October 21, 2011

Bend it like Beckham by Redgrave

One of the best midfielders in soccer, has his own skin now out at Redgrave.
Not a big fan of celebrities transforming into Second Life,
But this one worked out great, Emilia Redgrave did an awesome job again.
I have allot of her skins and clothes, and they stand out in quality always. 
Got the pale version, but it has a tattoo layer ''tan booster'', that just gives it a little more color.
The tan booster add on, is a really smart trick, for a change in the tone
Always good to have options :) 
The hair base is so good made, that it doesnt need extra hair by it.
Their also 2 beckham hairs to buy, and the shape, and eyes
A single skin pack includes, tattoo (not the one showed on the picture)
A blond base, kajal pencil, the tan booster, and a scalp base
And this all for 990ls
And the bonus package including 6 skins, is a bargain really for 1990ls
                                                                     Redgrave shop
Thats all folks :) have a great friday.

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