April 16, 2013

Very Important Post.

Mens Fashion Week is only 3 Days away \o/.
today I will show you One of the outfits that Hoorenbeek did together for this event,
Everything in the picture except the hair and skin is included, so also the slippers with toes.
the payphone is a great pose prop/ decoration item from 22769, love the details on it, and it has 10 poses included, it's to find at the Mens Dept, the caravan is by Floorplan and is so cool , 
Picture taken by Kaelyn Alecto, but that was more coincidence for me messing up her sim :P
She did great though, the location is her photographers sim It all starts with a smile,
Where everyone can relax, and use all the cool poses for pictures.
Enjoy your Day guys and expect more Mens Fashion Week stuff to come soon..

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