October 27, 2011

Gone Fishing !

Today i am gonna let you guys in, one of my favorite things to do.
FISHING, Get back on your chairs!!
The Neo realms system is just brill, the weirdest fishes to catch and keep, website with personal stats.
Daily contests with connected sims, and scores to track on the web.
Allot of tourneys are free to join, with a event rod and free bait.
Good place to explore this all is Neo Realms fishing camp And the group Bass Bandits for event notices.
Just try it, and make sure to join a tourney, its great fun and exiting.
if u need a fish gesture, to do it on the automatic pilot, give me a shout on SL, i am lazy by nature :P

The pink fish is a catch, their to fecking funny fishes to catch.

Sam is wearing :
                                            The Peacoat set by SF design 
                                  Hair by Uw.st ''Tony''
                      Belt  by L&B
                                               i never mentioned the eyes, imho the best on SL 
                                  Thats all guys :), have a great day.

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