June 17, 2013

Summerfest and The Garden event have kicked off.

The Summerfest And The Garden Event are open.
Going to divide both events in Two posts, there are to many cool things to show..
First our outfits, i am wearing 2 new releases from Fatewear, the Moran shirt with the Mark Trunks.
My hair is a long expected new male hair release from Truth named Jon, skin is Mathieu by Belleza.
Izzie is wearing the Irene skin and shape from Izzie's, Tawny hair from Truth the Skirt and bralet are both from Teefy released at the Summerfest event. Her Tiare is by Boom, and the Baia glasses from Tabloid.
The big Dunneh sand monster is from Mishmish, and so is the beware sign.
The Lifeguard chair which has great poses is from Kari, the otters are by Ohmai, sandcastle is from Boogers.
All these items are from the Summerfest event.
The beach nook i am sitting on, is to get in PG or Adult version, and is one of my favourite items.
I even rezzed one on my rooftop in the sky, so its multifunctional in use :P.
It's created by River Stromfield from The Eleventh hour, for The Garden event.
Well think i covered everything now, enjoy your Day or Night everyone and till next time >:)

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