October 15, 2011

Ultimate dancehud.

First of all i kinda hate dancing.
But since it looks really weird, to stand still in a club i do it.
And also the screaming hosts that shout ''move don't stand still ''.
Makes me dance now and then.
And since my hud was outdated i went looking for a new one.
The ultimate dancehud is a great dance hud, it can do basically anything.
Drop in your dances is all you have to do.

It also has a sync button to line up all your friends, lovers, pets or whatever.
And the option to make the others dance, while u stand still.
The advance feature of this thing, is that you can drag a dance in, and even the name of the dance,
Shows when u press the magnify button, on my old hud i had to open the notecard, and manually fill that in.
Its 399ls and comes in different colors and models, i got the easy slide one.
Which was the most nerdy looking one :P.

Marketplace link. (do visit store to see other versions)

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