April 30, 2012

New Kauna casual blazers for FaMESHed.

Kauna is gonna be one of the stores in the FaMESHed event.
That is starting the first of May.
And his releases gonna rock the sim really, its totally my kinda clothes.
I'm gonna show you the, Kauna - CasualBlazer Herringbone Grey.
But expect more posts from this creator soon.
And one to his main store - Kauna.
Now go grab them and be awesome :P 

Checkered Green shirt, for Monday Mania @ SF Design.

Yes its Monday again, but a nice Monday here sunny and warm.
So a perfect day to show of, the Checkered Monday mania summer shirt from SF design.
For the Mania prize of 25Ls, i feel like Mike from Tell Sell now really, but its a bargain lol
Checkered summer shirt - SF Design.
Other credits are:
Olive Jeans - Coco.
Slip on's - PornStars.

April 29, 2012

AITUI New mesh Elf ears.

I recently blogged the human version ears from AITUI.
And now the Elf ears are released, and they are perfect also.
I love the hud that is by it, really easy to use all options of the Ears.
Elf Mesh ears - AITUI.
Ryan Jacket- Nyu.
Ghost tone Vasean skin - Nivaro.
Jason hair - Drot.

April 28, 2012

New from JSC:Fashion, Jeans shorts.

Summer is approaching on us, wouldn't say that checking the weather here a.t.m.
But never give up hope, and on SL its always summer.
JSC fashion released these great shorts, they are to get in Three colours, i am showing Two of them.
And for 150ls they are very affordable to be a beach hunk.
Quick Taxi - JSC Fashion mainstore.

Deadliest Catch.

I am a big fan of this show on Discovery channel.
So i was thrilled to find this Trawler boat in SL.
Its is made by GEMC, and it is loaded with options, furniture poses, to much to tell here.
It handles so well, go see it and you will fall in love with it to.
I am wearing:
Mesh Military black shirt - Hoorenbeek.
Mesh Black jeans - J.H.Couture.
Bracelet - Miel.


April 27, 2012

Go deep.

Hair - Dura.
White Cafu Baggy pants - Aleida.
Go deep T - Giordanu
Marley Glasses - Cheerno.
Friendo bracelet - Miel.
Enjoy your Friday and Weekend.

April 26, 2012

Vintage Style with Kauna & Sf design.

When i saw the New tweed jacket from Kauna.
I could hear the cool club kids sayin, ''hello grandpa'' yes it happened before :P.
But if people can have their paints on their ankles,
Wear shapes that look like the horse ran off, and leaved their legs in Cowboy position.
I can wear my granddad look, And its a great mesh jacket really.
Ok the credits of today are:
Tweet tan jacket - Kauna.
Tank shirt and corduroy pants - SF Design.
Desert boots - Hoorenbeek.

April 24, 2012

New from [ JP ]:dsg. Male & Female Hoodie-Dissident.

when i was a Teen a walkman was THE thing to own.
My first one was a huge Audio Sonic, with Orange headphones.
Just like the one that is a part of this hoodie.
So i was thrilled with this Hood lol, its just freakin awesome.
There are so many things to change, i added the Release picture by it.
And its Mesh the hood, tapes, wire, headphones, laces, is all just 1 item to wear, with a menu on the belly.
Quick Cab - [JP]:dsg Mainstore.

April 23, 2012

New from Nivaro Vasean Skin.

New skin release from Nivaro.
And again a great quality skin, the Crow skin from Nivaro is one of my favorite skins on SL.
And this one has a bit more definition in the face, which makes it even better imho.
I also love the chesthair its very detailed and real, i am showing the Two tones i use myself the most.
But their are Eight skin tones to choose from.
All the facial hair options, are to get separate in the store, so you can make your own unique look.
I didnt do any lighting effects on the pictures inworld, to show them exact how they look inworld.
Teleport - Nivaro Mainstore.

Rocking with SF Design Monday mania.

It is time again for the Monday Mania item from SF Design.
Each week the chance, to add a nice piece of clothing to your collection.
And for the price of only 25ls, This week we have rocking snakeskin pants.
The credits are:
Snake Pants - SF Design.
Tank - J.Shawn Creations. (Check out this shop, nice clothes and very affordable:)
Hair - Dura.
Boots - Coco (on Sale)
Jewels - Mandala.
Mesh guitar case - Narcissus Room.
Oh and i checked with Swaffette, NO snakes were hurt making this pants!!

April 22, 2012

Casual Sunday.

Pants and shirt - Redgrave.
The Recycled newspaper tie - Acid & Mala.
Cyrah sunglasses - Kumaki.
Cairo shoes - Jeepers.

April 21, 2012

New Mesh Plaid Shirt from Kal Rau.

Again a awesome New release from Kal Rau.
Any guy should have his stuff in their inventory.
Including are 8 funky T's, and one without a shirt, and 4 sizes.
Taxi inworld - Kal Rau Mainstore.
Or easy shopping without moving - Kal Rau on the Marketplace

They match great with Kal's baggy jeans,
 Also included by the shirts, are invisible layers, to wear with these pants.

Enjoy! i know i will :) 

April 20, 2012

April 19, 2012

New from Mohna Lisa Couture, Men behaving badly mesh suit.

I did the grey version of this mesh suit a while ago.
So now its time for the black, because we need some options, to match with our girls of course.
They are very complete suits, loose and closed tie option, Colour change shirt cuffs, shoes and even a cigarette.
And a average model and a muscled model, and the jacket and pants are to wear seperate also.
And this suit is combined with sculpts part, which gives it a very realistic look.
(takes a breath over this long intro)
Limousine to the store - Mohna Lisa Couture.

April 18, 2012

New from Choke, Skunk Grunge.

Today i'm gonna show the new mesh T's from Choke.
The textures gives them a nice grungy dirty look, i also like the amount of sizes to choose from.
Their are Six Colours to choose from, the link is to the marketplace, that has also demo's.
T's Skunk grunge - Choke Marketplace.
Billy Jeans - LWL.
Hair - Drot.
Shoes - UBU.

Oh Noes, not another blazer!!

Oh yes :P
But i did a Tee picture by it, to make it show less i have a blazer fetish. 
But better a blazer fetish then bike saddles.
And i only took the blazer off, because the Woody T looked funny with the glasses.
The credits of today are:
Marley glasses from cheerno - Narcissus Room.
Blazer \o/ - Hoorenbeek.
Mesh Baggy jeans - Kal Rau.
The Hellboy and Woody shirts - Egoisme.
Sneakers - [JP]:dsg.

April 17, 2012

Kauna New Male store.

When i was checking, Pixel Phasion 4 men,
I saw Bouncers post about Kauna, so i raced over there, ( yeah we guys dont have that much releases lol)
And i fully agree its a awesome detailed Blazer, that's the only item so far released.
But the quality looks very promising.
Full Credits:
Mesh Jacket - Kauna
T - Egoisme
Jason hair - Drot

April 15, 2012

SF Design - Monday Mania Polo's.

The Monday mania from SF Design, are Two great Polo shirts.
And what i especially like on them, are the standing up collars.
So get this shirts tomorrow, for the insane price of 25Ls.

New from Egoisme, Man in Black.

Egoisme  Newest release is a nice rough looking outfit.
That comes with the belt, tartan pants and shirt.
The boots are from Coco.
Taxi to Egoisme

April 14, 2012

Hoorenbeek Weekend Sale

Hoorenbeek has a great Weekend sale, the items with a sale tag, are only 200ls
So race there, like i did a couple of times lol.
Taxi - Hoorenbeek

April 13, 2012

*LOTD* , Gizza, J.H. Couture & SHI.

I wanted to show some things, so i just combined them all, or should i say styled, to look more clever :P
Anyways Super Sam is showing:
Blazer by Gizza.
Shirt by Redgrave.
Short tie by Bother
Fabrik blue shoes by SHI, ( momentary to get at the Collabor88 )
And last but not least the great Mesh jeans by J.H.Couture.
Have a great weekend :)

April 12, 2012

New by Mohna Lisa Couture, Men behaving badly mesh suit.

A well chosen name for this suit.
It has a bad guy formal look, that even a good guy like me can see. *cough*
A very complete outfit, which includes: open and close shirt options, Three tie options.
Average shape size and muscle size, great looking formal shoes, and even a cigarette.
Also the jacket and pants can be uses separate, which is nice to mix with other clothes.
And i like the added sculpt parts, of the collar and sleeves, makes it all look great.
Taxi to the store - Mohna Lisa Couture.

April 10, 2012

New SF Design Black mesh sweater.

The new release by SF Design, is a nice casual sweater in mesh.
I love Swaffette's creations, there always great made and stylish.
And this sweater costs 150ls only, so every guy should landmark this shop really.

New from Chronokit And Aleida.

 Chronokit New release is a great mesh shirt.
I know the store from their great watches, but recent they started to sell Mesh clothes also.
The Cafu baggy mesh pants, and the Popeye tank, are from Aleida
And she is also opening her new Eco friendly plaza today.
Taxi's _ Chronokit _ Aleida.

April 9, 2012

Amerie & Artilleri LOE.

Lol i see you guys thinking LOE?.
It means look of Easter, i am easily amused by my own jokes really.
Which they say is a bad thing, but i recon, its better to have one laughing then nobody.
The credits of today's outfit are:
The yellowreen Polo ( it serious says that in inventory, its amerie's slang i guess) by Amerie
but its a good word, because its yellow green.
Blue jeans by Artilleri
Pro spec shoes by 2Real

April 7, 2012

Nyu- Sleeveless Mesh Top.

More releases from Nyu.
This sleeveless top, has a great realistic shape and look.
And is one of the new releases, so go to the shop to check them all.
Taxi - Nyu
Other credits: Hair - Dura, Tats & skin - Birth.
Have a great Easter all :)

April 6, 2012

New Stretched Mesh ears by Aitui.

If you have never tried stretched ears, this is the time.
They never looked better as in mesh.
I am showing the solid plug version, The entire collection consists of 30 unique ears.
Everything is controlled with an easy to use hud, even shadow options for the piercings.
The different plugs can be selected, also from the menu on the hud.
I am showing a couple of the wood plugs.
TP to the store - Aitui Main.
Tats by Aitui

April 5, 2012

New from Amerie & LWL.

Two new things i want to highlight today.
The mesh sweatshirt from Amerie, a great casual sweater that is released in Six colours.
And the Mr Fancypants shoes from LWL.
And they have colour change feathers on them, and other things that can be customised, with a hud.
Slurls to the stores - AmerieLadies who lunch.

April 3, 2012

New Loose Mesh shirt by NYU.

The New mesh loose shirt from NYU, is so cool.
Great fit and very detailed textures, there Six colours to choose from.
They go great with the baggy jeans from Kal Rau.
Taxi to the stores, NYUKal Rau.

New Mesh Fashion store, NYU opens.

Yesterday NYU opened her store.
The store theme is, minimalistic high fashion couture.
I am showing the Debut outfit, Jacket and bermuda's are both in mesh.
Its great made Mesh, with folds in it, makes it look very real.
I went for some SL fishing in it, expect more soon from this creator.
Taxi to the store, NYU

April 2, 2012

More New Gizza streetwear Mesh.

Another Gizza outfit from the great street collection.
Its has a summer feeling and a great casual look.
Showing the long Cardigan in grey, with the black Capri's and black sportshoes, all in Mesh.
Enjoy your day :)

SF Designs, MondayMania Mesh Cricket sweater.

Found another great bargain.
The first Cricket sweater in SL and in mesh \0/.
And for that for 25ls, So tp quick to the store, before the Monday is over.
Taxi > SF Designs

April 1, 2012

New Kal Rau Mesh casual blazer.

\o/ My favorite blazer is now released in Mesh.
And that made it totally perfect really.
It comes in 3 sizes and as usual from Kal, different Tees to go with it 7 to be precise.
Quick cab > Kal Rau Mainstore

New @ Hoorenbeek, Mesh vest with shirt and tie.

Awesome new Mesh release from Hoorenbeek.
The vest comes with a hud, that can change the tie and shirt.
And such a great rich textures used for them, and there only 200Ls this weekend.
So run over quick.
Taxi > Hoorenbeek
Or hit the banner on my blog, for Hoorenbeeks Marketplace store.