May 15, 2013

The Boutique is open, and New releases from Izzie's, Ispachi, Belleza and JP Designs.

The Boutique event has opened it's doors, and Izzie's released her new knee socks in 10 Colours, that are suited to wear with the slink feet, she is showing the Yellow ones, the rebellion outfit from Ispachi  i am wearing is also to find at The Boutique event, My new sneakers are the Graduate from JP Designs, my skin is Jonas from Belleza, and all Best buy skins from them, are to get now at    
The 100 Block event, also the Female skins, my hair is the Vindicated from Exile , Adorkable poses is sadly closing and has a closing sale, the pose we use is from there, the shop will stay on the marketplace though, 
Izzie her shorts and ruffled tank are both by Teefy  , and her hair is the C426 from Tram, the skin she is wearing is the just released new Irene skin by Izzie's , her necklace and earrings is the new Solar magic jewel set from Maxi Gossamer for Collabor Enjoy guys >:)

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