May 11, 2013

They Dance alone.

Hello Guys this is going to be my 500th post \o/ , and still having fun to bore you guys with my ramblings.
Thanks for all the support, and reading my blog you all rock <3 p="">
The outfit i am wearing Today is a new release from Aitui featuring the loose pants and the Symphony concerts Tee, Mael sneakers by Notsobad, Dylan skin from Belleza and the hair which I hardly took off anymore from Exile, Izzie is wearing a tank from Auxiliary, with the Mon Tissu tulip shorts and the Supreme sneakers from JP Designs, her skin is the New Irene skin by Izzie's, and our eyes are almost always from Ikon, Enjoy your Weekend everyone and up to the next 500 posts >:)


  1. Wow 500 already!! Keep them coming Sammo! I always love your post! The picture in this one is amazing!!!

  2. I actually should have said what tights is she wearing? They match well with the outfit and are dark enough. Can you find out Sam?

    1. Hello :) she is wearing black tights from Izzies.

  3. hi Madeline :) i'm wearing Izzie's - Sheer tights in black


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