January 14, 2013

New Epicosity sweaters.

Hello Guys good start of the Week to you all.
Epicosity just released their new sweater line, and it's a fancy system, that will reduce inventory space.
It all starts with the base white sweater, and then their several options to continue with.
To add Colours you need to buy a hud, the first hud has 1 single colour and 3 patterns.
Next is the mini pudge pack with 18 textures, and the full pudge pack with all 36 colours.
I advise you to go check the shop, it's all to see on a vendor and to try out.

All hairs shown - Exile.
Quinton glasses - Ison.
Skin Ethan medium 1 - Belleza.
Skinny jeans - Kal rau.
Low Cuttlerz sneakers - 2Real.
Poses Gabriel by Diesel Works.

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