June 7, 2014


Hello boys and girls,
The knapsacks Izzie and me are wearing are pose props from Uncertain Smile.
That are released at Fashion for Life, that is held to raise funds for the American cancer society.
In the back is the awesome treehouse from Snips & Snails, which is to get at The Arcade Gacha event..
Izzie's credits:
Hair Blue Monday Little Bones.
Skin and shape Neva Izzie's.
Tank top Nadya Mutresse.
Shirt around waste Coco.
Khaki peddlers Coquet.
Military boots Whatever.
Sam's credits.
Skin Teghran Aeros.
Striped sweater Shai.
Bracelets Izzie's great version out now at TDR fusion.
Denim shorts Shai.
Shoes Fabrik Shi.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

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