October 16, 2011

Zombiepopcorn hunt & Sartoria & HOC

Who says guys can't multitask?
Today its about the Zombiepopcorn hunt, and the Sartoria leaves collection.
The hunt started yesterday and continues till the end of october
Get all the info, at the great designed,
Zombie popcorn headquarters in my opinion the best hunt on Second life.
With the most weirdest prizes.

Sartoria Leaves collection.
Today i am showing you, a jacket with sweater, from the awesome Leaves collection,
It come's with 2 sweaters black and creme.
And almost needed no editing, which i love.

The hair is nice for neat looking outfit's,
It is from Dura model *Dura-Boy*24 (Dark Brown)

And then last but not least the shoe's.
The buy of the week \O/ , i got the same irl
they are from HOC for the steal price of 75ls
6 colors included, HOC industries model Easy strider
Thats all for today folks :)
Gonna have a lazy sunday now.

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