October 18, 2011

Who's in tha house?

God i hate that gesture, normally i respond with who give's a f**k.
BUT now it was the perfect title for this post (imho).
Ok here we gooo hoo, the hair is by Cheerno type ''Blud'', wondering if people, gonna make goat sounds at me though :), it has massive sideburns but its cool in some way :P.
The necklace is from Earthstones Groovy necklace, and is one of my favorites.
The shirt is from Legal insanity, and the pants are also, there 50% of for group members a.t.m .
Legal insanity is for clubbers a great shop btw.

The pants came with shorts, and all kinda tools hanging at them, even condoms.
Thats all for today peepz, i have the feeling my spellings checker, is improving the articles.
They even make sense to me now.
Have a blast of a Tuesday :)

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