May 1, 2013

I know She got Skillz.

The only sports I ever did in my life was Basketball, not because I was good at it, but with my length it seemed the smartest move, so you would think I should be able to beat my relatively short Girl, WRONG I got beaten bad...

Me and Izzie are both wearing the new Palial hoodies, with the Kalaheo jeans both from JP:dsg, my hair is the new Vindicated hair by Exile, with the Ethan skin from Belleza..

Izzie's hair is the Sophie from Dela, and her skin is the soon to be released Irene skin by Izzie's, my sneakers are the Mael in snow by Notsobad, Izzie wears the the low cuttlerz from 2Real,
Enjoy guys >:)

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