January 13, 2013

New from BA, The Sodermalm loft skybox.

One of the fun things to do on Second Life is rezzing houses.
I love to press the rez button on the box, and see what comes out.
The Solderman loft skybox, is mesh and low prims, and has a 3D scene build around it.
And only to create a great view from inside, really smart idea it gives the feeling living in a small village now,
The cabinet hutch showing on the picture, is from Tromp Loeil and also released at Collabor.
All other credits I will put orderly under the picture :P 
Soldermalm loft skybox - BA @ Collabor88.
White Cabinet - Tromp Loeil @ Collabor.
The bicycles - What Next.
Marshal jacket & Jack pants - FATEwear.
Ventura sneakers - JP:Dsg.
Revolver hair - Exile.
Skin Ethan sk1 - Belleza.

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