April 2, 2013

Close Encounter.

Razorblade just released the 'Trekka' vest/shirt, it has a hud to change the Tee colour and other details,
the jeans are the latest 'Manoa' by JP:Dsg, and the 'Ventura' sneakers also from this store,
My skin is Jeremy from fruk, in the shade 3 skintone, hair is 'Lav' from ink,
I took the picture at the awesome Ascension sim, which is an art project by Mantis Oh..

Enjoy >:)


  1. Heya. Love your blog, it's my main go to for men's fashion tips. As an Admin at Ascension City (the one at The Lost Realm), I just thought I'd mention that you got your SLURL wrong. It's linking to Ascension City and not Ascension sim. :p

    Not that I mind :D

    1. Thanks :) and I took the slurl from my teleport history.


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