June 15, 2014

Want Some Milk?

Hello Everyone!
 As we all know, cow milk is not healthy for cats, but they love it to the bone and my kitty never misses any opportunity to try to get what she's craving for. You know, I work as milkgirl, that's my second job and Mz Marville allows me to milk her cows from time to time. So yesterday I went to her beautiful Herd of the Wind sim to visit my cow friends again and somehow my kitty managed to come with me without me noticing. Kitty waited patiently til I finished milking the cows and filled up my new milk bag from Pixicat @ Kustom9. In an unobserved moment she jumped on my bag and catched the straw. Fortunately my ears are working pretty well and I heard weird slurping noises coming from behind. First I thought it is Sam again, he's a loud slurper too, but it appeared to be my sneaky kitty! Thank god she has a tough stomach and a few sips did no harm but next time I'll have to be more careful :D

Want Some Milk?
top: Decoy - Vira Blouse (@ Collabor88)
shorts: Maitreya - Dirty BF Jeans Shorts (@ Collabor88)
bracelet: theosophy - Worthenbury Bracelet (@ Collabor88)
milk bag: Pixicat - Milk Bag Nr 1 (@ Kustom9)
kitty: Gabriel - Hanging Cat (@ The Arcade)
hair: Catwa - Julia

location: Herd of the Wind

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