June 21, 2013

Catch me if you can.

Hello everyone, happy Friday \o/
Last night was the perfect time for a balloon ride, not much lag on the sim, and the balloon rezzed well.
Things were looking very promising for a romantic flight in the sky...
Well not with us, Izzie dropped her bag just the moment when we took off in the air...
Risking my own avi, I jumped after it but fortunately my sweet Izzie grabbed my hand last second and pulled me back in.
(Still not sure if she wanted to secure her creditcards and money or me)
But it's a nice thought she saved me Sam her hero, and light in the darkness ( i know this is tacky hush).
Sam is wearing the new 'Bailey' Tee from Fatewear that makes use of the new Materials in Second Life.
My jeans are the 'Manoa' by JP designs, Hair is Exile, and my sneakers are from Sorgo.
The 'Mathieu' skin is by Belleza, and my watch from Mandala.
Izzie wears her 'Ivana' shape & skin from Izzie's, her 'Nook' hair is by Letlutka, her Anchor necklace is soon to be released by Izzie's, the romper is from Luas and the elephant bag from Tokid.
Have a great Weekend everyone >:)

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