April 12, 2013

New releases from Pilot & Jp:dsg.

TGIF to start with, Pilot released the new 'Rovics' mesh sofa for this round of Collabor,
it has the option to change the texture of the little pillows in 3 colours, there is a PG and Adult version to get i love the animations he use they look really good and realistic, the really funny vases are also a Pilot release for Collabor, another new release in this post are the 'Kalaheo' jeans by JP:dsg they have a great worn look, including belt which can be changed in several colours and also the metal is to change, and the menu is hidden in the jeans itself, what i specially like about this jeans is the real feel of them, and the option from menu, to pick a dirty version, I picked the clean version for this post, because I don't want to mess up my new sofa >:)
the striped 'Fabre' jacket is from Chronokit, and my 'Walker' boots by Redgrave, oh btw the fastfood set is also from Pilot low prims and very tasty.
Enjoy your Weekend people.

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