March 31, 2013

And all I loved, I loved alone.

Lav hair - Ink.
Steve skin  - Unique.
Andy jacket - Fatewear. New
Marty pants - Fatewear New
Mason brogues by Ispachi - Fameshed New
Pose My own little world - Del May.
Location Kittens heaven.

March 30, 2013

New Ispachi 'Mason' outfit closer look.

Happy Easter everyone,
I want to give you guys a closer look on the Mason outfit from Ispachi, that I blogged yesterday,
also because 'Picture This' released The distinguished gent male poses, at Pose Fair 2013,
and they fit so nice with this outfit, the Mason outfit will be available at Fameshed wich starts Sunday,
The distinguished gent male poses by Picture this you can find here - Pose Fair 2013.

March 28, 2013

New from Ispachi 'Mason' full mesh outfit for Fameshed.

The new release from Ispachi for the Fameshed event is just stunning,
Let's start with the vest that has 24 options in the hud to choose from, different Colours, patterns, numerous options in it, the shirt has 20 to pick from , and the tie 9 options.
the matching pants have 6 Colour options, and the shoes 6, and the flat cap 16 options,
And they all have their own great looking and fast working hud, this is all to buy separately,
But I would highly recommend, to buy the full outfit because you get everything I mentioned then for 949Ls,
Which is a total steal for this complete outfit, Taxi to - Fameshed. opens April 1 (no joke)
And after the event this will be available at the Ispachi mainstore.

And a close up to show off the great fitting and texture quality.


New Male Fashion store Orion.

Today a new release from the new kid on the block Orion,
Original mesh affordable pricing and a great cardigan as first release, that have 3 included mesh T's
Link to the marketplace - Orion new mesh cardigans, and one to the mainstore - Orion main.

Hair Lav brown - INK.
Renwick jeans - Ispachi.
Cutllerz shoes - 2Real.
Nemesis bike - SAU.

March 27, 2013

Epicosity Presents: Spring Fling Hunt & Market

Spring is here and to celebrate Epicosity is having a hunt & market, when 3/27 at 12 pm SLT  through 4/3
There will be eggs with amazing gifts hidden around the market, and the surrounding area from all of the participating designers, the swing Izzie and me are showing, is the Market Item from StoneWood homes,
The swing is loaded with high quality animations, the plants and the wallart are the items for the hunt.

And the free Hunt and Egg items from StoneWood homes.

And the first female release by Epicosity will also launch at this event.

What Next pose fair 2013 releases.

What Next will have quite some new releases at the Pose Fair 2013 
The Picture This series, 3 couple poses with a camera,
More info about the Pose Fair 2013 here - Pose Fair 2013,
The event will be held from 29-03 till 14-04..

Izzie wears: Hair Angie - Truth                                                          Sam wears: Hair Rhett - Quandary
Hangover tank & ruffles - Drift                                                          Fleece sweater - Sey
Giselle skinny jeans - J.H.C                                                               Manoa jeans - JP:Dsg
Skin & Shape Asia ginger edition - Izzie's                                          Shoes Hollbrookz -2Real
                                                                                                          Steve skin - Unique
Pictures by Izzie Button, Taken at Kittens heaven Cafe.

March 26, 2013

New 'Manoa' jeans by JP:dsg.

JP:Dsg released the new Manoa jeans, that have a menu hidden in them, that makes it able to change the belt  Colour, and also the option to change the whole jeans into a dirty version, I especially love the sideways belt buckle, the shirt is the latest release from Kal Rau, my hair is the 'Lav' hair from INK, skin Steve from Unique  and the Domino sunglasses by Kumaki, the shoes will come back in a future post this week, I took the picture at the beautiful Kitten heavens cafe ..

Enjoy >:)

March 25, 2013

New by Aitui The seer's tower sweaters.

The new release from Aitui are the 'Seer's tower' sweaters, I am going to show you 2 different Colours.
the demo's are here on the market Atui market store, very original and affordable mesh,
my hair is 'Revolver from Exile in the Pecan Colour, skin is 'Dylan' by Belleza, the Tokyo low sag jeans are also by Aitui and so is the 'Voyage of the night thief' tattoo, Mael sneakers by Notsobad.
Special mention for the great new Ikon Ardent eyes to find at The Boutique .
Enjoy! and good start of the Week guys >:)

March 24, 2013

Charlie meets Audrey.

Sneak preview today of The Event Hollywood.
SF Designs will release A right Charlie, which is the complete avi in the picture, clothes skin and shape,
Izzie is wearing the Ms Hepburn outfit from DBL also a Hollywood release, combined with The Asia skin and shape from Izzie's, and the Diva vintage hair from Tuty's ,
The pose is ''evening stroll'' by Anne Dakun , location the beautiful Goatswood sim.

    Hollywood event March 30th- April 14th. 80 amazing designers 80 NEW Releases 80 Swagbag gifts.

March 23, 2013

Summer Love.

Credits Izzie: Hair Winona - Truth                                Credits Sam: Hair Rhett - Quandary
Skin Fuyu pale - Izzies                                                 Skin Jeremy - Fruk 
Loveletters necklace - Cae                                          Watch sitennoah - Mandala
White Atena dress - Le petite detail                            Marty pants with including belt - Fatewear
Shoes Aelia wedges - Celoe                                        Mesh feet with including anchor tattoo - Ispachi.

Picture by Izzie Button, Enjoy your Weekend everyone >:)

March 22, 2013

The Boys of Summer.

Hello guys, more Fatewear releases Today 
Wearing the Marty pants and Nathan shirt, the half tucked look of the shirt is so great done,
and this shirt can be worn like this on all pants from Fatewear, my mesh feet are from Ispachi they come with the tattoo wear option on them included, I notice they show dark on this picture, but the Steve skin from Unique is a darker tanned skin, my Rhett hair is from Quandary and the brown leather watch from Mandala.
Enjoy your Weekend!

March 21, 2013

What Next swings.

Hello guys,
What Next released this swing set for the latest edition of the Zodiac event,
it gives place up to Six avatars, and includes couple poses, the swinging looks very natural and slowly stops when jumping off from it, my clothes are the new Marty pants with the Graham shirt from FATEwear.
My lovely girl Izzie is wearing: Crys hair by Truth, the morning tank from Drift and the shorts are from Fashionable dead released at Collabor88.

March 20, 2013

New Kal Rau M2 casual shirts.

What a great release day up next is Kal Rau, with the M2 casual shirts, great sharp high detail looking shirts,
They come in 3 sizes and one female size for the girls, has 3 customizable parts with the hud.
And the fatpack includes 5 extra bonus Colours.
Lazy market link - Kal Rau casual M2 shirt.
And one to the main - Kal Rau mainstore.


New FATEwear releases the Marty pants & Shaw shirts.

Hello guys,
Massive new spring release from FATEwear today, I am going to show them all in upcoming posts,
kicking off with the Marty pants combined with the Shaw shirt, the pants have a belt included and the shirt can be worn tucked untucked or half tucked, love the fitting and look of it perfect for spring,
Location - Neva River

March 18, 2013

Quandary new Irish flat cap, for the Buddy walk charity event.

The Buddy Walk was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. There is more at their website located here: The Buddy Walk
Quandary has created a  texture changeable Flat Cap. The Flat Cap comes with six options and is 200L. 
 all the proceeds go directly to the Buddy Walk!
Irish flat cap Quandary - The buddy walk
Brown business suit - Epicosity.
Shoes - Hoorenbeek.
Location - Old Italy.


March 17, 2013

What Next for the Nest Easter egg hunt & lazy Sunday.

What next released these funny eggs for the The easter egg hunt at The Nest, so hunt them down
the drawer shelf I displayed them in, are the items for Lazy Sunday from What Next,
Clothes: The relax shirt & Tee and the white chino's by Ispachi, Fabrik shoes from Shi,
And the picknick table and bench is from Floorplan for Collabor88..
Location: Izzies

March 16, 2013

Got antlers?

I see more and more pictures with antlers lately, so I am jumping on the bandwagon.
My skin is Steve by Unique, beige military jacket and Brown polo and sneakers by Hoorenbeek.
Hair by Quandary I know I haven't take it off a while but I love the model.
Renwick jeans by Ispachi, and the reindeer is to find at the Nostos deer sim.
Enjoy your Weekend everyone!

March 14, 2013

New FATEwear shirt 'Ford'

The latest releases by FATEwear are the Harrison and the Ford shirts,
And since I already blogged the Harrison, Ford  is up for today what's in a name eh :P
This release also introduced the great hud, than can colour 3 parts of this shirt,
I combined it with the Fruk Jeremy skin, moon faded jeans by Razorblade, and the low cuttlerz sneakers from 2Real, the location is the Slow sim, and definitely worth a visit.

March 13, 2013

Keep calm and grow a mustache.

Hello guys,
Legal Insanity released a bunch of funny Vneck mesh shirts,
Hair is Revolver from Exile, my favourite jeans Renwick by Ispachi,
The great Jeremy skin from fruk that will be released at the skin fair.
And sneakers from Notsobad ,the watch and mesh ears from Mandala.
And the le arte du livre tattoo by Aitui.
Think I covered it all now :P Enjoy >:)

March 12, 2013

New male skin 'Jeremy' by Fruk.

Another skin fair preview 'Jeremy' is the new skin from Fruk, and it's a great skin,
I love the tone and muscles on it, it will be released in several tones this is tone 3,
The suit is the 'Edward' suit by Fatewear, hair by Quandary and the loafers by Hoorenbeek.
Homme poses by Ibang.

March 11, 2013

Lisp & Pilot new releases for Collabor88.

Hello everyone, always glad it's Monday again (insert sarcastic tone)
Today I want to show you some of the new releases at Collabor, starting of with Lisp Charlotte nerd set.
The pose on the picture is 'Always and forever' by Rack poses, and is just released and to cute really,
My lovely model is my Girl Izzie ♥.
Charlotte nerd set - Lisp at Collabor.
My clothes I blogged a few posts back are from - Hoorenbeek released at Fashion for life.
Always and forever pose by kirsty Oherlihy from Rack poses.
Izzie's credits are: 
Open shirt - Kauna.
Tendency hair - Magika.
Mesh feet - Slink.
Harlow skin pale - Izzie's.
Quinton glasses - Ikon.
More after the break :P

March 10, 2013

New from Birth, 'Vince' male skin for Skin Fair 2013.

Birth will release 'Vince' on the skin fair 2013.
Highly detailed skin with numerous beard options, and really cool funky beards,
I am showing a couple on the pictures, did no editing to the picture so this is how it looks precise in SL.
Skin fair will be held March 15 - 30,
The jeans i am wearing are the new liquid jeans from Redgrave, mesh boxer is from Zed and the cowboy boots also from Redgrave, Enjoy!

March 9, 2013

After party.

Aitui is on a roll lately 'The double drift' tee's & old rugged jeans are just released, my hair is new from dura, and the cross necklace from the Mens Dept.

Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Ventura sneakers - JP:dsg.
Location - Toxian city.

March 8, 2013

Tree house cottage by Trompe Loeil for Collabor.

Happy Friday everyone, Trompe Loeil released a gorgeous tree house at Collabor today,
love the textures and space and it's only 103 prims, I took the leaves off to make it match with the other trees, but the original has them at the sides, my outfit is one of the Hoorenbeek mesh outfits,
for the Fashion for life event..

The tree house cottage by Tromple Loeil - Collabor
Hoorenbeek outfit including sunglasses sweater pants and shoes - Fashion for life.
Enjoy your Weekend!

March 7, 2013

The Escape by Aitui.

Hello guys,
I had to blog the dark Colour of the new Escape coat by Aitui , love the style of it,
Combined it with the recent released Tokyo low sag pants..
Other credits:
Revolver hair in Pecan - Exile.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
The Escape dark coat - Aitui.
Tokyo low sag pants - Aitui.
Leather smokey Mael sneakers - Notsobad.
Poses Gabriel by Diesel.

March 6, 2013

Fashion for Life preview Hoorenbeek.

Hoorenbeek will be present at the upcoming Fashion for Life event.
The event will start from 9-17 March, and will raise funds for Relay for Life.
Hoorenbeek outfit includes, shirt & tie, watch, sunglasses pants and shoes.
There will be several outfits at the event.


March 5, 2013

An Epic spring Day.

Hello guys,
Today it's such a nice spring Day here, so I went visiting Izzies sim that is perfect in the spring theme.
The Chino and casual blazer with shirt are both from Epicosity, the hair by Quandary , and the shoes the Hollbrookz from 2Real, and make sure to visit the Mens Dept today, there is some great stuff this round to find, including my Kumaki glasses.
enjoy your Day everyone >:)

March 4, 2013

Pimp business suit by Epia for Mens Dept.

The Epia pimp suit will be released at the Mens dept tomorrow, for a bargain price really.
So I had to show this to you guys, the Domino glasses are by Kumaki also for the Mens Dept.

Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Shoes - Hoorenbeek.
Maxx poses by Wetcat for Fashion for Life.

March 3, 2013

J.H.C new Leroy leather jackets.

Hello guys,
J.H.C just released the 'Leroy' leather jackets, in 5 different Colours, with nice soft looking textures,
they match great with the 'Bruno' jeans that are also just out.
TP to the new mainstore - J.H.C Main.

Hair 'Rhett' - Quandary.
Skin Dylan sk1 - Belleza.
Shoes 'Hollbrookz' - 2Real.
Nightclubbing T - Guarded Cross.
Location - It all start's with a smile by Kaelyn Alecto.

March 2, 2013

Fashion for life 2013.

The Fashion for life exclusive items are..
Johnny shape - Maverick Designs, Neth Italian style suit - Innuendo, Maxx runway poses - Wetcat.

 Fashion for life, opens to the public at 12pm SLT on March 9th and runs for a whole week.
Visit the 9 sims and see the latest SL styles and accessories, party in the event zones and watch fashion shows produced by a range of top agencies.
Fashion for life is helping to raise funds and awareness on behalf of relay for life.
Slurls - Fashion for Life.

Aitui new release 'The Escape' coats.

Aitui's newest release is the escape coat with an including shirt, in a skippers look.
released in Three colours I am wearing the smooth version..

Hair Rhett - Quandary.
Ethan sk1 skin  - Belleza
The Escape coat in smooth - Aitui new release.
Short tie - Bother.
Renwick jeans in Grey - Ispachi.
Fabrik shoes/white - Shi.
Pose by Del May.
Location - Rain.

March 1, 2013

Belleza best buy 'Jacob' skin & new Ispachi mesh feet.

Hello guys,
It's best buy time at Belleza again, this time you can get 3 Jacob skins for only 400ls,
and they are available in 3 skin tones, this sale start today and will last the Weekend.
the feet I am wearing are the new mesh feet from Ispachi, they come with including tattoos, and skin and nail hud, they are just perfect, and I love the build in Tat options, the Chino shorts are from Epicosity.
Enjoy your Weekend.