May 21, 2013

Safari Fever.

Today Izzie and Me will take you on a Safari, our new pet who Izzie called Fanti because its a girl, i walked under her to check but no extra trunk, so Fanti it is she is to adopt at AAA Sculpty creatures, the cute Monkeys you see in the picture are from MishMish to find at The 100 Block event holdable ones, Monkeys that follow you, shoulder ones and even a mouth version love them, ok over to the outfits I start with Izzie her 'Joey' shirt by Cynful and the 'Hanalei' shorts are from Mon Tissu, her 'Irene' skin and 'Giraffe' tights both from Izzie's, her shoes are the country wedges from Hoc, the 'Sadie' hair is to find at Truth, I am wearing  the Khaki 'Chino' shorts from Epicosity, my shirt is the 'Rebellion' double layer shirt from Ispachi that is currently to find at The Boutique event, it has loads of options with the texture hud, Oh my hat how can i forget that, it's the 'Treasure hunter' from Exile the hat is colour change, and that leaves me with the last item of today my 'Earthkeeper' boots from Hoorenbeek, ok guys have fun and don't spank those monkeys.
Enjoy >:)

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