October 30, 2011

Nerds need ♥

Today its all about funny nerdy T's
Never have enough of them, make sure they come with different layers.
So they can be put, under anything of your liking.
The first two T's are from Four, tiny new shop.
But the shirts they have are coolio.
The one under this line is from Acid & Mala
Their 3 like this all with funny prints
AND can also, buy one for your girl.
So you can be a really scary couple, wearing the same.
their nice made with sculpted parts.
Well thats all folks :)
Have fun celebrating halloween.
Or avoiding it, i am somewhere in the middle of that.
Cheers !!

October 27, 2011


This post is about the new classic shirt from Redgrave
Good to see new releases on clothes coming out there.
It so nice made, even the collar has a shadow on the shirt.
A single one is 160ls and the fatpack is 560ls with 7 colors in it.
laterz :) 

Gone Fishing !

Today i am gonna let you guys in, one of my favorite things to do.
FISHING, Get back on your chairs!!
The Neo realms system is just brill, the weirdest fishes to catch and keep, website with personal stats.
Daily contests with connected sims, and scores to track on the web.
Allot of tourneys are free to join, with a event rod and free bait.
Good place to explore this all is Neo Realms fishing camp And the group Bass Bandits for event notices.
Just try it, and make sure to join a tourney, its great fun and exiting.
if u need a fish gesture, to do it on the automatic pilot, give me a shout on SL, i am lazy by nature :P

The pink fish is a catch, their to fecking funny fishes to catch.

Sam is wearing :
                                            The Peacoat set by SF design 
                                  Hair by Uw.st ''Tony''
                      Belt  by L&B
                                               i never mentioned the eyes, imho the best on SL 
                                  Thats all guys :), have a great day.

October 26, 2011

Shape it up with Fruk.

I figured it was time for a shape change, and last week i saw some great one's at Fruk.
So i went back to get one and i love it, just go check them out, they have lots of different good ones.
They also just released their first skin, which looked great also.

Jacket by Gizza Double blazer
Hair by  Drot model Andy
Skin by Birth model Reese

October 24, 2011

Laszlo San

Goodmonday :)
This hair gave me a japanese feeling, so i transported my poppet to a Japanese sim.
Its great hair, and comes with a matching hairbase.

Hair by Dura model Boy-28
Shirt by Hermony Paisley v neck
Tats & Skin by Birth
Jeans by Ladies who lunch *Billy*

That's it for today Sayounara all :)

October 23, 2011

The wanderer.

One of my favorite things to do on Second Life, is to go sailing.
Its really relaxing to do, i can recommend it to everyone :)
So the outfit of today is a casual one.

The awesome Elpoblao jacket by Poison
Black jeans M2 by Kalrau
Stripe shirt by  GothiCatz (Part of the Mirage set)
Shoes by Kalrau
Hair the Tommy by Drot
Skin David Beckham by Redgrave
Necklace by Rozoregalia
Thats all folks :) 

October 21, 2011

Bend it like Beckham by Redgrave

One of the best midfielders in soccer, has his own skin now out at Redgrave.
Not a big fan of celebrities transforming into Second Life,
But this one worked out great, Emilia Redgrave did an awesome job again.
I have allot of her skins and clothes, and they stand out in quality always. 
Got the pale version, but it has a tattoo layer ''tan booster'', that just gives it a little more color.
The tan booster add on, is a really smart trick, for a change in the tone
Always good to have options :) 
The hair base is so good made, that it doesnt need extra hair by it.
Their also 2 beckham hairs to buy, and the shape, and eyes
A single skin pack includes, tattoo (not the one showed on the picture)
A blond base, kajal pencil, the tan booster, and a scalp base
And this all for 990ls
And the bonus package including 6 skins, is a bargain really for 1990ls
                                                                     Redgrave shop
Thats all folks :) have a great friday.

October 20, 2011

Halloween is coming !!

Today i went out looking for my halloween costume.
And found an awesome free one i have to show :)
Its based on Samara from The Ring , and it come's with a head down pose also lol.

Get it at the marketplace here Samara avi
Cheers :)

October 19, 2011


Today i am showing a just released jacket from Kalrau.
Its a stylish tight leather jacket, with several shirts under.
Which i am going to show some of.

There 4 types of shirts to wear it with, And also only the jacket to wear
*Black jacket M6 * Kalrau main.
thats all for today folks, have a great day :) 

October 18, 2011

Who's in tha house?

God i hate that gesture, normally i respond with who give's a f**k.
BUT now it was the perfect title for this post (imho).
Ok here we gooo hoo, the hair is by Cheerno type ''Blud'', wondering if people, gonna make goat sounds at me though :), it has massive sideburns but its cool in some way :P.
The necklace is from Earthstones Groovy necklace, and is one of my favorites.
The shirt is from Legal insanity, and the pants are also, there 50% of for group members a.t.m .
Legal insanity is for clubbers a great shop btw.

October 17, 2011

Wild hog

In real life i could have been one of the Wild hogs, a very clumsy biker.
But not in Second Life ofcourse :P, i rawk as a biker there.
Today its about leather jackets, i went to the dark corners of Toxia city, to make the picture's.
This one is a England themed one, with the Union Jack big at the back.
It is really detailed made and i love it, all though its very colourful.
So i got another one from the same line, the Phoenix 

October 16, 2011

Zombiepopcorn hunt & Sartoria & HOC

Who says guys can't multitask?
Today its about the Zombiepopcorn hunt, and the Sartoria leaves collection.
The hunt started yesterday and continues till the end of october
Get all the info, at the great designed,
Zombie popcorn headquarters in my opinion the best hunt on Second life.
With the most weirdest prizes.

October 15, 2011

Ultimate dancehud.

First of all i kinda hate dancing.
But since it looks really weird, to stand still in a club i do it.
And also the screaming hosts that shout ''move don't stand still ''.
Makes me dance now and then.
And since my hud was outdated i went looking for a new one.
The ultimate dancehud is a great dance hud, it can do basically anything.
Drop in your dances is all you have to do.

Autumn has arrived :)

Finally the summer has ended, maybe i am weird.
I have a weak spot for bad weather, so i went hitting the shops, for clothes to fit that mood.
Which is kinda weird on Second Life because, it seems the buttcrackers always want summer.
My avi  is wearing:

Hair AJ from  UWs hair

Jacket/shirt/scarf Gabriel

Jeans Ladies who lunch (what's in a name)

Shoes OOPS, cant tell on this picture, but they are my favorite shoes atm, so i get back on that.

Skin Reese  Birth.