June 24, 2014

My little mermaid.

Great releases from Summerfest of course the cute Mermaid from Mish Mish.
You get the mermaid and merboy, and a cute mystery deco item.
And you can even be them because there are also avi's of them both.
Another awesome release for us guys, are the unisex Espadrilles shoes from Erratic,
that are made for the Slink feets, so cool to have nice looking feet in shoes..
My little mermaid.
T-shirt loose fit K.
Skin Christian Samurai.
Jeans rolled up Ronsem.
Mesh hands and feet Slink.
Espadrilles for Slink feet Erratic currently at Summerfest.
Mermaid companion Mish Mish currently at Summerfest.
Pavilion Bali 8F8 The Garden.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

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