May 3, 2013

New What Next boardwalk bicycle rezzer.

Hello Guys, TGIF What Next just released the new bicycle rezzer, which is ideal to put out on your land or store or any place, there are a couple rezzers included, variating from a low prim version to a higher one, but the highest prim version is still only 18 prims, there are different bike sizes in the rezzer, and Male and Female versions , the Caravan in the back with all the items around it, is the What Next item for The garden event organised by TLC, ok now to our outfits Izzie is wearing the Crys hair from Truth, her blazer is from The Secret store, the jeans by Villena, feather earrings and Owl necklace both by Izzie's, and the Ariane shoes by ingenue, I am wearing the the new Scott baseball Tee from Fatewear, the Kalaheo jeans by JP:Dsg, and the low Cuttlerz shoes from 2Real, my skin is Jonas that Belleza released as Best buy, in my next post I will show this great skin closer, Enjoy guys >:)

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