (@ Collabor88)
pants: Tres Blah - Skinny Slacks (@ Collabor88)
shoes: - Moxie Heels (@ Collabor88)
bag: Schadenfreude - GooGooMuck Purse (@ Collabor88)
glasses: Yummy - Cat Eye Readers (@ Collabor88)
earrings: LaGyo - Mary Earrings Flower (@ Collabor88)
hair: Tram - D425 hair (@ Collabor88)
hairbow: LaGyo - Mary Bow Bandana Swallows
skin: Izzie's - Nomi Skin pale
pose: Marukin - Game (obsessed with mint) (@ Collabor88)
Look 2:
dress: The Secret Store - Betty Swing Dress (@ Collabor88)
basket: Lark - Picnic Tin (@ Collabor88)
shoes: Schadenfreude - GooGooMuck Heels (@ Collabor88)
glasses: Yummy - Ellery Glasses (@ Collabor88)
hair: Clawtooth - A Little Lamb (@ Collabor88)
skin: Izzie's - Nomi Skin pale
pose: Izzie's - Pin-Up Pose 03

Look 3:
dress: Milk Motion - Pin-Up Dress (@ Collabor88)
necklace: Yummy - Bombshell Beads (@ Collabor88)
shoes: Hucci - Pinup Peep (@ Collabor88)
glasses: Yummy - Cat Eye Glasses (@ Collabor88)
hair: D!va - Yuka (@ Collabor88)
skin: Izzie's - Nomi Skin pale
pose: Izzie's - Pin-Up Pose 05
Look 4:
shirt: Emery - Cropped Shirt Billy (@ Collabor88)
pants: Emery - High Waisted Jeans Jule (@ Collabor88)
poodle: Mishmish - A Poodle to Hug (@ Collabor88)
earrings: LaGyo - Mary Earings Anchor (@ Collabor88)
shoes: Ingenue - Sophia Heels (@ Collabor88)
hair: Lamb - Cry Baby (@ Collabor88)
skin: Izzie's - Nomi Skin pale
pose: Marukin - Game (there and now) (@ Collabor88)

May 10, 2014

If you're a bird.

Hello boys and girls,
After all the singles posts it's time for a couple picture.
The pose is from Click, and the great sim we are on is The Trace.
Izzie's dress is the Prudence Dress from Pixicat, and it is a hunt item from the Nouveau mini hunt.
The item you have to look for is a flower..
If You're A Bird

Izzie's credits:
Hair: April Truth.
Skin: Nomi Izzie's.
Dress Pixicat hunt info above the picture.
Shoes: Peggy T straps Friday.
Sam's credits:
Hair: Park Damselfly new release.
Skin Kyu Hermony.
Shirt: Ted, faded jeans Billy Fatewear.
Shoes: Fancy slip on Monso currently at TMD.
Pose: If you're a bird by Click.
Location: The Trace.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

May 9, 2014

Pack Up Your Troubles

Happy Friday Everyone!
Rack Poses released this adorable pose set, including 4 poses and suitcase prop at OneWord. I followed her advice - packed up my troubles, locked them twice in the suitcase and went for a little trip to the city. The outfit I am wearing is a mix and match of my favorite things I found in the depths of my inventory - they are too good to get forgotten and never to be blogged again.
Pack Up Your Troubles
blouse: The Secret Store - Mary Pleated Shirt
cardigan: Coco - Shoulder Cardigan
pants: Coldlogic - Mayne Pants
shoes: Ingenue - Lydia Singbacks
hair: Argrace - Haruka
skin: Izzie's - Nomi Skin

pose & suitcase: Rack Poses - Pack Up Your Troubles Pose 1 (@ OneWord )
location: Mayfair

♥ Enjoy ♥

Get on board.

Happy friday guys we made it again,
New vest from Kal Rau including tee in 6 colours,
And also the possibility to wear it with the Casual M4 shirt or the casual longsleeves from Kal..
Get on board.
All credits:
Hair: Jon Truth.
Skin: Kyu Hermony currently at TMD.
Vest: Kal Rau new release.
Jeans: grey Shai.
Shoes: My fancy slip on, Monso currently at TMD.
Pose: by Del May.
Location: Dex great place to try sailing in Second Life.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

May 8, 2014

Neon lights.

Hello guys,
My whole look is from Gabriel for TMD - shirt, jeans and sneakers. A funny detail on the jeans is the option to do a bandaid or a wound layer on the open parts.
My pose is a new one from Agapee, they just released all great photo and runway poses..
Neon lights.
All credits:
Hair: Jon Truth.
Skin: Kyu Hermony currently at TMD.
Tattoo: Tears of a dragon Boss.
Shirt open dodds, sagging Damege pants, sneakers Gabriel currently at TMD.

Pose: M194 by Agapee new.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

May 7, 2014

You raise me up.

Hello guys,
More TMD releases today, it's not only clothes but also a great skybox and furniture.
We won't ramble too much, because there is a lot to credit..
You Raise Me Up
Credits Sam:
shirt: Deadwool - Marlon (@ TMD)
jeans: Shai - Relaxed Light Jeans
shoes: Monso - My Fancy Slip on (@ TMD)
 hair: INK - Totes (@ TMD)
skin: Hermony - Kyu (@ TMD)

 Credits Izzie:
top: Mutresse - Nadya Tank Top
jeans: 2PM - Hushhush skinny mid blue
shoes: CandyDoll - Sweet Flats
bracelet: Izzie's - Braid Bracelet
hair: Clawtooth - Betty Spaghetti
mesh head: Slink - Becky Mesh Head
mesh head applier: Izzie's - Slink Mesh Head Applier (Maci)
pose: oOo Studio - Parity (@ TMD)

Credits Furniture:
skybox: Milk Motion - Flat in Montmartre skybox (@ TMD)
 kitchen: 22769/bauwerk - Industrial Kitchen Stove Set (including stools, espresso maker, army fridge, table, chalkboard, stove, sink and lamp) (@ TMD)
fan: Junk - Light Fan (@ TMD)
zombie emergency set: 11th Hour - War Z (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

May 5, 2014

Moments like this.

Hello friends,
More TMD releases to show today and the cute new couple pose from Rack.
Special attention goes out to my lovely shirt from Shai,
I have it in several textures now, and for TMD she made summer versions.
My sandals from FLite are made for Slink mesh feet.
It's great that we get more and more Slink add-on shoes lately, we guys of Second Life also want to walk around on pretty feet...
Moments like this.
Sam's credits:
Hair: Jon Truth.
Skin Kyu Hermony currently at TMD.
Shirt: long sleeves Shai currently at TMD.
Jeans worn version Billy Fatewear.
Sandals Bahama dessert FLite currently at TMD.
Izzie's credits:
Hair: 41 Eaters Coma.
Skin: Nomi in peach Izzie's.
Shirt: Vanilla sky vintage dot Bonne chance.
Shorts: Guzla Mutresse.
Heels: Ella Friday.
Pose: Moments like this Rack poses.
Location: The Trace.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

May 3, 2014


Good weekend everyone, The mens department will start in Two days,
so we are going to do a preview on that.
And i would also like to point out the beautiful The Trace sim where i took the picture.
Kylie Jaxxon did an awesome shop decorating it, and rezz is allowed..

Hair: Jon Truth.
Skin Kyu Hermony currently at TMD.
Tats: Kingdoms will fall Reckless currently at TMD.
Sunglasses: Ace ieQED currently at TMD
Tank: My daily tanktop K.
Resort pants turquoise K currently at TMD.
Pose: Coasting Del May.
Location: The Trace by Kylie Jaxxon.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

May 2, 2014

Like a sir.

Hello guys happy Friday!!
The title of this post is also the name of the new couple pose by Rack Poses.
It's called Like a sir and it's really a cute classic pose.
My suit is the XIV from Kauna, also check out his new tweed suits at Fameshed,
definitely worth a look..

Like a Sir
My cute Izzie wears:
   Hair: Richelle Elikatira.
Skin: Nomi Izzie's.
Dress: Instant crush Junbug.
Credits Sam:
Hair: Vindicated Exile.
Skin: Teghran Aeros.
Suit: XIV black striped Kauna.
Shoes: Brogues wingtip Kauna.
Pose Like a sir: Rack poses for the Oneword event.

May 1, 2014

Jump and Dive.

Hello guys,
The menswear fashion week has started, and today i am showing some releases from Gabriel.
And the cool Freefall bungee prop by Wetcat.
Love the creativity in the Gabriel releases, the optional backpack gives the hoodie a great look.
And the denim shorts include 3 colours of leggings, that can be worn under them..
Jump and Dive
All credits:
Hair Jon Truth.
Skin Yves The Shops.
Hoodie in Olive/grey Gabriel new @ The Menswear Fashion Week.
Half Denim pants in Black with leggings Gabriel new @ The Menswear Fashion Week.
Shoes Vens Balkanik 2.0.
Prop and pose Freefall Wetcat currently at The Pose fair.
Location: Kittens Heaven.