September 21, 2013

Party is over.

Hello Guys hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend so far.
I started off visiting a bar that offered cheap beers, and since it's a crisis it seemed like a good idea.
SEEMED due to the great 'Friend can locate you on map' function by our good Linden friends.
My Izzie was suddenly behind me, and it was the only girl there not offering some kind of service.
Well i guess if you like to be molested, she would have offered me that for free.
I quickly grabbed my beer from the bar table and left the place on my back.
According to Izzie, guys usually are on their back indoors, but I wouldn't know this.
Special thanks to Fatewear for making the drag proof  'Logan' Leather jacket..

My lovely Izzie wears:
Hair Kyo Taketomi.
The Kaelyn shape and skin in peach Izzie's.
Dress Volar Miel.
Necklace Lady Fly Pure Poison to find at The Boutique.
Boots Lauren League released at Collabor.

I am being dragged in:
Logan jacket Fatewear.
Manoa jeans JP dsg.
The 'Yes you do" pose Adorkable, and the location of this great joint is PSY City.
Enjoy your Weekend and don't show on map >:)

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