January 20, 2013

New 'Showcase' scenes from Garden of dreams.

Dream scene is the scene rez system from Garden of Dreams.
I am a big fan of this system, it is one of the coolest stuff in SL imho.
The latest release are the showcase scenes, there will be 4 released, I took the picture in the Basalt scene.
Another cool release yesterday. the Mandala simple mesh ears, the tinting of them went really easy,
I could just use a preset Colour for my Belleza skin.

All Credits:
The Showcase 1 dream scene Basalt - Garden of Dreams.
Revolver hair in Pecan - Exile.
Dylan skin sk2 - Belleza.
Simple ears - Mandala.
Sport leaf cardigan - FE style.
Jeans - Lenox @ Fameshed.
Leather smokey sneakers - Notsobad.


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