April 14, 2013

The Garden whisperer.

Today Izzie decided the lawns on the sim desperate needed a trim, after making the obvious jokes which i can't repeat due to my PG settings here, I went to the 'Bees through the season' event to get the lawnmower by Handverk, btw I ♥ that event it will put a smile on your face for sure, the Tee I am wearing is by Kauna to get at Collabor, and my jeans are the 'Kalaheo' by JP Dsg, sneakers from notsobad, hair by UW at the Mensdept, Miss I am to pretty to do gardening, wears her new Holly skin and shape by Izzies, 'Moment' hair from Magika, mesh hands and feet from Slink, and the First Date dress from Cynful (Collabor)
The Poet's tree bench the Queen sits on is a new release from What Next, it's colour change and has great new poses, I love how realistic the wood looks..

I have to say the ending of the gardening I liked way better 
On the next picture you can see why, the pose is called 'Nowhere but here'
It is from Rack Poses and uber cute, Rack is in the Royal living magazine hunt, the hunt item is a little birdie,

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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