September 27, 2013

Wanna come up for a drink?

Sam took me out on a romantic date last night with all that goes with it, dinner, dancing... and then suddenly in the middle of the date he told me he will drive me home. I was a bit sad about it because I wasn't tired at all and we had so much fun, but you know the saying best leave on a high note. So we were in the car on the way home as he suddenly stopped driving and parked the car in front of a hotel. 'Erm, this is not my home, Sam' I said,  I thought he got lost. He smiled, got out of the car, opened the door at my side and took me by his hand. 'Wanna come up for a drink?' he whispered in my ear...and I surely don't need to tell you what my answer was, the night ended for our both pleasure ;P

Wanna come up for a drink?

Sam wears:
shirt: Fatewear - Shirt Gordon
pants: Fatewear - Jeans Grip Billy
shoes: Valiant - Lexington Boots (@ The Boutique)
hair: Dura - Boys & Girls 48

Izzie wears:
dress: Avale - Selenna
shoes: Leverocci - Peeptoe Ankle Boots
hair: Magika - Reflect

pose: !bang - exploration (@ The Poser Pavillion)
picture location: Ascension City

♥ Enjoy and happy weekend! ♥

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