September 3, 2013

Move Along Nothing to See.

Hello Guys,
When I was a little guy and we saw animals mating, in the fields or at the zoo, my parents always told us one has engine troubles, and the other one is helping her to get moving again.
So the safari drive i did with my Izzie reminded me of this, you can see why on the picture.
Apparently one of the Rhino family members wasn't amused with us..

(click for larger pic)

The Golf cart is from the Gacha event created by What Next, and it's a great racer i love it.
My retro Shirt & straw Fedora Deco for The Mens Dept (new round has just started).
My Izzo wears the Tamu classic outfit from Severed Garden it is a full safari outfit with included items.
Her skin is the Kaelyn in pale from Izzie's, and mine is the Blair skin from The Shops.
The Location of the Africa themed sim Izzie's.
That's all for now have fun and till next time >:)

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