September 24, 2013

First Date.

Hello Guys,
Autumn is my favourite season of the year, i love the colours the wind and the rain.
And it's nice to switch to all the clothes that come with this season.
 The leather jacket i am wearing is a new release from Hoorenbeek.
It has the new materials included and comes in a open and closed version.
I combined it with a recent sweater release from them, that includes under layers for jackets,
which is great, because one of the downsides from mesh is the layering..
Starting of with my cute date Izzie,
Hairs Buttons Chemistry.
Corduroy pants & Brianna shirt J.H Couture.
Necklace Leaves in Autumn Izzie's @ The Dressing Room.
Belt Bracelet  Izzie's @ The Boutique.
Ankle peep toe boots Leverocci.
Skin Katya Izzie's @ Seasons Story.
I am wearing:
Hair b&g 48 Dura.
Jacket Logan & Buttoned sweater Hoorenbeek.
Jeans Redgrave, Boots Lexington Vailiant @ The Boutique.
Skin Adrian Klean @ The Boutique.
Enjoy >:)

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