September 11, 2013

The Seasons Story

Hello everyone,

A new event, The Seasons Story, opened its doors presenting lots of amazing creations for the autumn season. My cute Raccoon from MishMish filled in for Sam today, he looks also much cuter sitting on my shoulder as Sam would do ;P

The Seasons Story

The Breakfast at Tiffany's Knit in ivory and the Scarlett Pants in black are from B.C.C., the Kalli 2 hair in red ambar is from D!va. The hair accessories can be turned off and on by menu. The skin is from Izzie's Katya Autumn Skin with brown eyeshadow. All those items (except my little friend) are to get at The Seasons Story. My teeth are the Open Mouth Pro Teeth from PXL, eyes Ardent Eyes sage from IKON and my pose is from Marukin lotus ying pose. The pumpkin set you can see in the background is the Fall Garden set by PILOT (@ Collabor88).
picture location: Izzie's

♥ Enjoy and happy shopping! ♥


  1. Hi, Izzie!
    I love that outfit, but I could not find it at B.C.C. Is there an alternate location for them I am not finding?
    Please help!

  2.'s at the Seasons event.


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