June 14, 2013

Ice Ice baby,

All right stop!!
Collaborate and listen
Ice is back with my brand new invention...
Hello guys, yeah I had an 80ties flashback, the title is one of my favorite songs from then, how wrong this will sound also. Today we bring you the new 'Sandbridge' ice cream cart from What Next.
These will be released at The Garden Event , it gives all sorts of ice creams.
The otters in the picture are from Ohmai and they will released at the Summerfest Event.
This are the carry around versions, but they also come as avi with including hud.
I will have to show the otter avi's some other time they are so cute.
Both events will start tomorrow.
My 'Simon' jacket is a new release from Fatewear, and so are my 'Nick' pants. The hood can be worn up or down. love these new sporty releases from this store, and my skin is Mathieu from Belleza.
My cute ice cream girl, wears the 'Holly' skin from Izzie's, the 'Lua's' shirt by the Secret store, and Dela's 'Eloise' hair, her feet and hands are both from Slink.
Have a great Weekend everyone and remember stay cool >;) 

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