June 6, 2013

The Mens Dept June releases.

Hello guys (and girls)!
The Mens Dept is not only a place for all your fashion needs, but also has each month deco releases.
Showing the 2 swinger chairs 'wings'' from Kusshon (9 animations included) with side table, a mobile phone, magazine and plant bowl. In the right corner against the wall is the 'Credenza' bar set by Mudhoney. Everything on the bar is included and also the artwork on the wall. The plank map on the wall behind me is from Floor Plan and includes several versions. My Denim shirt with studs is from Villena.
All these items you can find at The Mens Dept.
The jeans I am wearing are the Ispachi's 'Renwicks', and my 'Walker' boots are to find at Redgrave.
Izzie's credits are, Skin & shape 'Ivana' New release from Izzie's at the Numberology event.
Truth's 'Hollana' hair, Collared shirt from Mon Tissu, 'Annie' pencil skirt by The Secret Store.
Black sheer tights by Izzie's, which can be worn with Slink's Avatar Enhancement feet. I can't credit our Puz anymore, she is claiming her privacy rights, she watches too much Dr Phil lately really. That's all for now guys till next time >:)


  1. beautiful post. love the pic. thanks for showing my chairs and the table. greetings, beo from [kusshon] :).


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